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Top 10 Richest Female Singers 2018 – Real Net Worths

You know, when you look at the true net worth of the wealthy online, especially artists, you tend to find that they didn’t really make all that much of their fortune through their art. Whether it’s singers, painters or actors in the vast majority, their salary only plays a minor role in their income. The wealthiest artists of our time bought their mansions with investment money, or branding money. Don’t get me wrong, they still sell an awful lot of records, and are all supremely talented in their chosen genre, it’s just a little surprising to me that their earnings come from all sorts of places.

The Top 10 Richest Female Singers – 2018 True Net Worth List

So let’s take a look at the top ten richest female singers, and find out where they made their money.

#10 – Nana Mouskouri Net Worth 2018 – $280 Million

richest singersHave you ever heard of Nana Mouskouri? No? Neither had I until today. I’ve made a point of actually listening to the music of each of the women on this list and I have to say, she’s not bad. A little pedestrian for me, but she has a fine voice. The Greek born singer has a true net worth of $280 million. She had made a name for herself in the pop world of the sixties on-wards. Recording in a wide variety of genres, and languages, the singer is one of the few on this list who seems to have made most of her money exclusively via her singing. Now, she does own property all over the world, and is currently residing in a lavish mansion in Cologny, Switzerland, but she is also one of the top-selling artists of all time. So diversification wasn’t really an issue for her.

#9 – Jennifer Lopez Net Worth 2018 – $300 Million

richest singersNow everyone knows “Jenny from the block”. Her true net worth is sitting at $300 million. Here’s where we see the benefits of diversification. She did not make the majority of her money from her singing career. Her high-profile appearance as a Judge on “American Idol” netted her a multi-million dollar salary. Coupled with the earnings from her film career, her recent starring role on TV show “Shades of Blue”, countless clothing, fragrance and accessory lines, and a few savvy investments, all add up to an income that cannot be sneezed at. She recently listed her three acre luxury mansion as for sale, so if you have $14.5 million handy you know who to call. She currently lives in a penthouse apartment in New York.

#8 – Cher Net Worth 2018 – $320 Million

richest singersIt’s Cher, stupid! She’s a damn Oscar winner with a net worth of $320 million. Her annual salary hits $28 million and she currently splits her time between her Malibu mansion, worth $45 million, and a small beach house in Venice, worth $1.8 million. She is one of the best-selling artists of all time, from her early days as one half of Sonny & Cher to her massively successful career as a solo artist. She churned out pop ballad after pop ballad, and even veered into Rock & Roll with a high-profile 1981 collaboration with Meatloaf. She has also earned quite a bit of cash appearing in a number of high grossing films from the 1980’s until present.

#7 – Barbra Streisand Net Worth 2018 – $340 Million

richest singersThe mother of the contemporary pop diva. The girl for whom it is all about. Barbra Joan Streisand’s true net worth sits at $340 million. The woman has been parodied so many times that I can’t look at her picture without laughing. She first hit the big time as a teenager, singing in nightclubs and making guest appearances on “The Tonight Show”. After a successful turn on Broadway with “Funny Girl” she made a transition into film. The income earned through her various albums and films, coupled with her work as a director and producer has gained her quite the fortune. She currently lives in a beautiful mansion in Malibu, but don’t take a picture of it or she’ll sick her lawyers on you.

#6 – Shania Twain Net Worth 2018 – $350 Million

richest singersThat pop country star from Ontario Canada has a true net worth of $350 million, but that don’t impress me much. See! Doesn’t feel too nice to hear that does it Shania? Anyway, now that I’ve worked out some issues there back to the actual bio. She’s another one with a fortune mostly amassed through her music. She rose to fame in the mid-nineties and became one of the biggest country stars in the world. Her tours are routinely sold out, and high earners, and for some reason her albums still sell remarkably well. Does my disdain for her come across too strong? I always preferred Dolly Parton I guess.

#5 – Dolly Parton Net Worth 2018 – $500 Million

richest singersSpeak of the devil, eh? The pipes on this woman, good lord. She started from nothing, wrote most of her own music and consistently put out good records for years. Dolly’s true net worth sits at $500 million. The Queen of asset diversification, she made her money in not only music, but films, books, clothing and of course her own theme park. Dollywood. What a weird thing to have, when you think about it. I mean most theme parks are based on a number of properties, Disneyland etc, but Dollywood is sold as being based on one country singer. Regardless, she is also owns a wide variety of property all over the country and recently listed an oddly cluttered mess of a property in west Hollywood for sale.

