Top 10 Richest Pastors in the World – 2017 List Updated


Blessing, Forgiving and giving Sermon. Ministry is often referred to as the highest calling among the faithful, and can also be the most lucrative. Here we break down a list of 10 men of the cloth that can line their wallets with silk. All figures are based on personal assets and income as stated by personal and observed disclosures. The tax laws in most countries attribute certain assets to the religious organization and not the individual at the head, so not all assets may be accounted for.

Top 10 World’s Richest Pastors 2017

10. Joseph Prince Net Worth 2017 – $5 Million

Pastor1Head of the largest church in the all of Asia and netting a salary of $550,000 a year, Prince could easily be seen as blessed. Born to a Sikh priest and previously employed as an IT consultant, his unlikely career has garnered a grand following worldwide from his native Malaysia to the United States. This popularity is partially thanks to such friends as Joel Osteen of Lakewood Megachurch who has hosted a number of his sermons. One of the most internet savvy of the pastors listed, Prince also has a online video and podcast with a following from over 150 countries.

9. T.B. Joshua Net Worth 2017 – $10 Million

Pastor2Considered a Prophet by most of his congregation, Joshua has a unique and notable influence in his native country of Nigeria. While primarily preaching from his home city of Lagos, Nigeria, Joshua has over 1.5 million Facebook fans. He also has a history of sending “Anointed Water” to thousands of individuals worldwide, most notably during the recent Ebola crisis. There has been ongoing controversy regarding his claims to deliver people from possession, and there are 3 reported deaths in the U.K. linked to his church. These were reported to be cases where the individuals refused life lengthening AIDS medication and instead relied on prayer for survival.

8. Billy Graham Net Worth 2017 – $25 Million

Pastor3Once called by many as “America’s Pastor”, Billy Graham is among the most well known and long-lived pastors on the planet. Born in 1918 and educated in Anthropology and Biblical Studies by the Trinity Bible College in Florida State, he has been a presence for many historic events of the past two generations. From bailing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr out of jail during the fight for Civil Rights, to directly writing and supporting Nixon during the Vietnam war, he has always been quite political minded. This fact has no doubt helped his following, with an estimated audience of around 2.2 Billion individuals over the course of his career.

7. Kenneth Copeland Net Worth 2017 – $25 Million

Best known for his messages about prosperity and abundance, it appears Copeland can reference quite a bit of firsthand experience. Before his conversion to Christianity he had commercial success as a recording artist, releasing 1957’s “Pledge of Love” which made it to #17 of the top 40 billboard hits of the year. Copeland has had a lifelong love for flying as well, which allowed him after conversion to become the personal pilot of Oral Roberts before starting his own ministry and owning his own private jet (admittedly paid for by church donations). Copeland and his family also reside in a $6.3 million estate, where television audiences are invited to sit around the table with the family on “Believers Voice of Victory”.

6. Creflo Dollar Net Worth 2017 – $27 Million

Pastor4With Dollar in his name, was there any doubt this pastor would appear on such a list? Known as one of the flashiest of American Ministers, he owns a Rolls Royce, multiple $2.5 million dollar estates and in recent years been given an F by the Ministry Watch for financial transparency. To make matters worse, Dollar was arrested in 2013 for allegedly attacking his own daughter but the charges were dropped after agreements to join anger management groups. He like quite a few of his comrades in this list preaches almost exclusively the “prosperity” gospel. While receiving a Bachelor’s in Science for Education from West Georgia College, it appears this pastor has yet to learn the intricacies of “Do unto Others”.

5. E. A .Adeboye Net Worth 2017 – $39 Million

Pastor5Enoch Adejare Adeboye began his career in preaching while still maintaining a professorship at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. It appears his Ph.D. in mathematics continues to serve him well, as membership numbers of his Redeemed Christian Church of God continue to swell in over 100 countries. Adeboye has claimed a goal to put a church “within 5 minutes” of every home in the world. With 14,000 branches in Nigeria alone, it seems he has done so for at least one country.


