Top 10 Countries with the Highest Rape Crime Rates – 2018 List

There are few crimes worse than rape. And unfortunately it seems to be a fact of life for so many people in the world today. A quick look through the news is enough to frighten anyone, and with the numbers seemingly on the rise in many European countries, it makes the world look like it’s getting worse, rather than better. There are a number of things that have to be stated at the beginning here. First, the definition of rape is different depending on where you are. It changes the meaning of the stats by a fair bit, and I will do my best to explain each of the ten countries official position on the issue as and when they come up. Second, no matter what else is said in this article, it is always horrible, always damaging, and for some of us, always on our minds. What makes this all the worse is the reporting rate of the crime is far lower than the actual rate of the crime. So a look at these figures is, on average, only a fifth of the picture. So let’s take a look down the list.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Rape Crime Rates

10. Belgium

Rape in Belgium has been on the rise for a number of years. It currently sits at 27.9 persons per 100,000 of population. The distressingly high rates in the country likely have a variety of contributing factors, but it certainly doesn’t help that the sentences handed down for the crime are much lower than what one would expect. There are numerous cases of rapist being handed only 2 years in prison for their crimes, and while I am not a fan of extended prison sentences, even I feel that is far too low. There are two other factors that are likely having an impact, an increase in reporting of the crime, and the influx of culturally divergent individuals from other countries.

9. Panama

Panama has many problems in this area, and a few relate ones as well. Reported crime rates are far lower than the actual crime rate in the country, as to this day there is a very strong social stigma on reporting rape, or spousal abuse. Spousal rape accounts for the majority of the attacks in the country, with a per 100,000 persons stat sitting at 28.3. As mentioned, the real figure is likely much higher. The penal code places a sentence of 5 to 10 years for those convicted of rape, with is rising to 8 to 10 in aggravated cases, that is to say with a weapon. The primary reason seems to be cultural, and as many are likely to be unhappy to hear, there is a culture of machismo in many Central and South American countries, and the application of machismo is at it’s peak when you are beating your wife.

8. Australia

Like most first world nations, Australia has a far higher rate of reported incidence than, say, Panama. Their 28.6 per 100,000 is high, and the real figure is likely higher, but it is also mitigated by the fact that far more people in Australia are willing to report their crimes to the police. Not to mention the fact that the police are far more likely to do something about it than in many other nations. Australia also include sexual assault in their rape statistics in most of their jurisdictions, something I am very much in favor of. There is also the fact that over the last few years the figure as been shrinking, rather than growing, an encouraging trend.

7. Saint Kitts and Nevis

A small island nation in the Caribbean, Saint Kitts and Nevis has a very small number of rapes per year, but their small population keeps their figure on par with Australia’s at 28.6. St Kitts has a relatively high rate of crime overall, with a higher per 100,000 rate of homicide as well. St Kitts is a poor nation, with an economy based on tourism. This is not an excuse, but it does go a short way to helping me understand the social issues that plague the country.

6. Pakistan

Now, I have been trying to keep this article level. Trying to inject as little of myself into it as possible, but the fact that Pakistan is sitting here at number 6 is absolutely ludicrous to me, and a prime example of the backwards morality that passes for law in some of these countries. In places like Pakistan the victim of rape is expected to kill themselves to preserve family honor. Or they can marry their rapist. Their rural areas are under the thumb of tribal elders who sanction gang rapes against women. There was a case a few years back where a young man had consensual relations with a woman of a higher “Caste” and his sister was sentenced to gang rape by tribal village elders. The fact that she didn’t kill herself after, and instead reported it to the police, is the only reason that some of the men were charged, but since then five of the six perpetrators have gone free, and the sixth had his sentenced reduced from death to life in prison. The 28.8 per 100,000 is a joke, and the real figure is likely far closer to South Africa’s reported rate.

5. Grenada

Rape and crime in general have long been an issue for those living in Grenada. With a rate of 30.6 per 100,00, or in other words about 30 rapes reported per year seen as the country only has about 100,000 people living on it, it has the fifth highest rate of reported rape in the world. It has been stated to me that day to day life in Grenada is quite pleasant, and their focus on spices and tourism has led to a country that is relatively wealthy, but these figures worry me. There has been a massive push to lower the rates, that has been ongoing since the early nineties, and they have done much to educate and pacify the country. I can only hope that tings continue to improve.