#5 – Gloria Estefan Net Worth 2018 – $500 Million

richest singersGloria was another one I’d never heard of. Her true net worth is $500 million, tying with Dolly. She made her wealth through her music, first in a group then as a solo artist. The Cuban born artist is one of the most popular Spanish language singers in the world, her music is very good, though I would consider her voice to lack punch. Pleasant to listen to, but it doesn’t move me. She has had a successful career as an entrepreneur, earning income off of several Cuban themed restaurants on the west coast, she also has a minor stake in the Miami Dolphins. Her other ventures include books, fashion and perfumes.

#3 – Mariah Carey Net Worth 2018 – $520 Million

richest singersYou know, I really thought I liked Mariah Carey’s music. All I want for Christmas is a wonderfully sung song. But the rest of her back catalog seems to lack the soaring highs of that track. Maybe I’m not listening to the right songs, leave a comment and tell me what I should be listening to. Anyway, Mariah Carey’s true net worth sits at $520 million. This fortune was amassed not only through her singing career, but she too had a run as a judge on American Idol, with a salary of around $18 million dollars. She is currently headlining Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for an undisclosed sum, though no doubt it is equally ridiculous.

#2 – Celine Dion Net Worth 2018 – $630 Million

richest singersThe Québécois Diva herself. Making a name for herself in the eighties in Europe and Japan before hitting big in the States with her début English album Unison. She has a true net worth of $630 million. Her music career has spanned the decades and earned her the vast majority of her fortune. Though she has diversified into other business ventures. She founded the Nickels fast food chain, though divested herself of her stock in the late nineties. She owns Les Productions Feeling Inc., a Quebec based agency for French-speaking singers. She also owns a golf club, a restaurant and a night club. Her years long booking in Las Vegas was another big source of income.

#1 – Madonna Net Worth 2018 – $1 Billion

richest singersSinger, actress, songwriter and entrepreneur Madonna has done it all. And it has paid dividends. Her true net worth is a whopping $1 Billion, this makes her not only the richest female singer in the world, but the richest of all singers, regardless of gender. She is known for her reinvention on the stage and a genre spanning back catalog of music. Beginning in the 1980’s and remaining popular to this day. Her business ventures outside of music include a wide variety of branded merchandise, clothes, books, makeup, fragrances, you name it she sells it. She owns a chain of fitness stores, Hard Candy Fitness, founded an entertainment company, Maverick, and has made appearances in film and television. Madonna has leveraged a successful singing career into a multimedia empire that spans the globe.

So there we have it. The top ten richest female singers in the world. Allow me to point it out again, it seems to me that once you make a million dollars it’s surprisingly easy to make two, three, four and so much more. Money makes money. These stars could sit back and live off interest payments for the rest of their lives, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if that formed the bottom line for a few of them. And for each of them all it took was a little talent and that spark of luck that propels the talented forward, that seldom acknowledged serendipitous little moment in their lives that made them famous.

Let it not be said that they didn’t work hard, but their financial advisers had to have worked pretty hard too.

Barry W Stanton
Irish born writer who drinks too much caffeine and reads too much Terry Pratchett. I enjoy long walks on the server and Korean cuisine.


      • Jealious much? Dude ur so transparent it isn’t even funny. The only moron here is you. Madonna has a genius IQ, she sold an image you clearly bought into. What are you upset she doesn’t like Trump? Madonna is the American dream come true.. she is a self made billionaire. So cry us a river the woman is smarter and more successful than ur lame butt will ever be.

  1. I can understand that, as an American, you had never heard of Nana Mouskouri, who became one of the biggest pan-European singing stars of the 60s and 70, and even into the 80s, because she sang/sings in many languages, something very few of the other 9, except for Céline and Gloria Estefan (and maybe JLo a few times) have become famous for. Never heard of Gloria Estefan, though???? You must have been born in the early or mid 90s. In a league of her own, totally set apart from the rest, however, Madonna will always be the smartest showbusinesswoman ever, in addition to a true pioneer in many senses, greatly creative, artistic, talented and beautiful.

    • I’m Irish. It says so at the bottom of the article. Not too many Spanish speaking singers make it over here. Though it turns out I’m unique in not knowing Nana, my partner thought I was joking.

  2. If Gloria Estefan music does not move you is because you are probably dead or has not heard many of her great hits: Conga, Rhythm is going to get you, mi Tierra, to mention a few, hello!!! Those are some of the rhythmically songs from the 80s and early 90s.

  3. Well someone who never heard of Mouskouri and think Streisand is some kind of funny parody… no comment. However money isn’t everything. Madonna could be the richest but to me she means very little. Anyway how do you know how much money these people have??

    • If she means very little why would you even ask how much money she has if it is of no importance to you?

      • I only asked how they find out about the money of all of them. Where do they get the information. Years ago I read Streisand had 600 mln in properties and art collection and jewels. Now it seems she lost half of the money or maybe art and jewel don’t count? Madonna and Celine made all the money from concerts. Touring very hard around the world and Las Vegas. Older singers would not bother with that.

