Sansi 30W LED Bulb Review and 12% discount

The Sansi 30W LED bulb is a good buy for anyone looking for a super ultra bright bulb for a workshop or showroom. It is a quality product for a very reasonable price.

We’re all used to the cheap LED light bulbs found at the hardware store. They’re fine for most situations, but when you need really high output bright light, it’s hard to find one that will do the business for a reasonable price. The problem is, LEDs are very sensitive to heat, so it takes a lot of engineering to design it so that it lasts a long time.

Enter the Sansi 30W LED bulb, kindly provided by Sansi for our review, a very high output LED light that is built well enough to withstand the test of time, and whose light quality is good enough to use in a showroom. And it doesn’t come at an unreasonable price, with $30 being completely reasonable in my book for such a well-engineered product. (Discount code at end)

Light Quality

One of the biggest issues with LED bulbs is the quality of the light output. In most situations around the house, you can’t tell the difference. But when you’re trying to show off your products in a display case, such as art or clothing, sometimes it becomes a bit more important to get something with a good CRI, or color rendering index. This bulb takes care of that, with a CRI of 80+, which means that it should be very good at accurately representing natural light of whatever it falls on.

In my case, I use it for YouTube videos, and I trust it to act as a natural light for my recording area.

Build Quality

Normally I wouldn’t touch on this issue with a light bulb, but Sansi’s attention to detail really stood out to me.

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One of the biggest components of this bulb is the Power Supply Case, which is actually a gigantic heatsink. It is able to draw heat away from the components in order to preserve its lifespan. It’s clear that Sansi has put a lot of thought into this, since the bulb has a good heft to it and feels absolutely solid. I even tried to take it apart to look into, but I wasn’t able to get it open.

There have been a lot of LED bulbs I’ve tried that have failed after a few months, often due to heat issues. Especially on super high power bulbs like this one, heat is a very important factor to consider, but I can’t see this bulb presenting any issues even after long term use.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, Sansi backs their product up with a 5 year warranty.

Light Output

For a high power light bulb, this might be the most important specification. I don’t have anything to test this with, but its rating of 200 watt/3000 lumens equivalent seemed absolutely accurate. The bulb blew me away (like, seriously, it hurts to look at) with how bright it is. It can easily light up a whole room.

The color temperature is very cold, which is good for a bright bulb targeted at warehouse, showroom, or garage use. It isn’t some inviting for a home setting, but that’s not its intended use case anyway.

I would highly recommend this light bulb to anyone needing a very bright LED light, or maybe for a friend for Christmas.

Sansi has offered us a 12% off code for Gazette Review readers at their Amazon page while using the codeĀ ULANDING.

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