4. Nicaragua

With 31.6 rapes per 100,000, Nicaragua s a country only a few short decades removed from war. One of the things you will note here is that many of these countries have poor infrastructure, and poorer education systems. They still operate under the belief that the man is the head of the house, and women are second class citizens. It goes to show that we in the west are only a few short generations ahead of those of certain other faiths with a rep for treating women like cattle, and we aren’t nearly as enlightened as we need to be.


This is going to be a little contentious, but I am not entirely convinced that Sweden deserves to be on this list. Hell, for the most part half the nations on this list don’t deserve to be here over certain other nations I will not name, but I am sure you know who I am talking about. Reported rape in Sweden is up, the stats show that unequivocally. What makes Sweden different from most other nations is the systems in place to record the rapes. In many countries repeated rape is counted as one rape. In Sweden if a person is raped multiple times it is treated as however many times it occurred. They also have a far more broad definition of rape, which I approve of, but it does not do to loftily sit in a nation that separates sexual assault stats from rape stats and claim superiority. Add in the fact that in Sweden it is far more likely that the victim will report the crime, and we have a good basis for why the rape stats are as high as they are, sitting at 69 per 100,000. All that said, I do believe that the recent influx of culturally divergent peoples is having an effect on the prevalence of rape in the country, and something must be done to either integrate or separate these agitators.

2. Botswana

Another post colonial rape capital, there is a bit of a pattern here that might be worth looking into. Botswana is a third world nation. Its population is less educated, and far more tribal than western nations. It is deeply saddening to find out that nearly 10% of the population has been raped in their lives, and worse to find that there is still a 92.9 per 100,000 reported rape cases per year in the country. The African nations have different motivations to rape, beyond basic human Barbary and application of the “other” descriptor. The countries in the southern reaches of Africa are afflicted with a massive amount of AIDS. An ill educated, superstitious population has led to the belief that sex with a virgin will cure AIDS, and so that becomes a compounding factor driving people to commit rape. You will be as disgusted as I am to find out that these African nations also have the highest rate of baby rape in the world.

1. South Africa

South Africa is the rape capital of the world. That might sound a little sensationalist, but it’s true. South Africa has a reported rape rate of 132.4 per 100,00. That is an insane figure. But again, it is not all that surprising when you consider the history ion the country. So many of the people are only a generation removed from being ill educated, tribal, second class citizen. 90% of the population  did not have equal rights with the ruling elite, and thus they are still somewhat behind certain parts of the rest of the world. Add in the AIDS endemic, approximately 11% of the population has the disease, and the belief that sex with  virgin will cure it, and we again have compounding factors driving people to commit the most heinous of crimes. Like Botswana, baby rape is a massive problem.


Well, this was difficult to write. I know all I was looking at was numbers, but feeling empathy for numbers is something that all modern humans should be trying to do. It’s too easy to dehumanize statistics, and dehumanization is one of the primary issues involved here. I wold like to point out that there are many nations not on this list due to the fact that they don’t release their stats, or they simply don’t care. Rape affects those who are physically weaker more often than not, it is fundamentally about the exertion of power of another. There are countries were women are treated like cattle, bought and sold and used and thrown away. There are countries were young children are exploited. There are countries were entire groups of people, men women and children, are second class, intentionally kept weak and abused for years on end until their death. Those countries aren’t on this list. And they know who they are.


  1. This author is trash. He needs to be a man and to stop deflecting away from the real causes of rape. Countries like Sweden don’t have high rape rates because they are more likely to report it, and there are lots of third world countries with much lower rape rates than first world countries. If the author had a pair, he wouldn’t use terms like “culturally divergent”. In Sweden’s case, cowardly men have run from their countries, leaving woman and children behind. Rape is them once again showing how they hate women.