        • Madonna has been in the game for 30 years and has a huge art collection that is worth more than streisands. I have never seen Streisand in the top 10 before. However, you do have a point how accurate really are these lists? Also remember Madonna is the highest selling female singer and highest grossing solo concert performer. Unlike Streisand she writes most of her music so her royalties would be one of the highest.

          • Streisand is always been in the top 10. During the 80s she’s been number 1. Usully in showbiz n.1 is Oprah. Streisand has been around for much longer than madonna. She has won more awards than any other artist expanding from Oscars, Tony, Grammy and so on. Madonna is considered a cheap artist from most institutions. She is mostly supported from the gay community but new genetarions are not interested. I went to see the last concert (my bf dragged me, he’s a big fan) I was bored and dissapointed. She is always out of tune (when sings live) and most concert is playback. She is stuck in the 90s. This is my opinion anyway.

          • madonnas last 2 tours are the highest grossed by female solo performers – so even if she is stuck in the 90s as you say its working!
            madonna has been revolutionary and pushed the boundaries while others played it safe. barbra is talented but she has never been revolutionary and isn’t considered even close to being the queen of pop – maybe the queen for 80 year olds.

          • By the way, you say the younger gay generation isn’t interested in Madonna and you think they could even name a Barbra track????
            By the way – you were dragged to a Madonna concert yeah yeah yeah

          • Streisand WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? Never heard any of her music and that’s probably because she sang to the Dinosaurs. Madonna worked hard for money and she is always on top of every money list, ALWAYS!

          • Unreal…bored at a Madonna concert…
            then nothing can excite you then Madonna considered cheap… you so
            full of it I don’t know where to begin. Madonna is a living legend
            you can post your hate comments all you want nothing you have said is
            factual. At least your boy friend has some taste. The critics are
            praising Madonna’s vocals on her current tour lets see you do
            what she does and do it better on stage…

    • It means very little to you but she means the world to her legions of fans globally. You cant write her off because of your opinion.

  4. I don’t believe this list at all. There are other artists that make enough to be in the top ten, yet they’ve been excluded. Not credible at all.

  5. Great article. Madonna fascinates me the most. She just defies all logic and somehow always seems to outshine herself. I love that 30 years later, she’s STILL killing it all over the entire globe, but mostly I’m impressed that she hasn’t rested on her laurels and past hits. Her newest material is always cutting edge and she never seems to repeat herself. That’s the sign of a true artist.

    As she grows older, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next. It’s always fresh and it’s always original. People always try to write her off, but she ALWAYS proves them wrong.

  6. Yeah, let’s just completely ignore Asia. The Queen of Pop, Jolin Tsai, is worth $2 billion. I think there are a bunch of others in Asia that have net worths that exceed Madonna’s. The Western media tends to ignore the entertainment industries of Asia, when there is greater activity there.

  7. Cher Done All too! Before Beyoncé, before Gaga. Before Rihanna and before Katy. Before Britney, Christina, Cyndi and Céline. Before Whitney and Mariah, and before Madonna. Before colour television, before the Vietnam War, before man walked on the moon. Before the decimalised pound. Before everything, before time immemorial… There was Cher. this shimmering vestibule of unrelenting fabulousness has been a towering fixture on the entertainment landscape for nearly five decades. Whilst there are many pop stars pretenders to the throne these days, Cher’s status as the Goddess of Pop remains, for me, unchallenged. The only living things that would survive a nuclear war would be cockroaches and Cher.. Follow this, you fooles..!

  8. To barry stanton that wrote the article of richest female singers and their net worth….HOW HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF GLORIA ESTEFAN!!! Are you serious…she has been around since the 80’s maybe before had many hits with miami sound machine.she also was involved in a horrible bus crash in which she was crippled taught herself to walk and dance again and i think she was pregnant and had the baby too during that time….she is incredible both as a person and an artist …i mean its like saying you never heard of cyndi lauper or barbara streissand ….either you are too young to know the music of that era or u were born and raised under a rock…lol…

  9. Look like a pattern – except Celine and plastic dolly 🙂 they all have had multiple hubbies. They are fully focused on what they want. These marvelous women have STAYING POWER. Toast to them all, hope they hang around for many more years.

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  11. Madonna deserves every penny.
    She is a true hard worker in every aspect.

    I love you Madonna (beauty and talent)

      • Obviously you need to check your vision & taste.
        Nonetheless, it s quite clear that you r one of those guys who cant see a female to be successful and denies what is quite obvious (her beauty and talent).
        Get over it Bob (lool)

      • You know what they say, Jim… “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Heck, I’ll bet someone even finds you attractive.

  12. That’s funny . He had never heard of Nana Mouskouri and Gloria Estefan? He must be still wet behind the ears. Amazing he actually knew who Barbara Streisand is.


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