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Disney Tsum Tsum Cheats, Tips, & Tricks in 2024

Did you recently start playing Disney Tsum Tsum on your phone? Looking to up your game? If so, you’re at the right place. We’ll be going over some tips and tricks below so be sure to keep reading!

10 Disney Tsum Tsum Tips and Tricks In 2024

Without further ado, here are a few things that you can do to get a higher score.

1. Generate As Many Magic Bubbles As You Can

A magic bubble will appear every time you clear a chain of 7 or higher. Tap on these bubbles and they’ll clear all of the tsum tsums surrounding them.  And there is more than one type of bubble. Generally speaking, the greater the chain, the higher the chance of getting a “special bubble”.

There are four different types of special bubbles: time bubbles, coin bubbles, score bubbles, and experience bubbles.

Time Bubbles: They have a chance of appearing after a 9 to 16 chain (they occur the most often after clearing 9 to 12 chains). When popped, they will award you with two additional seconds to the timer. If left unpopped when the game ends, however, you will not receive the two seconds.

Experience Bubbles: They have a chance of appearing after an 11 to 18 chain (they occur the most often after a 13 to 15 chain). When popped, they will reward you with 10 experience points.

Coin Bubbles: They have a chance of appearing after a 13 to 20 chain (they occur the most often after a 16 to 18 chain). They will reward you with 10 coins when popped.

Score Bubbles: They have a chance of appearing after a 15 to 21 chain (they occur the most often after a 19 chain). Anything greater than 21 is also guaranteed to generate a score bubble. When popped, they will double the score you would have normally received from popping a regular bubble.

2. Manage Your Time Wisely

fever time

A standard game lasts 60 seconds. With each fever time you get, however, you’ll get an additional 5 seconds so you want to activate as many of them as possible. Given that you start with 60 seconds, you can technically have up to 12 fever times per game. Unless everything goes perfectly, however, that probably won’t happen. A more realistic goal is 8 to 10 fever times per game.

As it is, time management is super important when it comes to activating fever times. For one thing, you want to have an idea as to when it started. For example, if you activate fever time at 40 seconds, you’ll get 5 more seconds, which will bring you to 45 seconds. This means you can activate your next fever time at 35 seconds. So pay attention to the clock—we recommend having a skill activation available so that you can use it right away. Another strategy is to pop as many bubbles as you can at the 35-second mark. That way, you’ll maximize the amount of time you spend in fever mode.

If anything, this is especially important toward the end of the game (i.e. when there are less than 10 seconds left).

3. Avoid Using Gyro When Playing (There Are Exceptions)

The game allows you to use your phone’s gyroscope to tilt the tsum tsums around. This can help you get bigger chains, which will earn you more coins.

Having said that, it’s best not to use the gyro feature. While the tsum sums will fall when you tilt your phone, they’ll fall a lot slower (the game will slow their drop rate unless your device is held at a perfect 90 degrees, which is nearly impossible). Not to mention that the animation can also lag and when you only have 60 seconds, every second counts. Given that, it’s best to turn the gyro function off.

The only exception is if you’re trying to clear certain tsum tsums—ones with abilities that’ll help you get bigger chains. For example, you can use gyro if you’re trying to clear Beast tsums. With it on, each of them will swipe 30 to 42, depending on how many large tsums you have on the screen. Other exceptions include Scrooge, Jedi Luke, and Olaf.

Tip: Generally speaking, you want to hold your phone perpendicular to the ground if you’re using gyro. Don’t tilt it back; that’ll cause the tsums to drop more slowly. And if you’re playing beast, try to hold it to the right of the 1 o’clock position.

4. Try to Get On Your Own Personal Leader Board

Every player has their own personal leaderboard; it lists the high scores of their friends who’ve installed and played the Disney Tsum Tsum game (the list is sorted by high score). Every week on Sunday at 7 AM PST, the top three players on the rankings will earn coins as a reward. The player in first place will receive 3,000 coins, the player in second place will receive 2,000 coins, and the player in third place will receive 1,000 coins.

Not only that, but you’ll also get coins for achieving a weekly high score. For example, you’ll receive 3,000 coins if you score above 500,000 points, 4,000 coins if you score above 750,000 points, and 5,000 coins if you score above 1,000,000 points (the maximum reward is 16,000 coins for scoring above 10,000,000 points).

Given that, you want to rank as high as possible on your personal leaderboard. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll only get the rewards if you’re ranked on your own leaderboard. That is, your ranking on other players’ leaderboards doesn’t count. Just because you’re first on their rankings doesn’t mean you’ll earn 3,000 coins.

5. Take Advantage of Power-Ups

disney tsumtsum power up

There are different in-game power-ups that you can purchase with coins before a game starts and each of them has their own perks. Every now and then, there will also be sale events where you can get them for a reduced price. Definitely take advantage of these items if you want to maximize your scores.

Currently, there are seven different types of power-ups that you can get:

+Score Power-up: Increases end game score points by 10 percent. Costs 500 Coins.

+Coin Power-up: Increases the total amount of coins you have by a random percentage amount (anywhere between 10 to 5000 percent), the most common being 30 to 40 percent. We recommend using this item when you have 1200-1400 base coins as that’ll increase the chances of a greater bonus. Costs 500 Coins.

+Exp Power-up: Increases the amount of experience that you’ll gain by an extra 10 percent. Costs 500 coins.