    • Yes thats why baltslawa festival has been cancelled. Mostly cases unreported as per sweden crime stayistics. Most of the time you white f your daughters like trump admit publically he want to bang his daughter

        • OF COURSE IT IS NOT ABOUT REFUUGES! Sweden got high rape rate since 2014 but refugees came 2016 march. Swedish media trying to throw this stuff on refuuges. They are trying to say “swedish people are innocent, syrians are only reason of rape”. And every stinking swedish lamb thinks it is true.

          • Sweden has been accepting tens of thousands of refugees long before the recent events. Sweden earned its higher rate of rape through years of bringing in rapists.

          • Lol, you do realize that you’re wrong in so many ways JoJo? The MASSimmigration started 2012 not 2016, with aprox 110-170000 immigrants a year up until 2016. The rape statistics have gone up with almost 100% (The acctual RAISE, NOT the amount of reports) every year during that time. And has gone up TOTALLY 2600% since we started letting immigrants in from Middle east and Africa more then a few here and there.. Which was aprox 30 years ago

            1975 we had about 250 reported rape cases. And that’s when we had HUGE amount of immigrants flooding in too, But the difference was. Those immigrants came from Hispanic countries/south america, Asia and Europe. They tend to behave quite a whole lot better in a western society. Since their cutures are quite close.

          • Okay, there is a misunderstanding. I meant syrian refuuges. Sweden accepting refuuges from other countries (like african countries) since 2008 (not sure), they just changed accepting method in 2012 (Humane aid). By the way about culture. Sweden integrating the refuuges by good policy i think. Today i do some research and i’m sure now refugees have a big share in these statistics.
            Sorry for being offensive. Have a nice day 🙂

          • What the f*ck are you talking about? If you knew anything about Sweden, you’d know that the media NEVER blames the refugees for rape. Heck, even the leader of the feminist party refuses to see ANY connection between immigration and rape statistics. They are definitely correlated though; anyone who doesn’t realize that is just in denial.

    • The thing is, they might EXACTLY have a high rape rate BECAUSE they report it. Statistics are based off police reports for the most part. In Scandinavia we are highly encouraged to report a rape, no social stigma. While if you look at countries like for example South Korea, rape reports are rarely occurring because it’s looked down upon, a social taboo. If every country had women report the rapes, we would have a much more clear number and maybe even a different list where Sweden isn´t one of the top 3 countries.

      • You go with that if it makes you feel good, Anya. However, I think you should live in Sweden if you want to claim that the higher rate of rape is false. Nothing like first hand experience to prove your point. Be sure to talk your evening walks through the neighborhoods with
        large immigrant populations so you can show them you support them.

  2. Very bad report writing Barry, and yet on an important matter like Rape. You need correct statistics and causes must be properly assessed and your report fails to address that. You should appoint a person to do peer review for your work to be properly assessed and authentic.

  3. Excellent Article…It underlines the issue is shorts beautifully. In Pakistan rape is sponsored by Army as a reward to acts of terrorism in other countries and for killing of dissenters. Please make a profile for the barbarous acts of Pakistan in Balochistan viz. rape and murders in thousands. They also have suppressed and repressed minorities. At freedom they had 15% minorities now it stands at 1%. There is continuous rape, abduction and murder of minorities. On a lighter note Pakistan is actually trying to end crime against minorities by ending the minorities.

    • Go check the other statistics India has 25000 rapes per year while pakistan only 3000 so shut the f up gandhi rapers

      • Why you forgets that What Pakistani army did with Bengali Muslim womens. It was one of gruesome murder and rape with them. India has six times more population than Pakistan and most of the victims are coming forward to register the cases and in Pakistan most of the cases goes unregister to due social stigma.

    • Such a typical atankwadi, praising its own written article….no wonder whole world knows the rapists and rape capital of the world are DELHI AND hiding your country’s name from the list doesn’t make you saint….India is number rape capital of the world you mother**** racists moron…this list is utter garbage like your faces clowns. Sweden, australia some names are simply pathetic just to remove their name. No one gives a damn to this stinking bull article….WORLD KNOWS RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD IS RUNDIA. Period!

    • Shocked to see lame report as india is not here.Every 22min in india a women loses its virginity….concentrate on your own challenges rather commenting on others

      • No b**tch. The reason you hear the stuff from India is coz we don’t sweep the crime under the carpet as most countries do. Not coz there are more rapes there. Kapish?

