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Best Natural Herbal Decongestant Cures

decongestant-natural-neti-pot-nose It can be very dangerous using over the counter decongestants. As well as being unsure what is actually in them, it is very easy to get addicted to them. Withdrawing from these medicines is a massive struggle, with people saying that they could not breathe from their noses for weeks. For these reasons, it is best to go the all natural way if you are feeling blocked up.

Thankfully, there is a range of great herbal ways to relieve congestion, using herbs and natural substances you probably already have in the house.

Food Recipes

Organic Coconut Oil

This cure allows you to add an exciting exotic touch to every meal. Coconut Oil makes a great addition to many dishes. Furthermore, the oil has almost magical anti-bacterial properties, helping to remove any nasty viruses or bacteria from your body.

One of the best ways to cook with Coconut Oil is to create roasted sweet potatoes. Just preheat an oven at about 400°F. Then melt some butter and the coconut oil in a small saucepan. Chop up the sweet potato into small chunks, and lay on your oil and butter sauce, along with a pinch of salt and pepper and a dab of oil. Roast this all together, add any fresh vegetables that you want, and you will then have a delicious, natural, way to help ease your symptoms.

Eucalyptus Oil

Care must be taken when cooking with this essential oil, as too much of it can be poisonous. However, small doses of this gives you a great herbal way to fight off your cold or your blocked nose.

It’s really easy to make meringue from this oil. Simply add sugar and water in a saucepan, and heat this mixture. Once it has all dissolved together, allow it to simmer.

Once you have the simmering happen, whisk up some egg whites and add these into the pot gradually. Then add no more than a couple of drops of Eucalyptus oil, and carry on whisking.

Add this picture to a pipping bag, and you can then start making your meringues. Raspberries are a great thing to add to the top of them, mixing in well with the oil’s flavor.

Don’t worry, however, about wasting the rest of your oil. You can also use it in many other ways to help fight your congestion problems. One tip, which can be added to your daily routine, is to use it in your shower. All you have to do is add a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil to the corner of your bath or shower room. The steam will help activate the oil, allowing it to disperse into the air. As well as helping to make your bathroom smell nice and fresh, the oil will help attack the problems in your sinuses, and prevent bacteria from growing, which causes congestion in the first place.

If you want to go fully natural, you can order some Eucalyptus branches online, or grow some yourself, and put them by your shower. As well as giving you a great natural environment to shower in, the effects of Eucalyptus will activate in exactly the same way

Eat Garlic

natural-herbal-remedy-cure-decongestant-garlic Garlic is a natural way to relieve many aliments, and congestion is another area this wonderful herb can help cure. Simply add some Garlic to your next meal. Garlic is nature’s antibacterial medicine, and will naturally take care of the causes of your congestion.

One great dish you can make with Garlic is Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

Just peel six cloves of garlic, and place into a preheated, 350°F oven. Dab a small bit of olive oil on the top, and leave in for 45 minutes.

Take a large pot, add salted water, and bring to the boil. Add your potatoes, and once they are cooked, mix up the potatoes into a mixing bowl.

You can then add your toasted garlic to the bowl, as well as anything else you wish (cheese, pepper, and chives being popular choices). Mix up these ingredients (using an electric mixer will help), and you will then have a really nice tasting herbal decongestant.

You can also steam up garlic, which will also have the benefits of cleaning out your pores and making your skin look cleaner. Just chop up a couple of cloves and add to a pot of boiling water. Add this to a stove, wait for the mixture to start steaming, and simply inhale the gas at arms length for fast, instant, herbal relief.

Vitamin C

Another aspect to consider is adding more Vitamin C to your diet. Found in natural foods such as oranges, lemons, spinach and strawberries, Vitamin C increases your bodies immune functions, allowing your body to put it’s natural defense mechanisms to good use and cure your congestion for you.

Steam Recipes

Neem Oil

With Neem Oil you use exactly the same method as above with steaming herbal Eucalyptus Oil. Neem Oil is also much more effective at naturally decongesting you. However, Neem Oil does not have as nice of an aroma as Eucalyptus Oil, meaning that you will have to follow this up with a nice smelling all natural shampoo or risk smelling awful all day.

Peppermint Oil

Using Peppermint oil, you can have a portable way to cure your congestion on the go. Keep a bottle of herbal peppermint oil with you at all times, and when you do need to clear your nasal packages, just take a little sniff, or add a few drops to the bridge of your nose. The fresh smell will stimulate your nose into getting rid of your congestion naturally. This also makes for a great headache cure, helping to cure both symptoms of a cold at once.

Tea tree oil

If your congestion problems happen at night, this method can be a real life saver. Just add a few drops of tea tree oil to your pillow before going to sleep at night. The smell will activate while you are lying down, and will help clear your nose throughout the whole night. You can wake up feeling alive and refreshed.

Blue Vervian

Using this herb not only helps your nose, but also your throat and chest. This is a full body natural cure.

The best way to take Blue Vervian is to use it in a tea. Just add the herb into a cup of boiling water and let it seep for about five minutes.

The best time to take this is during the night, as it will promote the body to loosen the mucus naturally while you sleep.

Other Natural ways to decongest

Drink lots and lots of water

Having a blocked up nose all the time can also be a sign of poor health, and one of the fastest and most natural-decongestants-water natural ways of curing this is to drink lots of water.

Hot water works the best for decongestion. You can also try making flavored tea, such as lemon and ginger tea or blackcurrant tea. The steam from these teas while drinking will naturally promote your mucus to break down, leaving you with a fresh feeling nose.

Warm Towels

Another great and cheap method of curing congestion problems is to simply use a warm towel. Heat helps to increase the size of your blood vessels, allowing your body to naturally help itself. Simply add a towel to a basin of water, wring out the towel, and apply to either your forehead or shoulders and lean back. To add extra effect, you can consider adding peppermint, tea tree or lemon oil to the warm water.

Neti Pot

One of the fastest ways to cure blockages. A neti pot is a pure and natural way to clear your nose from any congestion. There are plenty of places online where you can buy one. All you have to do is fill it up with pure water, for example, by boiling a kettle and letting the water cool. Once you have done this, you can then tilt your head to one side and, using the neti pot, pour the water up one nostril. The water will then pour out from your second nostril. You can repeat this process twice a day, but you will start feeling the effects instantly. And this is without having to buy any special herbal liquids, or any supplements.

If you are interested in getting a Neti PotClick here to check out the one I personally use. It’s a great option from for less than $15.

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Andy Debolt
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