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What happened to Ken Kratz – 2018 Update

Making a Murderer, is the hottest new Netflix documentary series that has left most of its viewers outraged and in disbelief. The series is focused around an individual by the name of Steven Avery; a man charged with the murder of a young woman, Teresa Halbach. The docuseries follows the progression of Steven Avery’s case, while also following the case of his alleged accomplice, Steven Avery’s 16-year-old nephew, Brendan Dassey. Currently, Steven Avery is serving life in prison without parole.

Ken Kratz was the Wisconsin state prosecutor in the State of Wisconsin vs. Avery homicide case.

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He served as a state prosecutor until 2010 when he was stripped of the title due to sending inappropriate text messages to a sexual abuse victim, whom he was representing in the prosecution against her ex-boyfriend. In one text he wrote, “I have the $350,000 house. I have the 6-figure career. You may be the tall, young, hot nymph, but I am the prize!” He later admitted to struggling with both sex and prescription drug addictions. Although his actions cost him his job, he was able to keep his law license.

Ken Kratz Now in 2018

Currently in 2016 Ken Kratz working as a defense attorney at his private criminal defense law firm, Kratz Law Firm. Since the airing of the Netflix docuseries both his Yelp and Wikipedia pages have taken a brutal hit. In fact, upon arriving at the Ken Kratz Yelp page you will be greeted with an “active clean-up” alert, stating that the webpage is currently in the process of cleaning up the reviews that are based on news content. It appears that he also has deleted his Twitter account. Kratz has done several interviews with various news outlets claiming that the docuseries is biased in favor of the defense and left out “90 percent of the physical evidence that links Avery to the homicide.” In an interview with People Magazine, Kratz speaks of key evidence he feels the docuseries chose to leave out. However, multiple articles have been published criticizing his remarks in the People article, stating that his statements are not factual and are in fact biased.

In an interview with, The Wrap, Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, creators of Making a Murderer, have since responded to Kratz’s comments and argue that they included all of the most crucial evidence for each side of the argument. It should also be noted that the journalists reached out to Kratz three times during filming and he refused to meet with them. Within the interview Ricciardi also went on to state, “As I have said before, Ken Kratz is entitled to his own opinion, but he’s not entitled to his own facts.” The filmmaker duo also adds that they are still continuing to document the story and are still in contact with Steven Avery. The likelihood of a sequel any time soon is unlikely since it took 10 years to complete the first season of the docuseries, however, the fact that they are still following the case closely suggests that viewers can be hopeful for an inside look of the Avery case at some point in the future.




  1. These are quotes from Krantz about important evidence he believed was missing from the series which he revealed to a poster in a reddit discussion group… The comments in quotes are from Krantz. The comments following the quotes are my own.

    “Avery’s past incident with a cat was not “goofing around”. He soaked his cat in gasoline or oil, and put it on a fire to watch it suffer.” This was addressed in the doc. Avery admitted he burned the cat as a youth, but that it was stupid. If I remember correctly, he wasn’t alone when he did it. Even if true, what does it prove 20 years later?

    “Avery targeted Teresa. On Oct 31 (8:12 am) he called AutoTrader magazine and asked them to send “that same girl who was here last time.” On Oct 10, Teresa had been to the property when Steve answered the door just wearing a towel. She said she would not go back because she was scared of him (obviously). Avery used a fake name and fake # (his sister’s) giving those to the AutoTrader receptionist, to trick her into coming.” The car that was to be photographed by Teresa belonged to his sister which Krantz fails to mention… so it’s not that big stretch to believe that he innocently used his sister’s phone to set up the appointment. And, well, she did go back to the Avery compound. She must not have been THAT afraid of him. Where there other photographers available? No one has said. Maybe she should have switched. Maybe not.

    “Teresa’s phone, camera and PDA were found 20 ft from Avery’s door, burned in his barrel. Why did the documentary not tell the viewers the contents of her purse were in his burn barrel, north of his front door.” Her burned bones were found close to his door as well. That was covered in the doc, and is significantly more damning evidence IMHO. Then again, if bones can be dumped in a pit near his door, the burned contents of Teresa’s purse can be dumped in a barrel.

