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WolfieRaps Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Charles Raynor, or WolfieRaps, was born in Ontario, Canada, on June 15, 1993. His father Chris is an orthopedic surgeon, while his mother Mandy is a fitness expert. His siblings, Zach and Quintessa, are into music as well just like their older brother.

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At the age of 13, Raynor started his first YouTube channel named “Thosechoobz” with the purpose of uploading videos just for fun and not for profit. He also created a number of different channels like “TheSquids”, “Terribadz”, and “DemHoodNiggs” where posted his raps and remixes.

In 2013, WolfieRaps created the channel “WolfieEnt” which contains an assortment of entertaining videos. Three years later, after graduating from Carleton University in Ottawa and earning a business marketing degree, he focused on becoming a full-time YouTuber, and his number of subscribers soared by the millions. His style of creating videos leaned towards comical challenges and fast-paced comedy skits.

WolfieRaps derived his pseudonym from his sister’s pet cat named Wolf, combined with Raps which is his rapper name. He is also in a relationship with beauty guru and YouTuber Sylvia Gani since January 18, 2014.

WolfieRaps Snapchat Name – wolfierapswolfieraps snapchat username snapcode

WolfieRaps announced his Snapchat name in November 2017 via Twitter. He also had another account with the username charlehwarleh which was verified in 2016.

WolfieRaps – Other Social Media Accounts

WolfieRaps Personal Facebook Account – There are several WolfieRaps pages on Facebook, but it seems that none of them are from the man himself.  We will update this page once he has a presence on the social media website.

WolfieRaps Twitter Username – WolfieRaps

WolfieRaps Instagram Username – Wolfie

WolfieRaps Kik Username or Code – It looks like the YouTuber does not currently have an account. We will update this information in the case that he creates one. For now, be wary of accounts on Kik claiming to be WolfieRaps as they might be posers or fanmade.

WolfieRaps YouTube Channel – WolfieEnt

WolfieRaps Official Website – WolfieRaps

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