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Summer 2019 Fashion Trends for Men

Never throw anything away, because sooner or later it will be back in fashion again. With Millennials and Generation Z increasingly rejecting fast fashion in favour of recycling clothing, it’s perhaps no accident that this summer sees a return to a range of fashion trends that famed fashion eccentric and creator of Gonzo journalism, Hunter S Thompson, would have approved of. Call it hip ugly, call it hippy remix, there’s no mistaking that the summer of love is casting its golden rays across the digital bazaar of 2019.



Next year this will likely be unfashionable again, but for the moment it’s right on trend. If you’re going to invest in that neon suit, make sure that you get plenty of wear out of it in the meantime. Like strong liquor, neon is best used in a judicious splash. Try a neon bum bag, sneakers, cap or part neon T. Wear at the beach or to outdoor parties and festivals; just don’t try it at the office or to your best friend’s wedding.

Cargo Pants

Well, with those big pockets, they’re certainly practical, though if you do put your phone, billfold and car keys in those capacious low-slung pockets you’re likely to find your cargo pants slipping to your knees. Baggy cargo pants need to be paired with a sweatshirt or jumper. If you go for something a little more tailored you can probably get away with a smart shirt. Either way, cargo pants are never going to be anything more than smart casual.

Hexagonal Sunglasses

‘What do you get when you cross a circle with a square?’ ask Ray-Ban in their product description. The answer of course is a style of glasses which suits any face shape, and which gives round faces some definition. Stand out in a sea of Wayfarers with something a little different. Probably best not to go large unless you aspire to emulate that Elton John look of yesteryear. There’s plenty of choice out there, if you want something a little more party, ZeroUV do some lovely hexagonal block cut oversize sunglasses.

Bucket Hat


From festival to mainstream fashion this is actually very practical headwear. Originally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen, the bucket hat does a great job of keeping your head and neck cool, but it is also very effective at keeping you dry in heavy rain. Curiously, it’s also rather stylish, in a slightly kooky, off beat kind of way. Wear without apology.



Justin Bieber wore it to church and now it’s one of the fastest growing fashion search words of the year. Nothing could be more indicative of a return to hippy values. Originally made by bunching up a T shirt, tying it with string and dunking it in dye, the results are always unpredictable and unique. The trend plugs directly into the increased interest in sustainability and eco- fashion. Wear it anyway you want because, like, it’s a symbol of your individuality, man.

Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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