    “While in prison, Avery told his cell mate of his intent to build a “torture chamber” so he could rape, torture and kill young women when he was released. He even drew a diagram. His other cell mate was told by Avery that the way to get rid of a body is to “burn it”…heat destroys DNA.” No torture chamber was ever found — except in the imagination of a DA who was convinced that a bloody, brutal murder can be committed in a room where there are no signs that a bloody, brutal murder took place (based on the coerced word of a developmentally disabled 16 year old). Maybe he said those things, maybe he didn’t. It’s hear say. (Did they produce the diagram in court that he allegedly drew in prison? Even if they did, it doesn’t prove conclusively that Avery was capable of such a savage murder).

    “Her bones in the firepit were “intertwined” with the steel belts, left over from the car tires Avery threw on the fire to burn, as described by Dassey. That WAS where her bones were burned!” Where are the photos of the crime scene that demonstrate this? I could find any… The jury that convicted Avery acquitted him of mutilating a body — so there must have been serious questions at the trial about how the remains got to were they were found. I might add that there is a serious question as to whether Dassey was actually there to help burn the body — which comes out of his “confession”. That said, it’s possible Avery burned the body there if he could get the fire hot enough. Or the body could have been burned with tires elsewhere and moved along with the bands. The thing that bothers me the most is that for someone who was smart enough and thorough enough to clean every bit of DNA evidence from his bedroom, trailer, and garage as the prosecution maintained — why would Avery leave Teresa’s bones and possessions lying around to be found a few yards from his house (or for that matter, leaving the car on the lot)? If Avery did it, it seems obvious that the crime took place somewhere else and that he then brought the body parts home to dispose of them. That seems strange too… but is more plausible than Krantz’ scenario. The crime obviously didn’t take place in the house or garage in the manner the prosecution claimed. Avery might have been involved under a different scenario that better fits the evidence. But not as the prosecution described.

    “Also found in the fire pit was Teresa’s tooth (ID’d through dental records), a rivet from the “Daisy Fuentes” jeans she was wearing that day, and the tools used by Avery to chop up her bones during the fire.” The tools were not proven to be used for the purpose Krantz’ claims, but as a good prosecutor, he supposed they were. The tooth and the button were with the bones — which is the more damning evidence. They did help substantiate that the burned body was Teresa’s remains.

    “Phone records show 3 calls from Avery to Teresa’s cell phone on Oct 31. One at 2:24, and one at 2:35–both calls Avery uses the *67 feature so Teresa doesn’t know it him… both placed before she arrives. Then one last call at 4:35 pm, without the *67 feature. Avery first believes he can simply say she never showed up, so tries to establish the alibi call after she’s already tied up in his trailer, hence the 4:35 call. She will never answer of course, so he doesn’t need the *67 feature.” Interesting, but not inexplicable. Avery may have wanted Teresa to pick up — but thought she might not if she saw his name in the caller I.D. He did stand at the door almost naked the last time she was at Avery’s house. Avery explained the last call in the doc. He said that she had left something and he wanted to let her know. Maybe he figured she would pick up for that. I don’t know. Everything is speculation.

    “Avery’s DNA (not blood) was on the victim’s hood latch (under her hood in her hidden SUV). The SUV was at the crime lab since 11/5…how did his DNA get under the hood if Avery never touched her car?” That is hard to explain… What was the security like at the crime lab? A little swipe with a toothbrush might have done it. Or who knows? Maybe he did touch under the hood and he is lying? It doesn’t prove that he killed her. And where were all the fingerprints on the car? He wore gloves? Except to open the hood?

    “Ballistics said the bullet found in the garage was fired by Avary’s rifle, which was in a police evidence locker since 11/6…if the cops planted the bullet, how did they get one fired from HIS gun?” The bullet could have been picked up on the Avery property anytime between November and March where the gun was known to have been fired. There was no plausible reason for the bullet to be found in the garage except to bolster the prosecutor’s version of the story — which is implausible.