+Time Power-up: Increases the timer by an extra 5 seconds. Costs 1000 coins.

+Bubble Power-up: Reduces the number of tsum sums required to create a bubble, from 7 to 6. Not only that but it’ll also alter the range off special bubbles. For example, you’ll only need an 8 chain to generate a time bubble, as opposed to 9. Costs 1500 coins.

5 to 4 Power-up: Decreases the total number of tsum tsum types in the playing field from 5 to 4. It’ll also increase the drop rate of your mytsum, which will allow you to activate your abilities more often. Costs 1800 coins.

+Combo Power-up: Prevents the combo from breaking during gameplay. Costs 1200 coins.

6. Use Your MyTsum’s Skill

Every tsum has its own skill, which you can use to help you progress through the game. And every time you level up the Skill Level, the ability will become stronger. You can do that by acquiring a duplicate tsum from a Premium or Happiness Box (purchase required). There are also items that you can get from limited time events such as Skill Tickets, which will increase the Skill Level.

To use your mytsum’s skill, you must fill up the Skill Meter at the bottom left-hand side of the screen (the amount you need to fill up the meter will depend on the tsum tsum). You can do that by clearing your mytsum using bubbles or making a chain out of it. That will cause the meter to fill.

Once you’ve cleared enough mytsums, the button (the one with your tsum’s face plastered over it) will turn yellow. You can then tap on it to activate its skill. Depending on the tsum that you have, the skill may also activate automatically. For the most parts, however, you’ll have to tap on the skill button manually.

If the Skill Meter fills up and the game ends, you’ll get a “Last Bonus” where the game will randomly select one of the tsums that appeared in the game and clear all of them on the playing field. The number of coins that you receive will depend on how many bonuses you’ve cleared. Generally speaking, it’s better to use your tsum’s skill during the game than to wait for the last bonus (your score will be higher that way).

7. Use Skill Tickets to Increase Your Tsum’s Skill Level

skill ticket

Skill tickets are one of the different ticket types that you can get. If anything, they’re the most valuable item in the game as they can be used to increase your tsum tsum’s skill level (assuming that you’ve already gotten a copy of said tsum).

As a general rule, you don’t want to use a skill ticket on your tsum unless you’re absolutely positive that it’ll raise them to the next skill level. Remember, the number of skill tickets needed to increase their level will depend on their skill level. While you may only need one skill ticket to reach the next level at the beginning, you may need 15 or even 20 at the higher levels.

Tip: Having your tsum in between two different skill levels has no benefit. That is, there’s no difference between having your tsum at Skill Level 2 zero percent vs Skill Level 3 20 percent.

Aside from Bingo cards, you can also get Skill tickets from completing events. That’s not all, they can also be acquired from boxes that give special event tsums. Generally speaking, these boxes are white and are given as event rewards. Mrs. Potts is one example. To receive a skill ticket, you must max out their skill level. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a skill ticket once you open the event reward box.

To maximize the return, we recommend that you hold onto the event box. Then at a later time, you can buy out the capsule. That way, you’ll be able to max out the tsum’s skill level and every box you’ve kept will then turn into a ticket. Try not to open event boxes right away as you’ll receive a premium ticket instead of a skill ticket if the tsum reappears in a future capsule.

8. Know Who Your Coin Farmers Are

Some tsums are better at earning coins than others—these are known as “coin farmers”. Ideally, you want to have one really good tsum that you can rely on for coins instead of a bunch of lowered-level ones.

Currently, the top coin earners in the game include Beast, Gaston, Jedi Luke, Bat Hat Minnie Scrooge, and Sheriff Woody. For those who are just getting started, you can also opt for Peter Pan or Maleficent Dragon; they’re two of the best low SL coin earners in the game.

Tip: If you want to farm coins, wait for one of the above-listed tsums to become available and level them up by buying skill tickets. Don’t buy every new tsum tsum that’s released. You only want to start collecting after you have a strong coin farmer.

9. Don’t Worry Too Much About Experience Points

Experience points (XP) is the amount of experience you need to level up your account. The exact amount you need, however, is hidden; only a star percentage is displayed on the screen.

Generally speaking, it’s not something that you want to stress about, especially if you’re a beginner. The experience points will automatically come in as you’re playing the game (you’ll receive a certain amount depending on your score). The amount will also go up if you use items such as EXP bubbles.

10. Save Time By Skipping the Tsum Tsum Animations

Every time you clear a group of tsums, a smaller version of the character will go toward the skill bar or the fever bar. While it’s a nice effect, the animation itself can take up time. For example, it can make a big difference if you only have two seconds left after making a 9 or 10 chain, which would put you into fever time.

Don’t worry, though, you can easily “skip” the animation by popping a bubble; that’ll cause the sums to clear out faster all at once. It’ll also send all of the tsums you’ve cleared instantly to the fever bar. That way, you’ll be able to make the most out of the last few seconds. It’ll also do the same thing with the skill meter; your sums will instantly fill it up.

Bonus Tip: Overcharging

Making a chain of tsums larger than what you need to fill the skill meter is called “overcharging.” For example, if you only need three more mytsums to fill your skill meter and you make an 8 chain, the remaining five will go toward your next skill if you press the button during the animation once it has filled up (as opposed to waiting for all 8 to go to your skill button).

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