        • No b**tch. As the real list is here. Open you eyes which also say the number of cases not reported here are much higher then reported.

          • The same applies everywhere you inbred c**t. Or maybe you don’t want to accept it coz you got s**t for brains.

        • LOL typical excuse, just because you didint find such disgusting stats from Pakistan you naturally assume they must be hiding it, the big conspiracy. Its the insecurity and hate that thrives in “india” where a fascist is elected as leader and appointed ministers call for raping dead bodies of women from minority groups. No wonder these hindu fascists hate muslims, after all Muslims ruled them for centuries and kept them in check.

          • Omar grow up and stop being a facist and blame others. You are merely demonstrating Taqqia.
            Minorities have to keep their wives and little girls in the house to avoid getting raped especially in towns and villages where there is extreme media bias.
            This is factual and documented.

            Stop being an ignorant fool and a liar.

            Just see the achievements from thousands of years back to now in India. If you have the guts you would make an attempt to research this instead of listening to you backward mullahs in Madrasa

    • Pakistani is not like indians who are killing Kashmiris to occupy their land also killing Dallat as well. Who don’t know what is happening with Muslims in India.

    • No India has one of the lowest Rape Rate , It’s feminism thing is boiling in India so they report every news so it feels like there is lot But actual number are very low comparatively

      • shut up maderchod rundia piss drinker goat ****…..stinking kidding us???? Even a blind man knows Rundia is the rape capital of the world….every 20 seconds there is a rape case. every day headlines are full of rundia. Shame on you pathetic liars.

  4. how is it possible that india is not even on the list worst than belgium, not very accurate if you asked me

    • The report was based on crimes per population in each country, India has six times more population than any other mentioned country in this list for ex.Pakistan, Hence if there is 200/100000 rapes in India then it will 200/10000 rapes in Pakistan.

    • It shows that People in India are coming forward to address this issues. But as per crimes per population, Pakistan has much higher rate than India. India has 6 times more population than Pakistan and in Pakistan most of the rape cases goes unregister due to social stigma.

  5. Typical article written by a mother**** racist hindu scum an Indian influenced bigot. By not including top in the list this indicates who is the editor of this…..a big shame on those neglecting a rape cases daily in rape capital world of India. May god kill all you guys! GAY HIND!

  6. First check UN REPORT AND US UK crime rwports depatment of justice report.
    In is america evry 1 in 5 woman rape and more than 300000.reported rape cases but still 63 percent unreported. .
    Wales 83000 every year. France more than 2500000 and germany 645000.
    mostly in house rape cases Like trump want to bang his daughter and mostly you white father rape their daughters which remain unreported.american court sentenced a american father 500 years jail for raping his daughyers since childhood.
    You are bias and racist nut.

  7. well i think author is totally biased or ill informed…… how on earth u can’t find names of ethiopia & india…… per stats , india is the new rape capital of world ….and its not finding its name in the list….this is most biased or poorly prepared article i ever have come across…..

    • Hypothetical situation

      suppose a country has only 100 women, and they all are raped every year.
      so by your logic, that country is totally safe for women coz only 100 women were raped
      as compared to other countries

  8. Love watching all these India-hating muslims and punkasses who buy the western media propoganda getting a slap of truth on their faces. Do some research on your own. Yes India has a problem but it is way lower than any of the western or muslim countries. It’s just that feminist movements in India have gained momentum and every rape gets blown up by the media. Also having 1.3 billion people is sure to make numbers look big. Search web for statistics for rapes per 100,000 women and watch your bubbles burst. India ranked #98 in 2010. Pretty sure it fairs better in the latest statistics.

    • You stupid lamb. U said india-hating muslumans? Ur mind is controlling. There is no muslim that stuff on india. This writer is christian. Get off. Stop believing everyshit on internet.

      • Did you mean there’s no muslim in the comment section hating on India or in general anywhere around the world? If latter, you’re delusional, come back to reality. If former, you’re blind. Also I don’t mean all muslims hate india, if that’s the interpretation you’re making.

