Glacé Cryotherapy Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Skyler & Brittany bring Glacé Cryotherapy to the Shark Tank

Glacé Cryotherapy Before Shark Tank

Glacé Cryotherapy is the creation of brother and sister team Skyler Scarlett and Brittany Scarlett-Torres. Cryotherapy has been growing in popularity over the past few years with it being used frequently in Japan, in Europe and now in the United States. Whole body cryotherapy involves the body being immersed in a large container that is pumped full of liquid nitrogen. Cryotherapy is being used more and more by athletes to help aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation. The point of the process is to lower the body temperature so that blood flows to the body’s core. Here it becomes highly oxygenated and is filled with nutrients. When the cryotherapy session is complete and the body warms up once again, the blood flows back to the extremities of the body.

To put it in simple terms, Glacé Cryotherapy is basically like an ice pack being applied to the entire body. Skyler started to notice that cryotherapy was being used more and more in the health and fitness industry and he saw a gap in the market for such a service. And so Glacé Spa was founded.

At Glacé Spa, you remove your clothes and put on a special robe before stepping into the cryosauna. People who have part taken in cryotherapy have reported improved sleep, reduction in pain and inflammation, increased energy and even better mood. Overall the benefits seem to be great so it is no surprise that Glacé Cryotherapy has been experiencing success. Almost anyone can use the cryotherapy service provided by Glacé Cryotherapy except for pregnant women and those with heart disease or high blood pressure.

In order to continue the success of Glacé Cryotherapy, Skyler and Brittany decided to take their company to the shark tank in the hope that one of the sharks would provide some extra revenue as well as the business expertise that can help the duo become an even bigger success. What will the sharks think of Glacé Cryotherapy? Will Skyler and Brittany play it cool and get their deal?


Glacé Cryotherapy On Shark Tank:

Skyler and Brittany enter the shark tank, introduce themselves to the shark and claim that they are looking for a $100,000 investment in return for a fifteen per cent equity share in their company. Brittany goes on to explain the concept of whole body cryotherapy to the sharks and the duo’s helper kindly demonstrates by stepping inside the cryosauna. Just three minutes of the liquid nitrogen circulating around your body can improve inflammation, reduce pain and help overall well being. Skyler makes the point to the sharks that people who have used continuous cryotherapy sessions have reduced their need for medication, another one of the many benefits of Glacé Cryotherapy. Brittany then addresses Robert and asks if he would be interesting in trying out the cryosauna as the duo know he is a big sport’s guy. Robert agrees and goes to put on the robe in preparation for his session in the cryosauna. The other sharks look on amused while Robert is in the cryosauna. A very cold Robert emerges from the cryosauna as Skyler and Brittany continue to list the benefits of Glacé Cryotherapy to the other sharks.

Mark in the cryosauna
Mark in the cryosauna

Lori is interested to know how the extremely cold liquid nitrogen does not burn your skin. Skyler explains that the key is to never stay in the cryosauna for no longer than three minutes. Robert returns fully clothed and admits that although it was extremely cold, he feels great. Kevin asks or Robert’s take on the whole experience. Robert explains that it started out fine and it got really cold all of a sudden. Mark wants to know if there is a successful business behind this. Skyler explains that himself and Brittany started Glacé Cryotherapy eleven months previous and since then they have made $150,000 in profit. Lori asks about what sort of expenses this business has incurred. Brittany explains that their overheads are about $3200 per month. They have a premises for the spa so the only other additional cost is the nitrogen gas. Robert explains that all the dancers from ‘Dancing with the Stars’ use cryotherapy and Mark tells how the Texas Mavericks have been using cryotherapy for the past five years.

Kevin wants to know what is stopping anyone just buying a container of nitrogen gas to set up a company like this one. Skyler admits that there is nothing stopping Kevin doing that. Mark asks the duo why exactly they have come to the shark tank and Skyler explains that they would love to open another Glacé Cryotherapy branch in San Francisco.

Barbara wants to know how much one machine costs to which Skyler replies it costs $55,000. The sharks are amazed that the cryotherapy machines are so expensive. Kevin states that he does not think it is worth giving the duo the $100,000 for just fifteen per cent of the company when he could go out and buy a cryotherapy machine and hire people to run a business of which he would own one hundred per cent. Brittany defends Glacé Cryotherapy stating that they have the best practice.

Lori wants to know about the cost of one cryotherapy session to which Brittany replies that one session would normally cost $65 however there are special monthly membership prices available. Lori wants to know how many times you need to go to see a result and Brittany explains that people can go anything from once a week to five times a week.

Kevin does not agree that Glacé Cryotherapy is unique in the market and claims he could set up a business just like this all by himself. For that reason, he declares himself out.

Mark points out the problem he sees with Glacé Cryotherapy. He claims that to run a successful business that provides a service will be extremely difficult as there are only two of them providing the great service. Unfortunately for Mark, that is too large of a hurdle for him to overcome as a potential investor. For that reason, he also declares himself out.

Robert likes the service but does not feel like Skyler and Brittany came out with a good game plan to get Glacé Cryotherapy out there as a business. For that reason, he also declares himself out.

Lori think

Barbara joins the Glacé Cryotherapy team
Barbara joins the Glacé Cryotherapy team

s it is very interesting and she loves the science behind it. She acknowledges that it is a great business but unfortunately does not think that it is an invest-able business for her so for that reason, she declares herself out.

That just leaves Barbara, Glacé Cryotherapy’s last hope at getting a deal. Barbara claims that she cannot believe that none of the other sharks have pounced on the idea. Barbara loves the fat that you make money from the beginning. She claims it is the ultimate ploy for a potential franchisee. Barbara claims she can build Glacé Cryotherapy into a million-dollar business in the first year as she knows exactly how to do that. She makes an offer of $100,000 but for a thirty per cent equity share of the company. After a moment of deliberation between themselves, Brittany and Skyler agree to take Barbara’s deal. The duo embrace Barbara in celebration and leave the shark tank extremely happy that they have secured a deal.

Glacé Cryotherapy Now in 2018 – The After Shark Tank Update

Since the shark tank episode has aired, Glacé Cryotherapy has benefited from the massive media coverage it received. Since cryotherapy is still quite a new process in the United States, Skyler and Brittany most definitely got into the game at the right time and did the successful deal with Barbara. Although only a few months has passed since the duo appeared on shark tank, Barbara has kept her promise and helped them open more Glacé Cryotherapy branches.

It is now available in Carmel, California, San José, California, Niceville, Florida and in Medford, Oregon. Further to that, Brittany and Skyler are looking to open up even more branches and are appealing to anyone who would like to be a franchise owner to contact them. SO far so good, it looks like Glacé Cryotherapy has been reaping the benefits of a successful shark tank deal. Keep an eye out for a branch popping up near you soon!