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Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth In 2018 – How Rich is Jerry?

It should come as no surprise that Jerry Seinfeld is the richest comedian in the world right now. He continues to pull in money for his hit sitcom Seinfeld even though it ended in the ’90s. He managed this because of a shrewd syndication deal. Beyond that he still tours relentlessly, releases specials and DVDs, and has done some work in books and movies. He has served as a producer of TV shows, and lately he has been working on his successful web series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Seinfeld’s show and comedy have been so successful over the years that they have lead to something that some people call the Seinfeld effect. This is when something is made so popular, it seems unoriginal because it becomes to pervasive in pop culture, and we can’t imagine life before it existed.

jerry-seinfeld-3 Though Jerry Seinfeld isn’t known as someone who lives lavishly, he does have an extensive car collection. The exact extent of this collection isn’t known, but some say that he has forty six Porsches alone. One can only wonder what the rest of his collection consists of, and it’s said that he used to rent an airplane hangar to store the vehicles. The craziest thing about Seinfeld’s massive net worth is that he could be richer if he wanted. Back in the ’90s, he was offered over a hundred million dollars to make a tenth season of Seinfeld, which he turned down because he felt that the show had run its course. Here’s a look at how the highest earning comedian of 2015 and the richest comedian in the world made his money.



Jerry Seinfeld’s Net Worth In 2018 – $860 Million

How Did Jerry Seinfeld Make His Money And Wealth

Jerome Allen “Jerry” Seinfeld was born in Brooklyn, New York on April 29th, 1954. He is sixty two years old. After taking some theatre classes in school, he became interested in stand up comedy as a young man. He worked the club scene in his early twenties and had success fairly early after doing well at an open mic comedy contest. He got a small sitcom role soon after, playing the fairly appropriate part of a mailman who delivered comedy routines that nobody was particularly interested in hearing. In 1981, a few years after his debut, he made his successful appearance on the Johnny Carson show, which lead to further televised comedy opportunities including on the David Letterman show.

Using his moderate success as a standup comedian in clubs, Jerry Seinfeld was able to create the show jerry-seinfeld-4 Seinfeld for NBC, which was based on his own life and the life of co-creator Larry David. The public reception to Seinfeld was lukewarm in early years, and he felt as though the show could be cancelled at any time. However, it started to pick up steam after a few seasons. By the forth season of the show, it was the most popular show in America in terms of ratings. The show ran for nine seasons and ended in 1998. Since then, it has nearly kept up its popularity as re-runs are constantly playing on many networks. It is well known that Seinfeld ended the show as a personal and stylistic choice, and that he could have kept it going if he had wanted to.

Once Seinfeld’s remarkably successful TV show had come to an end, he had to decide whether to go back to doing comedy, or to pursue acting. He elected to go with comedy, and immediately went on tour after the show ended, recording a successful special called I’m Telling You For The Last Time. After that, in the early 2000s, he continued doing comedy and also wrote some comedic books that were based on his comedy routines. He appeared in some high profile advertisements, including some for both Apple and Windows, and some for American Express. He made periodic appearances on TV shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm and Saturday Night Live. In 2007, he wrote and produced his first movie, Bee Movie, an animated movie for children. It was a moderate financial success and a critical failure. In 2012, he launched Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, a web series where he picks up a different comedian in a different car every week and takes them to get coffee and talk about comedy. The show has been streamed over a hundred million times, and just completed its seventh season. He has a deal in place to keep the show going for two more seasons so far.

Jerry Seinfeld Personal Life And FAQ

Is Jerry Seinfeld Married?

jerry-seinfeld In the ’80s, before the days of his hit TV show, Jerry Seinfeld dated and was engaged to fellow comedian Carol Leifer. While the show Seinfeld was on the air and Jerry was in his mid thirties, he drew some controversy when he began dating a seventeen year old highschool student, Shoshanna Lonstein. The pair dated for four years, with Lonstein moving from her home of New York to Los Angeles to be with Seinfeld. Eventually the pair broke up, with Lonstein citing difficulties with the constant press attention as well as a homesickness for New York City as the reason for the split. She has since become a successful fashion designer.

In 1998, Seinfeld met Jessica Sklar, a public relations executive for Tommy Hilfiger. The pair were married the next year and remain married to this day. Seinfeld’s fellow comedian and one of his best friends, George Wallace, served as the best man at the wedding. In the year 2000, Jessica founded a charity to provide supplies and clothing to women and children who are underprivileged. She has also published books, including one about good nutrition for children.

Does Jerry Seinfeld Have Kids?

Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica have three kids: one daughter and two sons. Their daughter Sascha was born in 2000, their first son Julian Kal was born in 2003, and their second son Shepherd Kellen was born in 2005. Jerry’s first son’s middle name is a reference to his favourite superhero, Superman, who is also called Kal-El.

Where Did Jerry Seinfeld Go To College?

Jerry Seinfeld grew up in Massapequa, New York, and went to Massapequa High School, which is on Long Island. After finishing high school, he went to State University of New York and then, after a year, switched to Queens College. He graduated with a joint degree in communications and theatre.

Where Does Jerry Seinfeld Live? Picture Of Jerry Seinfeld’s House

jerry-seinfeld-house Back in the year 2000, it was spread in the news that Jerry Seinfeld was interested in buying Billy Joel’s house. After Jerry married his current wife Jessica, the two of them bought the property for $32 million. The massive house is in Amagansett on Long Island. Amangansett is a kind of resort town and was inhabited by many famous people including Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, Alec Baldwin, and Howard Stern. In addition to this huge, castle-like house, Seinfeld has another house in a ski town in Colorado that he bought for $11 million. He also apparently has a $50 million house in the East Hamptons, and a penthouse apartment in New York City that overlooks Central Park.

How Much Did Jerry Seinfeld Earn Last Year?

Jerry Seinfeld made approximately $36 million last year. A large amount of this money comes from Seinfeld, which he is somehow still making an absurd amount of money from because of syndication. He was the highest paid comedian in the world in 2015, despite not touring as much or selling as well as others. Back in 2004, Seinfeld has a remarkably successful year, pulling in over two hundred million dollars. He made $100 million in 2005, and $60 million in 2006. However, in 2013, Seinfeld spoke about how there were misleading reports about his net worth in the media, and that it is smaller than it would seem.


Jerry Seinfeld’s Charity Work And Philanthropy

Jerry Seinfeld is quite a charitable man, opening supporting eleven charities and fourteen causes. Included in the charities he supports are Autism Speaks and the David Lynch Foundation. He supports a number of charities that deal with both cancer and at risk and disadvantaged youth.

In 2014, Seinfeld said that he felt like he was on the autism spectrum because he had difficulties interacting with people in social situations sometimes. He would later backtrack on those words and say that he had been influenced by a documentary and did not actually believe that he was on the autism spectrum.

In terms of his affiliation with David Lynch’s charity, Seinfeld says he has been practicing transcendental meditation for over forty years and that it has had a profound impact on his life. He has performed at various functions put on by Lynch to promote his meditation techniques as a way of coping with general stress as well as post traumatic stress disorder.

Seinfeld has also made some publicized political contributions in his life. He financially supported both George W. Bush and Al Gore’s presidential campaigns back in 2000. He also gave money to Democratic presidential candidates in 2004.

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