        • Idiot, they are indians that hate christians, muslims, jews too. You need to look at the MAJORITY, of course there will be haters. And as a Turkish I can say Turkish muslims doesn’t hate india. Turkey loves watching indian films, tv series. I finished some indian series too.

          • Brother there’s an entire nation of 200 million muslims which spews hate against Indians in their school textbooks and funds terrorists that cause thousands to die every year in India. That country is Islamic republic of Pakistan. They paint India as a rapist country everywhere on the internet. That is the context of my comment. I made it clear in my previous comment I didn’t mean all muslims hate India. There are more muslims in India than the entire middle east and I respect the religion and have many friends. I only mean to target pakistanis who spread lies about India. I listen to turkish songs myself.

          • ohh. today i do some research about it and i saw that some pakistani muslims stuff on india. ok i understood u now. 🙂


  9. Here is no america, no germany? R U kidding me? This site tries to show musluman countries as rapist. This statics are optional and it’s ridiciouls.

  10. abey ghandu ki aulad apka india kahan ha bund mn le lia ha ghandu log aoni he behan chod dete han or phr pakistan ko abu man lete han ghandu lun lo

  11. The Rape rate in India is 2 in 100,000. Even if we consider sources to be under-reported by 1000% (Its really not but for the sake of argument here),That’s 10 times of 2 = 20 in 100,000. That’s still lower than most Nations mentioned here. So people must stop blaming India for rape.

    India is like any other Nation, Not as dangerous as the Top 10 Nations mentioned here in the list.

  12. Thats a serious problem if people from pakistan are trying to defame india that they should also be on this list,brothers please see the problem in your country first .Indians(all religion) treats our women’s as goddess’s from the beginning of time and when mis-happening occurred we stand against it vigorously and pledge to solve the root cause of this which is ill education.
    I am not putting my country in bright light because it already is and this problem is that dark spot which is reducing exponentially now and we will win over it soon.
    So,please get yourself some nation’s first medicine and not indiaallergic medicines in the future.

  13. “I know all I was looking at was numbers, but feeling empathy for numbers
    is something that all modern humans should be trying to do. It’s too
    easy to dehumanize statistics, and dehumanization is one of the primary
    issues involved here. I wold like to point out that there are many
    nations not on this list due to the fact that they don’t release their
    stats, or they simply don’t care. Rape affects those who are physically
    weaker more often than not, it is fundamentally about the exertion of
    power of another. There are countries were women are treated like
    cattle, bought and sold and used and thrown away. There are countries
    were young children are exploited. There are countries were entire
    groups of people, men women and children, are second class,
    intentionally kept weak and abused for years on end until their death.
    Those countries aren’t on this list. And they know who they are.” The whole ending got me numb!!

    • it’s 2017 and this is still happening?? as in countries that aren’t on this list and not releasing the actual figures and doing something about it! I can’t comprehend and this is very much heartbreaking!

  14. what the heck is this bologna? what about india? in india they even rape puppies it seems! Sick people…

  15. Barry, have you heard of a country named India, pl find out what is the rape situation there and you my amend your biased report , and by the way 2017 is still not finished.

  16. Pathetic….the entire world kniws about india. Delhi is infact called the rape capital if the world. Pakistan? Really? Panama?

    I suppose the dude putting this list together was either on pot or out of his brains.

  17. Agree or Disagree, this is the total thoughts of Writer, not based on Facts. Because where is the Rape Capital India in the list which should be in the foremost top, latest news is that atleast 6 rapes daily in the capitol Delhi, Oh God, help Indians and Indian Women

  18. The only reason why European countries are on the list is because those countries have the highest percent of Muslim immigrants.

  19. This crackhead writer needs to get his facts right. According to the National Crime Records Bureau 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012, but experts agree that the number of unreported cases of sexual assault brings the total much higher. Out of these, 24,470 were committed by parents/family, relatives, neighbors and other known persons implying that , men known to the victim committed 98 per cent of reported rapes. The latest estimates suggest that a new case of rape is reported every 22 minutes in India.

  20. LOL a list of highest rape without India or USA is a list literally pulled out of one’s ###. Are you sure the writer too much drinking is not caffeine but somethign else?!