4. Benny Hinn Net Worth 2017 – $42 Million

Benny Hinn is perhaps the most openly controversial of any American Televangelist. Publicly claiming a gospel that empowers “faith healing”, he has been investigated by the United States Senate for manipulation of tax status, and his Ministry has been flagged with a “Donor Alert” by Ministry Watch. Regardless of this shady financial situation he continues to have a solid fellowship in both Canada and the United States. Followers of his teachings believe that if they are prayed over, they can be healed of any malady. Among his many luxury possessions is a Gulfstream G4 jet.

3. Chris Oyakhilome Net Worth 2017 – $50 Million

Yet another Lagos native, “Pastor Chris” has an incredibly busy schedule to go with his wealth. His Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated not only contains an absolutely massive fellowship branch, but also branches for humanitarian aid and education. He also owns three separate television channels that garner up to 2.5 million views per nightly event. As is common for someone with the “faith healing” gospel, there is some backlash, particularly from the Treatment Action Campaign against his claims of faith healing AIDS. As an interesting aside, as of 2017 South Africa is considering a warrant for his arrest if Oyakhilome and his organizations do not become more financially transparent.

2. Bishop T.D. Jakes Net Worth 2017 – $147 Million

Head of the Potter’s House Megachurch and Potter’s Touch television program, T.D. Jakes is a common face on many national broadcast stations. Jakes has also been seen with both Presidents Bush (during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath) and Obama (leading a morning church service in 2009) who have both commented on his faithful intents and actions. This is particularly notable, as both his Bachelor and Masters of Arts degree came from an unaccredited institution, Friends International Christian University. Though he does make a sizable yearly sum as a pastor, most of his wealth has originated in sales of his gospel music (for which he has won at least one Grammy award), books and numerous syndicated appearances. As it turns out, T.D. Jakes is also of Nigerian heritage, which was proven when he allowed for his DNA to be tested for a PBS program.

1. Bishop David Oyedepo Net Worth 2017 – $150 Million

Coming in as a supposed host of the Holy Ghost with the most, Bishop David Oyedepo heads the single largest church in the world, Winners’ Chapel, which seats 50,000. As one of the main founders of the Nigerian Christian Charismatic movement, he also exerts control over churches in 45 African nations, as well as several in Dubai, the United Kingdom and the United States. Having been mentored by Adeboye, it is quite clear he took the formula of church expansion up a notch. Alongside churches, there has also been active outreach within his native continent where his ministry has aided in the development of hospitals, schools and maternity homes. As to be expected with such successes, two of his sons are following in his footsteps by heading up both the London and South African Winners’ Chapel divisions.

  • Jim Jones

    Just like Jesus would do.

    • Meer Cat

      Jesus doesn’t need anything

  • darkknight91

    Praise the Lord and pass the collection plate! Pastor needs a new pair of everything!

  • James Delinois

    For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Matthew 24:24, Romans 16:18, 1 JOHN 4:1, 2 PETER 2:1. WATCH OUT FOR FALSE PROPHETS. THEY COME TO YOU IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, BUT INWARDLY THEY ARE FEROCIOUS WOLVES. MATTHEW 7:15

  • Quinton_Free

    These guys are scum if christ walked in these churches today he wouldn’t even recognize it… These guys are pimps from Memphis why do they think they can reap the benefits of the gospel to exploit people and prey on their fear of hell

  • Kingsley odumegwu

    These men are shepherds that eat the sheep in their care

    • Water

      It sad for we Afica that this people who called themselves men of God are continue to full people why didn’t know they are full themselves., but what l know they can’t full people forever.

  • Kingsley odumegwu

    The only reason why poor followers are giving to these criminals is because they teach them to simply give the men of cloths and God will bless them. Don’t you know that faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God? Faith also comes from whatever you choose to hear and thats the reason why the men of cloths fill your brain with messages that teaches only on the blessing in giving to the greedy.
    Yes, its good and rewarding to give…..but you should give to the needy and not to the greedy.
    You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

    • Harsha

      Hi whats wrong is being rich.Richness comes from God and god wants his people to be rich. you guys probabally dont have money just feel bad about rich guys.