    Could Stephen Avery have committed murder? Maybe. But one thing I believe the evidence points out for sure, and that is that it didn’t happen the way Krantz claims it did or the way Dussey described in his “confession”. The murder had to have been committed elsewhere and the body or ash remains brought to Avery’s house in order to make sense of the lack of DNA evidence in the house and in the garage. And that would eliminate Dussey as a suspect in the murder since his questionable confession placed the murder in Avery’s house and garage — though he may have been there when Avery was burning a fire in the pit on the night of the murder — giving Avery an alibi for that evening.

    • This is a similar theory to what I have been thinking. I think he committed the crime but that is was executed completely different than the prosecution presented it. I do feel like the defense was correct when they said evidence was planted to get a conviction against a guilty man and not to frame an innocent man. If Brendan would have said that Steven shot and killed Teresa at the back of the lot then that Buller would’ve been found at the back of the lot. I do also have questions about the Rav4. If he really hid it on his own property why wouldn’t he just leave the key in it? Why did Colburn call in the license plate 2 days before she was reported missing? Everytime they showed the lot it was a muddy mess, was there no way to at least know where the vehicle entered the lot or to track any of its whereabouts leading to its final position. Lenk not logging in while arriving at the lot but logging out when he left. DNA being under the hood but not anywhere else on the vehicle.
      I think it is blatantly obvious that she was not killed in the house or the garage. Meaning the bullet had to have been planted. I think if a good test does come along for EDTA that the results will prove more in the direction of Stevens guilt.
      I don’t know if anyone will ever know exactly what happened. If it were anyone else other than Steven my guess would be the ex boyfriend. There seemed to be as much circumstantial evidence pointing towards him and I do think he should’ve been investigated immediately.

      • “Why did Colburn call in the license plate 2 days before she was reported missing?”

        That’s the $64,000 question, and the one I would have asked over and over of every witness associated with the Sheriff’s Department.

        My theory of the case is that the Rav 4 was discovered by Sgt Colburn on November 3rd in the quarry which was the third situs of the victim’s charred remains. Sgt Colburn was looking at the license plate on the “99 Toyota” when he called it in for confirmation, which he received. The entirety of the victim’s charred remains were also found at this location.

        Believing that Steven Avery was responsible for her death, but realizing that the evidence as and where discovered would not lead to a conviction, Sgt Colburn (alone or with the assistance of his superior, Lt. Lenk) moved the Rav 4 to the Avery’s property, collected the victim’s charred remains and redistributed them to two locations near Steven Avery’s trailer (inadvertently leaving some behind), collected DNA from the samples already in police custody (the vial of blood) and contaminated the Rav 4 and the key thereto with Steven Avery’s DNA. A vehicle that was devoid of Avery’s fingerprints but throughout which he supposedly freely bled. All that remained was for the evidence to be discovered and Steven Avery wouldn’t be able to “get away with it again.”

        Steven’s defense attorney should have been more careful with his language when he discussed the Sheriff’s Department’s motivation. He said that they weren’t trying to frame an innocent man but a man they believed was guilty. Juries are inherently, despite the presumption of innocence and the fact that the burden of proof is on the prosecution, inclined to believe that if the defendant didn’t do it, the police would have found the person who did. Steven’s attorney’s language may have resonated (perhaps subconsciously) as an admission, even though the police bolstered the case against Steven Avery by enhancing the evidence against him, he was nevertheless guilty, and the Sheriff’s Department’s bad acts were harmless.

        I don’t know if Steven Aver is actually guilty of the crime for which he’s been convicted of, but I believe that the actions taken by the Sheriff’s Department raise enough questions to make his conviction “unsafe” (a perfectly apt British legal term of art) and he is deserving of a new trial.

        My personal opinion, for what it’s worth. NB: I am not licensed in WI nor do I practice criminal law.

