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Top Habits That Can Help Advance Your Career

An estimated 76% of employees yearn for career advancement opportunities.

Without growth prospects, even the most dedicated professionals begin to feel ‘stuck.’ As a result, morale dips, and an employee’s productivity begins to decline.

The business environment plays a part in career advancements in most workplaces. Nonetheless, you also have a significant role to play in ensuring you give yourself the best odds of professional ascension.

Here are some top habits that can help advance your career.

Do Not Rely on Competence Alone

Competence is great, but it’s not the end-all, be-all.

Think about it. Employees are more likely to attract management’s attention when there is a problem as opposed to when they are doing their jobs exceptionally well.

What does this mean? Keeping your head down and doing an excellent job might not get the ball rolling.

Instead, look for opportunities to shine and vocalize your intentions as well.

Grow Your Brand

Long gone are the days when employees would join a company and rise through the ranks till retirement.

It’s, therefore, safe to assume that you will change jobs severally in the course of your career.

One way to build your brand is by creating a stellar profile.

More and more recruiters are today using social media to find out more about prospective employees. If an employer Googled your name, what would come up?

You can start building your brand online on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

Embrace Teamwork

Being seen as a team player is useful on several levels.

The most obvious one is that it ensures a cohesive work environment. A cohesive department is more productive, which then makes achieving organizational goals that much easier.

Teamwork also buys you social capital in the workplace.

Among the things taken into consideration before promotions are done is how well candidates work with others and how favorably the team views them.

Ensuring to work well with others and helping bring out the best in your colleagues rarely goes unnoticed.

Ultimately, this builds goodwill that might up your chances of getting a promotion.

Continuous Self-Improvement

Self-improvement helps you better your skill base and abilities.

You can do this through self-reflection, attending seminars and webinars and enrolling in online training courses.

Whether you are angling for a promotion or a new job at a new company, continuous learning packages you as a committed and a proactive candidate.

Self- Confidence and Belief

The same way a salesperson has to sell their product is the same way you have to sell your skill.

In all the opportunities you will go for, the ability to sell yourself will largely determine your success.

Building self-confidence and believing in yourself and your capabilities will go a long way.

It is often said that if you do not believe in yourself, no one else will.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

These people could be mentors or members of your social circle.

Being around successful and focused professionals can help catapult your career to greater heights.

Such people also can present invaluable learning, networking, and career advancement opportunities.

Take Risks

Some of the decisions and choices you will make to advance your career will be risky.

For example, leaving a stable company to join a startup, you feel has a lot of potential. Or asking for a promotion that might put you at odds with your direct supervisor.

Do not be completely averse to taking risks. Taking calculated risks at the right time can significantly accelerate your career growth plans.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

More often than not, you will have to rework your career advancement plans severally. Changing tact does not mean failure.

Approaching this process with a level of flexibility can reduce frustration and disillusionment and can help you better navigate your career advancement goals.

Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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