      • Justyce

        My name is Teri Spears, I believe om the new Justyce where love one another comes above all. Benny Hinn need to give his money back after sleepin with Paula. I am a persosn with flaws and they shine proudly, I smoke curse an fornicate and God loves me. This here is some BS because of no women lol other than that yay and kudos cuz I like TD lol

      • Gail Thomas

        Jesus said to those who would follow Him to take up their cross and follow Him. He said he that loses his life for Jesus’ will find it. He said to his disciples that they should take only one cloke, and no money, when he sent them out to preach the gospel. Jesus said you cannot serve God and money.
        Anyone who believes that Jesus is in anyway involved with these mega churches and rich “pastors” is deluded and needs to spend more time reading their Bible.


      Kingsley let us reason together.

      Are you sure giving in the bible was always directed to poor?
      Do you remember or have not read that Jesus was given an historical feet wash by the convented prostitute? What was the reaction of the disciples? Did they not say it was waste and said that could have been sold and given to the poor? Why did not Jesus removed His feet and say woman take that to poor? It is clear Jesus enjoyed while the disciples complained. Ok you say false prophets are you able to point at any true prophets in our generation if not then you and i are doomed. Unless otherwise you tell me you do not believe in the existance of prophets to day then i will not even reason with.

      Let us talk about ourselves. Even in our status that is not all that public how often do we give to the poor. Let us not we do not have much coz much will not be attained in our lives.

      Love you bro. i will reason with you more later.

      • Francis Adekoya

        Nothing is wrong having rich men of God, nothing wrong giving to the poor, some of them were poor before. What I see wrong is with all these wealth non has a university for the poor, or how many give schlarship for the poor. Jesus case of the prostitute was different, Jesus has no jet, no mansion, these case Jesus is letting us now that we should value the anointed, if Jesus want more than enough expensive oil he knows how to go about it. Truly the way these end time pastors hunt for money. Question: with all these money how much are they taking to heaven when the die?

      • nelson

        Jesus was a messiah don’t compare him with this pastors

        • Meer Cat

          The Messiah…:)

      • John

        How many houses did Jesus build. He fed people who were hungry. So be guided. The trend where pastors enmass wealth is not good.

    • Bolaji Oshodi

      Kingsley, Is it the poor followers that made them rich? You better wake up from your day dreams. You can be rich and not be blessed, but you can’t be blessed and not be rich! If you call these men of God criminals, what will you call our politicians? You have many examples of Millionaires in the Bible in their own days….Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Hezekiah, Solomon, Joseph, Cyrus etc Did the Bible call them criminals? Go and do the works of Abraham, so that the blessings of Abraham can come to you. The blessings of God maketh rich and add no sorrows to it. Learn from them, read their books and listen to their tapes/messages on CDs, So, that your own life too will be better enriched. Or Did you sign a covenant with poverty? If you think its easy, you can start a free nursery and primary school in your community. Use your salary to pay the teachers and give free books and meals to the pupils..after one year come back to this forum and share your experience instead of bad mouthing men of God. You think your giving in offering or sacrificial seeds or tithes is a donation to God or to the church or you are helping or enriching your pastors. That’s why you may remain where you are, year in year out financially. Sorry o, am not a pastor o. but I practice the biblical covenant of giving and receiving as in Gen 8;22 and Gal 6;7..Riches are your redemptive rights as a child of God Rev 5:12 Butas you quoted above on Faith The prosperity plan of God does not answer to Faith, neither does it answer to prayer and fasting. So, renew your mind on biblical truths on true and entrusted kingdom riches with anointed books on the subject of prosperity and wealth.

      • Vee A

        I so agree with u on this one. It’s sad how people keep criticizing rich men of God. Can’t they also enjoy God’s blessings? It’s because they give back to the community that’s why God keeps blessing them but people don’t know. all they do is to point negative fingers. If u want to be blessed, just keep quiet and give ur tithe faithfully. It was cos of sacrifices that’s why men of God like Solomon and David had so many riches. Wise up people and stop condemning men of God. the bible says “Touch not my anointed….”

        • Jz McGriggs

          To be a rich man, is to turn your back on the poor. Enough said.

      • Ade

        Pure ignorance! That is why your country with 60% of Christians is in a mess with high crimes and corruption, the so-called men of God doesn’t seem to have a solution to the menaces that bedevil the societies. You need to know what Gospel is all about? The men you mentioned are normal men doing their businesses and occupations, God used them for a purpose. While your so called men of God use tithes and offerings for personal use. They brainwash people to buy books,CD, tapes and make millions out of it. Can you compare so called men of God with the apostles? Or early church fathers?