        • Colbern is an idiot, He forgot not to call in the plate when he was with lenk at Kratz`s house picking up the car and burning the body

          • Please note, I am not suggesting that Sgt Colburn (and/or Lt. Lenk) did anything other that relocate evidence to support their immediate conclusion that Steven Avery committed the crime. I am not of the opinion that any member of the Sherriff’s Department played anyone role in the actual, underlying criminal acts. There was, in my opinion, no grand conspiracy to frame Steven Avery that consisted of committing an abduction and murder, or burning the victim’s body thereafter. That is the grand fallacy of the conclusion, purposefully (in my opinion), reached in Mr. Kratz’s summation that, in order to believe the Defense’s theory of the Sherriff’s Department framing Steven Avery, it would be necessary for the jury to conclude that the officers of the Sherriff’s Department committed the underlying crime. That is a logical fallacy. I don’t even believe that the actual perpetrator’s action related in anyway with an attempt to pin the crime on Steven Avery. He (or she), for his (or her) own reasons killed Teresa Halbach and burned her body in the quarry, without considering the possibility that the crime would be immediately pinned on Steven Avery.

            Keep in mind this is entirely my personal opinion and not offered as fact.

          • they said no conspiracy in his first framing and they all were involved. every single member of the county just us system. All criminal just us regimes do this . this is exposing policy of all Wisconsin just us systems that is why we have millions in prison. The only honest people are the defendents. the fake justice system has ruined generations of our youth for personal and agency gain.

          • That the state, even legitimately believing in Steven Avery’s guilt, would bring in, set up and coerce Brendan as they did, knowing it would likely cost his life, shows they are actually capable of anything.

          • Exactly. It takes someone without a conscience…no empathy…a sociopath… to allow someone to wither away in prison for 18 yrs for a crime they did not commit. Take it even farther and they hid the evidence from others that could free him. That is not even up for debate. That has been proven.
            This would not be the first cops that killed someone.

          • You wouldn’t think any officer murdered her but the timing just seems too convenient. It would have to be a giant coincidence for this time happen when the he was the last person to see her. Combine this with the fact that there was a pending lawsuit that would bankrupt the county and completely clear out the sheriffs office along with an audit and investigation that would surely bring other skeletons out of the closet.

            There is no way the crime could have been committed at his house. I mean what did he do? Shoot her in the garage, manage to somehow clean every bit of dna but somehow miss the bullet laying there? Then put his gun back in the bedroom despite the fact that he would be arrested for even possessing it. If he did kill her somewhere else he’s not going to burn the body then dump it in his fire pit and park her car with his blood in plain sight. Lets not forget he didn’t get an attorney and fight a search warrant, he almost welcomed them. Doesn’t seem like the actions of a guy who has a boatload of evidence laying on his property

    • It appears quite obvious that the murder did not take place in the areas the prosecution claims it did. Had it taken place in the bedroom/garage and Avery cleaned up using bleach, they could have tested for that substance and demonstrated that the blood had been cleaned up. This however, was never done. Instead, they just claim the only blood found in those locations was that on the bullet (and that in the Rav4…which suggests that her body was transported). Also, what about the bones found in the Quarry pile, located a fair distance from the burn pile? Why were there two pelvic remains found so far away from the location the prosecution claims that the body had been burned?

      A lot of the information received from the scientific analysis of the DNA was also extremely fishy. I work in a laboratory, and we have guidelines and protocols in place for a reason. For that one woman to have contaminated the sample and still report the results, instead of listing them as inconclusive, is unethical (never mind the written notes that advise her to find Teresa’s DNA). As for the EDTA test, this should have been conducted blindly,.so that those testing the samples did not know which vials had the blood from the Rav4 or Avery’s blood vial. Also, what do we know about the breakdown of EDTA? Sure, EDTA acts as a preservative in an enclosed vial…but what about in a small quantity that is exposed to the external environment? Any comparative samples from Avery’s blood vial should undergo similar conditional events (temperature, air exposure, sun exposure, etc.) as the samples taken from the Rav4 in order to get a true comparative sample.

      At the end of the day, Avery could be guilty. I do believe there may be a bit of a bias for the documentary towards the defense, however, there are blaring details and poor decisions that the state/cops made that need to be addressed in order for these two individuals to have received a fair trial (Dassey’s inconsistent and obviously coerced confessions should be reassessed for their validity – and beyond that, there was no physical evidence to suggest he was involved).

