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Best Basecamp Alternatives in 2018 – Top Project Management Systems

Basecamp is an incredibly popular project project management tool, namely used to manage projects and collaborate efforts either win the business entity or for business-client relationships. The main reason for Basecamp’s popularity is the easy software interface, simple functionality (it does what you need it to do), and the fact that it was introduced at a time where there was a lot of demand for a collaboration tool online.

However, one thing that can raise an immediate red flag with Basecamp is its pricing structure. Basecamp charges its users based on the resources necessary – any number of users are allowed to connect and sign up for accounts, but the number of active projects and storage space varies based on the tier purchased. These range from $20 per month for 10 active projects and 3 GB of storage, all the way up to $150 per month for unlimited projects with 100 GB of storage space. Basecamp also offers an annual package with unlimited projects, 500GB of storage and premium features for $3000 per year.

Should a user wish to switch from Basecamp for any number of reasons, however, a number of alternatives are available.


active collab            ActiveCollab offers most of the core functionality to project management applications – task management, managing of contacts, management of calendars, document management and various other tools useful to managers for handling a large scale of people and projects all happening at the same time. However, ActiveCollab allows for tasks to be more properly delegated by being assigned to numerous users, and allows for time estimates to be assigned with tasks to create for deadlines. Users can then receive notifications warning them of an impending deadline, as well as a constant reminder when on the dashboard of ActiveCollab.

ActiveCollab offers itself as a service (licensing), or allows for the software itself to be purchased and installed on your own service. ActiveCollab starts at $25 per month for 5 users and 5 GB of storage space (and unlimited projects,) and the tier extends upwards all the way to an infinite number of users with 500GB of storage space for $300 per month. However, purchasing ActiveCollab as a non-licensed software allows for much greater customizability, since a purchase of the software as a non-licensed product also includes the open source code. ActiveCollab would be a great choice of a Basecamp alternative for firms who are trying to be more agile and have more adaptability in an ever-shifting marketplace.


pro workflow            ProWorkFlow was founded as “a solution for internal workflow and communication needs” by Julian Stone, of New Zealand, in 2002. However, this solution was so immensely popular that it was acquired by ProActive Software in 2003. Originally developed as downloadable software, ProWorkFlow is now primarily based out of a web browsing application.

ProWorkFlow’s greatest strength lies in its ability to increase communication and improve efficiency in most daily operations – it allows for delegation of tasks among users, allows users delegated to the same task to communicate using the web application, and includes all the basic bells and whistles like email integration, calendarizing and a few other helpful organizational features. There are only three distinct pricing tiers, as well – for the solo plan at $10 per month, a user is allowed 10 active projects and 5 GB. The highest plan of ProWorkFlow is much greater than usual other management software, costing only $30 per user per month with a minimum of 5 users, and includes unlimited projects with 50 GB of storage. These users can be assembled in a hierarchy, so users who are allowed to view tasks but not act upon them or interact with the interface are not actually charged.

ProWorkFlow has the distinction of being a lower-cost alternative, and allows for a nice economy of scale for a start-up or a firm who doesn’t want to spend too much on their management software. ProWorkFlow most likely would appeal to a young entrepreneur who doesn’t want to break the bank on management software, but still finds an interest in using said software to track project progress.


freed camp            Freedcamp is scarily similar to Basecamp, as the two applications share a lot of the same features. Immediately noticeable in Freedcamp is the “free” – unlike Basecamp, Freedcamp is mostly free of charge. However, due to the inclusive free nature of Freedcamp, there are compromises – namely in the storage area size. The free package includes only 20MB of space, but incremental space can be added – it costs $2.59 for 1GB, $24.99 for 15GB and unlimited storage costs $39.99 per month. Freedcamp also allows for users to “tag” project participants, allowing them to receive email updates on a daily basis of how projects are progressing. Administrators have great customization over user accounts, allowing an administrator to assemble a hierarchy. Freedcamp also supports a free marketplace that houses applications, which include features like chat, a wiki component, a timer for how long a project has been worked on (requiring the window to be left open while the user works on a project), and many other features.

Freedcamp would appeal to almost anyone who wants project management software – the free price tag is what makes it so attractive. Freedcamp also has a number of features that other project management software doesn’t include, namely the marketplace for side-loading applications – you can create your own solutions for problems that arise within the limitations of the management software. Freedcamp might be one of the most attractive project management applications for tech-savvy firms.


mavenlink            MavenLink was founded to provide a cost-effective project management solution for all-size firms. In the variety of plans it offers, it includes a basic plan (free with basic project management tools), a pro plan ($25 per user per month), and the premier plan. The basic plan includes project management tools such as email integration, task management, file sharing and even Google integration. The Google integration could be core for a de-centralized workforce, serving as an extra layer of legitimacy with required Google account integration. The Pro plan includes all the “basic” project management tools, and includes extra financial functions, the most notable of which is Quickbooks integration. Each Premier plan is different, as these plans are created on an individual basis – Premier plans are customized to tailor to whatever your firm might need out of a project management software. However, at this level, the analytics tools provided are what allows MavenLink to stand out. MavenLink also offers downloadable applications for iOS and Android, allowing for projects to be managed from a dedicated interface for a phone.

MavenLink offers a lot of integration and useful features for firms that might try to be entirely internal, and the attractiveness of MavenLink will namely be for agile companies that are present in many different markets, or have a lot of different projects to take care of that might require financial management or some sort of level of legitimate verification. The Google and Financial integration functions of MavenLink make it seem a little bit more professional and agile software, and might even save your firm a few bucks a month as multi-tasking software.'
Paige Turner
Paige is a freelance writer based out of Chicago, When she isn't writing you can probably find her walking her 6 month old golden retriever down at the park.


  1. Basecamp is very well rated but there are many alternatives that get a lot of traction and serve more specific requirements and/or are integrated as part of a more complete suite. Here I would like to suggest ProofHub. This is a powerful Basecamp alternative that comes loaded with features like Discussions, Proofing, chat, time tracking, Notes, Files, Gantt charts, Reports, Third-Party integrations, Calendar, Custom Roles etc., you get it all this at one place in ProofHub! ProofHub simplifies everything, from planning each step in the project to tracking the progress and finishing things on time.


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