        God do prosper people including ministers don’t get me wrong but scam is scam

    • Sophia Agupugo

      First of all, it’s the truth shall MAKE you free.

      Now that that’s out of the way, let’s attack your logic, shall we? These people aren’t criminals. Having money doesn’t make you evil. The reason you are being like this proves that you probably haven’t even listened to any of their words. They are pretty much all in agreement (and all correct). You don’t have to be poor to prove that you are a true disciple of Jesus. I’m sorry, but that’s just dumb.

      Next, faith most definitely does NOT come from whatever you choose to hear. I could listen to a Donald Trump speech right now and I guarantee I wouldn’t get faith from it. (No offense to Donald Trump, of course, but like, no. Just no.)

      Also, the “men of cloths” or whatever you call them tell people to give and God will bless them BECAUSE IT’S TRUE. I mean, I’m a living example of it, and so are they! How do you think they got rich in the first place? Sure, there’s Benny Hinn and his…

      … questionable-ness…

      …but the rest of them are okay!

      I find your comment personally insulting because Oyedepo is one of the reasons my dad became a Christian in the first place.In fact, I wouldn’t be a believer in Christ without him. And there are so many other people that have similar stories. Even if you want to look at the amount of money that they have and get angry about it, you can’t deny that these people have made incredible advances for God and brought so many people to Christ. So when you call these people criminals… it kinda makes me sad. It also made me wonder why I’m spending so much time responding to you. This same amount of time could be much better spent on finishing my math homework.

      Honestly, though.

  • Justyce

    this is not acceptable do to there are no females. Benny with his sleepin wit paula white ass need to give his money away. smdh Comedy? Oh its finna be funny what im bout ta do!

    • Arny

      Is there anyone on this site that has an education above the 1st grade? Read your replies as they all smack of illiteracy.

    • Tom

      May God have mercy on your soul

  • Vkotes

    Anyone who profess to be God’s servants while enriching himself from the money collected from the members are false servants, pastors, prophets teachers etc. The gospel is meant for the salvation of man. It’s not meant to provide employment for anybody.
    While it is true God tests His faithful followers through the giving of tithes and offerings, these money is the Lord’s. Of course the Lord will not come and get it. He doesn’t need them. But He has His own way . These can be used to purchase facilities, materials to be used by all members and can even be extended to others needing help. Tithing has always been a form of worship, it is to prove God we are willing to obey whatever He commands. The Commandment’s purpose is to test His people. It’s not all about testing, It’s His way of blessing His people and that at the end His people will come back to dwell with Him.

  • fred27256

    Too many churches equate giving to the church with giving to God. Whether intentional or not, it removes accountability from the church leadership. On one hand a lot of churches teach that we should be good stewards with our stuff, but when it comes to giving, we are told to tithe “to God” no questions asked. No church or ministry is entitled to my money just because they say so. Ministers are sinners, too and we should not reward them for excessive lifestyles. Most of us who give to charity look for those who spend the highest percentage possible going directly to the mission. We should treat churches the same.

    • Andrew A Nyberg

      The “tithe” is inherently a Catholic thing. It is no secret that the Catholic church going back to its inception was corrupted and vile. The tithe was just a way for them to take money and build wealth and power. Just another archaic ritual that was handed down through the centuries.

      • mikem42

        I’m a 75 year old Catholic and been a member of quite a few parishes and never ever not even once heard the work tithe. Yes we were asked to give to our church to support it but never told how much to give. As for the Church being corrupt from its inception I believe Jesus and the Apostles would take exception to that, as do I. Go attack something else with your hatred.

      • John

        Lies. Catholic never force people to pay tithe. It is willingness. Till today catholics dont emphasize on tithe.

      • John

        Is there any catholic priest whose name appears in the list. No catholic priest can boast of a dime of his own. Why this your hate comment

        • Once Upon A Time In America

          But boy do those padres live the lush life! Btw, the Vatican has more money than many countries combined.

      • Sophia Agupugo

        actually the “tithe” isn’t a catholic thing… the Bible itself told believers to give ten percent of what you earn or else it is considered stealing from God… so yeah you’re wrong haha
        Genesis 14:19-20
        Leviticus 27:30-34
        Malachi 3:8-9

    • Gail Thomas

      Amen! The lives and ministry of these men, and many more like them, in no way reflect the life and ministry of Jesus Christ or his disciples. Jesus told the rich man to sell everything he owned, give it the poor, and follow Him.