      • if avery did it he would have crushed the car and burned the body in his smelter. he hid the blood splatter in hoarders house and garge stacked with crap. lol the jury was idiots

      • In the documentary, Avery said that he was goofing around with the cat and tossed it over the fire, suggesting that it accidentally ignited. That’s a far cry from dousing an animal in gasoline and watching it burn. As for it happening 20 years earlier, he was a grown man, not a child.

        To do something like that is in your DNA, you don’t outgrow it. That’s why many serial killers begin their careers as animal abusers.

        The cops and prosecutors in both of his cases were unrepentant scumbags, but I doubt they kidnapped the victim, killed her, burned and distributed her car, blood and bones on private property under the noses of the several families living there.

        The kind of conspiracy that would entail would require the cooperation of scores of people willing to risk their careers, families and freedom as “a favor” to the few people who would benefit.

        Many law enforcement people are lazy, efficient civil servants in it for an easy ride to a pension. Buy how many of them would sit still for this woman’s murder for the sake of political expediency?

        He did it and the lazy cops helped the case along by planting the key and coaching the inbred nephew. But he did it.

        • Bernard
          I agree mostly, but there is no conclusive science to support your claim that cat burning is in the DNA. Even if you mean it figuratively, the implication is that the behavior of people doesn’t change. I assume most grown ups engaged in behavior they were not proud of as a young person. And yet most of us outgrew the really bad decision-making.

          As for either suspect being grown men, that again is questionable. Grown maybe, cognitively developed, doubtful. Avery weighed in with an IQ of 70 which is the line that defines “borderline retardation” a clinical distinction albeit potentially offensive.

          To say “that’s why many serial killers begin their careers as animal abusers” is simply incorrect. Yes the is a documented correlation of the McDonald triad, animal abuse, fire setting and enuresis, but it neither starts a career, nor can you claim causality. Animal cruelty is a symptom, not the cause. Further, it is a false relationship that you suggest. Nearly all people who abuse animals (deserve a place in hell) do not grow up to be serial killers or even criminals.

          A more accurate precursor of serial killing is tragic victimization as children, consistent failures of the people who should be protecting and nurturing, and then adult on-set triggered by additional events. Not making excuses, but again I wonder how many of us would have a better outcome if subjected to the same. No genetic link to serial killing or even murder, sorry.

          We agree in principle though. I am less certain than you about who-dun-it. Makes no sense to me why he would, given the facts that are available and the undeniable help that you attribute to law enforcement makes it impossible to know, and impossible to claim due process. Some of the evidence requires us to accept a galactically stupid offender, and then other part expect us to accept the he was capable of a violent murder in his house without a spec of evidence for the forensic team.

          Who burns a body and brings some of the remains home for placement in plain sight in the yard?
          Who has both a furnace and car crusher and uses a fire pit to dispose and plywood to conceal the car?

          On the other hand, after having a report of a missing woman and then finding the car with suspect blood on the dash and victim blood in back:
          who takes 8 days to execute a search that produces nothing for 7 days, but on day 8 they get around to looking on the floor, and in the fire pit?

          We do disagree about the number of officials who would need to be criminally guilty. I think it would take only one to make Teresa dead, burn and transport remains and personal effects, and drop the key. With those events in place, everyone else can do their usual job, be grateful that the county is not paying out $36 million, and gratify some who always hated this guy and were embarrassed when the earlier effort to frame him was reversed. It would be political suicide to raise question about this incredibly good luck, that the guy who was about to financially cripple the county, committed this act 3 days before the depositions began.

          I don’t think many are complicit in the murder (assuming we have accepted for the sake of debate that it was not Avery) but most of the CJ system in most places are machines that produce convictions, and given the specific and extraordinary history here, would be exactly the circumstances that one would expect to find, if such misconduct were to have occurred.
          That was a large judgment, humiliating depositions and potentially harmful investigations were coming.
          I am sure of this. . .
          Police misconduct is not a question here.
          Prosecutorial misconduct is also inescapable.
          Reasonable doubt enough to toss the case, even if there was solid evidence (which there is not)
          Avery is neither a brain trust nor a choir boy.
          I don’t claim to know what happened but find the smell overwhelming.

          I wonder if any among us would be able to survive the efforts of a system that was motivated to convict us, and hold up to the revisionist history and scrutiny of our entire lives. Not a surprise that the most egregious abuses of power tend to be against those least capable of mounting a defense.

          Once in a while the conviction machine grabs someone with resources and let’s see. . . Durst, O.J., von Bulow could all inform us if wealth is a good defense against prosecution.. And then there is the inability of that same system to convict a cop who kills… Baltimore, Chicago, NYC, North Carolina, Louisiana, and oh yea Ferguson.

          How many would sit still for the murder? Well it happens more than just should. Every urban police department has a true but whispered story in which an officer has unjustifiable killed or severely injured someone on or off duty. Often it was a “scumbag that probably had it coming”, or so the story will go. Drunk cops driving into fatal accidents, domestic violence, or excessive force, all common story lines. Not to mention the benefits when the family member of a city official or cop screws up.

          Finally you are generous to refer to what happened to the nephew as coaching.

        • I normally refrain from name calling in circumstances such as this but you sir are an idiot. It did not take more than a few people in this conspiracy and not “Scores of people” as you suggest. You also did not pay attention when the defense specifically stated that they did NOT believe the police or law enforcement killed that woman. I personally would like to know more about her ex boyfriend. Let me also remind you since you so easily seem to forget with your comment about lazy law enforcement that it has already been PROVEN that they framed him the first time around.

        • The majority of people don’t believe the police killed her. However, it is quite possible that select members of the police, the same police who were specifically told to stay away from the crime scene in the first place, saw an opportunity to pin a local murder on a man who they presumed was guilty and embarrased their entire department after they wrongfully convicted him years ago. I don’t know if Steven Avery is innocent, but based on the evidence I sure as heck can’t conclude that he is undeniably guilty.

        • Just to clairify:
          The cat incident occurred when he was 18. Since males mature at a slower rate I would not call an 18 year old male “a grown man”.

      • You work in a science lab, police use a conviction lab. . . different set of standards. How absurd is it for a scientist to have a conclusion supplied by the police investigating . . . except that : 1. Some labs are police labs only, and 2. Others derive a bulk of their income from agency work. Both are overloaded.
        How about having 6 samples to check for edta preservative, sending 3 and testing 1, and then generalizing that conclusion to all 6? No science there

    • officer your not stating any truths. you must forget about the fact the phone bones etc were not burned there. she was not killed there as all the evidence shows. the lack of large amounts of blood shows she was killed by Lenk, Colbern and Kratz. remember Kratz is the only know rapist her. Avery`s conviction was over turned. kratz was not convicted because of the double standards of the just us system. I must ask where were you on oct 31st officer since you know so much about the none existing evidence

      • And theses pedophiles don’t start over night I would like to know just how long he’s been getting away with all this. He’s had so many women scared to come forward and I’m sure many are too embarrassed.

  2. Ken Kratz needs to take both an ethics course and a “how to speak like a man” course. Never have I heard such as feminine voice.

    • Why did both prosecution and defense speak in such measured tones in court. Don’t prosecutors usually yell and scare the witnesses? Was Kratz trying to sound so soft-voiced and breathy so if they raised their voices the jury wouldn’t like them and feel abused? His speaking was so annoying. You almost couldn’t hear him. Breathy, too low, very feminine tone. Like he was the voice of reason when he was postulating the most absurd things. I think the prosecution attorneys were in shock with the whole thing – so much corruption and ignorance. They did say God help you if you go up against the government. Government agencies all back each other up. CYA throughout.

  3. After watching the series this weekend, all I can say is “Wow!”

    To me, if Branden’s testimony was done without presence of counsel or a parent and was gained by means of coercion, the whole case of murder needed to be tossed.

    Not just Kratz, but the Jury to reach a guilty verdict when evidence was shoddy at best (what were they thinking?), the Sheriff’s, the FBI right up to the Wisconsin DOJ and Judge Willis, boy, the US Supreme Court really needs to take a closer look at this one.

    Hang in there Steven and Branden. We all know you are both innocent, I am so sorry that your legal system has failed you again.


    • You left out the govenor who says he will not step in since they “HAVE A PROCESS IN PLACE” LOL really govenor, this is your process?