  • Lena

    Please don’t forget to include in your write up that a lot of TD Jakes worth net also came from his movies.

  • Lena

    Sorry, I meant to say “Net Worth”

  • Jimmy Green

    Copeland is demented and looks insane.

  • samuel

    Yes we av fake and real prophets….. but saying one is fake because of the amount of money he has is a sign of baptism of poverty. …so if I walk up to oyedepo now and give him cash nd he invests it well, den he’s fake…..abraham was regarded as a prophet nd he was also a business person, he certainly will be regarded as a billionaire if inflation was adjusted…seek yea first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you, ask urself wat are d other things , yes some pple are seeking wealth nd dey got it while some seek the kingdom of God nd dey av the oda tinz….free urself from mental slavery pls…..we live in a generation dat believes d devil can give u billions nd not God. #freeurselffrommentalslavery

  • Yeshua

    After reading this article and reading the comments, I see a lot of people lost. These men on this list are false prophets! And I am not basing that off money, but by what they teach. Each of these men have a different gospel, therefore, share a make believe messiah. Wake up, and trust in God only and not man!

  • paul vijayakumar

    Christ died for all men sin, but to day we can

    easily find out that the people who works for him are very selfish, money
    minded, enjoying by swallow the offering of the innocent people, guide them to
    hate each other, telling all kind of false words as prophecy, earn property for
    their own family members, help and support to grow and practice the
    untouchabilty by dividing caste system among the churches and with in churches,
    there is separate burial ground for low caste christian
    and higher caste christian, most of the individual church pastors and churches
    never show any account to the government that how much property the church
    mission holds, what is their church monthly offering income, how the offering
    are spending, to whom, and when. I knew very well that most of the pastors and
    church ministers are enter in the church ministry with nothing, but after few
    years they possessed many thousands, lakhs and crore property and living like
    big rich man in the world, but we also see that those who are really faithful
    to the Lord and his church is still suffering, school and colleges are run by
    christian institution will not support even 7% poor christian children study in
    it. burial ground problem also exists in day by day, most of the church
    ministers today using Lord name for take care their own family, save property
    for their own family and friends. there is no exemption for any churches in
    India regarding this issue. there are 5% or 10% good and honest christian
    followers in every churches whom never bothered about all these things.

    You know where all these thing are happening?
    It’s all happening in India. especially in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhira
    Pradesh and Kerala.

  • Tianne Ramona Pereira

    How proud i am to be Catholic.

    • sjscash

      No you not going loose everything without god…in christ all richest is yours.

  • W. Roberts

    I don’t know what the exchange factor is for giving money to any of them. What is it these people give in return? Watching them use private jets, lavish clothes, jewelry as if you benefit from them having all the money? Do they offer jobs? Do they create jobs or just the pie-in-sky of promises never kept? These are Jesuits in disguise, looking to extract as much wealth from those not understanding the any history of the Hebrews, Catholic Church, their police branch Jesuits (the ones along with Sons of Malta murdering JFK, the first Catholic US president for not doing their bidding) — since all these organizations support Israel, they are the most dangerous people on the planet. Their end game is this — all dead; them safe.

  • Seonaid

    You can brag that the Catholic church does not appear on this list but the Catholic church has many false doctrines and teachings.

  • Vedic_Sasthra

    Disgusting. This money could have been used to help the poor people around the world but some self styled paster rakes millions. Is this what your jesus taught you? Shame on you.

  • Once Upon A Time In America

    Wonder if ole Credlo Do$$ar ever got his Gulf Stream 5. He had gone to his parisoners saying that if everyone that could donate donated he could get the jet which would help him reach his ministries. Beyond pathetic. pastor rick warren reversed tithes to his church and decided not to personally take a penny from the sale “The purpose driven life”, which is an all time best seller that raked in multi millions. That is what a Godly man of God should do. These other guys are clearly ‘of this world’. Dispicable.

  • Hope Melendez

    O…My…..God…..are these so call pastors doing any humble work with people in need…..or are they just collecting from those that are in need…..????