      • Exactly!, would not surprise me one bit. He needs to be investigated since he has shown “he abused his authority” and secondly, self admitted sexual addiction. Hellooo wisconsin.

      • I believe all evidence points to the sheriff and the county officials being sued in the county in Wisconsin which Avery was suing for $34mm. If that wasn’t a motive for framing Avery, I don’t know what is! The sheriff department, police, all had motive and opportunity to frame Avery. Here’s one of the many proofs that the Sheriff and Police were guilty: WHY WERE THEY RUMMAGING THROUGH AVERY’S HOUSE AND PROPERTY WHEN THEY WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE INVOLVED BECAUSE THEY HAD JUST BEEN DEPOSED AND WERE BEING SUED FOR WRONG DOING IN THE AVERY CASE IN 1985 WHERE HE WAS FOUND WRONGFULLY IMPRISONED! THIS IS THE MOST GROSS EXAMPLE OF INJUSTICE AND THE PROSECUTOR (AND FBI) PROTECTING THEIR OWN. I SAW CORRUPTION IN THE FBI WHEN THE FBI AGENT TESTIFIED THAT BLOOD THAT HADN’T BEEN TESTED DIDNT MATTER BECAUSE HIS OPINION MATTERED MORE THAN SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I FEEL LIKE I LIVE IN COMMUNIST GERMANY!

        • Thank You for this. In Wisconsin Scott Walker created the German police state in 1992 when Walker was state corrections chairman. He worked for ALEC and the states prison population grew ten fold as the records show. walker had prisoners in several states in prisons owned by Koch. It made Koch billions of the taxpayers. It started extortion plea bargaining because Koch had created many of Stalins ideals in his justice regimes. Every member from a cop to the judges were required to attened Koch semilars on how to extort and fill jails for profit. Now you see what is did in this case and millions of others in Wisconsin. the TRUTH is not a factor in any Wisconsin court
          Walkers / Stalins/ Kochs system ended ;iberty and justice for all.

        • $ is the root of all evil, not sure if the cops being sued killed her but they almost surely desecrated her remains and planted the evidence.

          • If only we had the proof to put these corrupt officials behind bars and free Steven and Brenden! Praying for that day because someone knows the truth and needs to come forward.

  4. Kratz was not charged with 15 plus sexual assaults because of double standards by the criminal just us system. Robert Jambois special prosecuter said we will not charge Kratz because we are not a lynch mob. Kratz sure was against Avery and dassey and everyone who ever entered his court. If not for double standards Kratz would be a convicted rapist

    • Amen to that! If that had been anyone besides Kratz they would have served time but we know they’ve been covering for Kratz and each other for awhile.

  5. Ken Kratz is just a Gigantic piece of Cheddar cheese mixed with human feces that crawled out of the Wisconsin sewer and became a lawyer…happens all the time.

  6. I have yet to see ANY motive established as to why Avery would have done this. He just got out prison for doing 18 years for a crime he did NOT commit and was on track to get paid MILLIONS of dollars. Ok so let’s kill a woman who several people know is coming to my house…..hide her car on my own property to be easily found, burn her body 20 feet from my bedroom, leave the key to her vehicle in my bedroom that it takes 4 different searches to find. Granted the Avery family doesn’t seem to be the brightest bunch on the planet but that’s a reach to think he is that stupid. Now on the flip side what is the MOTIVE for the County to set him up? #1….$36 plus million dollar law suit vanishes that the county could not have even paid anyway #2 Steven Avery made them look bad by getting his conviction overturned #3 See #1 again! I for the life of me do NOT understand why the victim’s ex boyfriend was not a real suspect…..why did this guy immediately think to try to and successfully hack her phone records unless he knew something was there that needed to go bye bye? Why was he so involved with wanting to search on the Avery property? This guy has way more motive that Avery. The other head scratcher for me is the idiot cop that called in her license plate BEFORE??? How did that not blow that case wide open? God I hope anonymous comes through with his promise to deliver evidence against those cops!

  7. A cruel evil man. he loved the attention, He would make a great actor. A blind person can see this poor family had been set up to the highest level, I’m Irish living in the UK and if this happened in my country I would be so ashamed!!!!!. Lock him up!!!!!. WHY has America allowed this to happen and more importantly WHAT are they going to do about it know, GET them poor people out and help them to rebuild their lives. How my heart goes out to them all and may God forgive all those who took part in all this!!!!!!!

  8. I plan to locate every petition to sign and have Kratz disbarred. He’s a crook, a liar and pure evil. I’d be ashamed to be his child, spouse or any other family member because they should have influenced him to give up his life of criminal activity. He’s a crooked, lying prosecutor who deserves prison. I see him being locked up soon.

  9. It is sad when a so call man knows when two people are innocent and he continue to prosecute them. A child who as a 2nd grade mind set and that private dick he should lose his lic. He was in on it also he was hire to help the child but he stuck the child in the heart he just should have shot the child in that room cause that’s what he did . Well God is watching is all I got to say. You do wrong wrong will follow you. It is sad to say The county and state of Wisconsin murder Avery and that child right before our eyes . This trail was never about the young lady death. It was like the sherriff said it would be better to get rid of Avery by killing him and they who ever involved did it using the legal system in a way that I never dream would be possible

  10. I think Brendan is innocent and deserved to have a new trial. That poor kid was railroaded by his attorney, his investigator and those damn people who interrogated him. Kratz is a slime ball who was only seeking to have publicity and notoriety. As for Steven, I’m not sure if he is innocent or guilty. But it doesn’t seem to me there was enough evidence to prove he killed that young lady. It’s sickening the way the justice system works. I pray they each get a chance to prove their cases again. I feel bad for their families, especially Avery’s elderly parents.

  11. It will be great if they keep documenting Steven Avery’s journey as he now has a top attorney from Chicago taking his case to find new evidence. And the Midwest Innocence Project assisting. As long as the filmmakers don’t interfere with the work that would be fascinating to see the process documented.

    As Avery’s defense attorneys said, Kratz was not interested in discovering the truth, he was only interested in building a case against Avery whom he assumed from the start to be guilty. Including framing his autistic nephew with a false confession. False confession can be coerced from fully functioning adults. So the poor boy was a completely vulnerable victim with the coercive interrogation tactics. BY HIS DEFENSE TEAM, NO LESS! They were working for the prosecution. Why aren’t the people charged with crimes??? We have them ON FILM committing these crimes.

  12. They need a housecleaning of the police forces in this town and the neighboring one they got Kratz from as a “special prosecutor” to avoid any suspicion of prejudice. That’s a laugh.

    They are crooked to the core. They need to infiltrate them with a Serpico type guy.

    The town seemed to hate the Averys. Maybe because they kept to themselves on their compound and the dumb locals just made up ideas about them. One woman in the documentary was slandering Steven Avery telling lies about him to anyone who would listen. She bullied him till he confronted her out of frustration by running her off the road and pointing an unloaded rifle at her. But she provoked him. And at a 70 IQ he didn’t have the best coping skills. I think his IQ was about as low as his nephew’s. But the nephew seems to be on the autistic spectrum so he is even more handicapped.

    Steve burning the family cat as a young person was extremely disturbing. Never heard any explanations of that. Low IQ, uneducated, maybe drunk. Hope it was a one time occurrence but it doesn’t mean he killed Teresa. There was no undisputed physical evidence that proved he did anything to her.

  13. Oh God!!! I’m so angry with this faggot ken kratz, every time I think about this MF putting 2 innocent people in prison, my blood starts to boil. I hope someone kills the gay mother F…., he’ll burn in The LAKE Of FIRE, because God’s Justice NEVER FAILS.???

  14. Corporate media had a major roll in this wrongful conviction. They have no clue what a journalist is they are just corporate ??? like scotty walker. The truth is not allowed it scares them because it exposes them. They all support killer cops and fake forensic as in this case

  15. ken kratz is a sex offender, and im “offended” he is not forced to register as one, in fact, he got a promotion, how is that possible? why is he the only one speaking on behalf of the prosecution? if he is the face of the prosecution, why would anyone believe them? where is colburn and lenk? why are they not talking? ken is a rapist, he stalked and attacked a victim that went to him for help from her abusive boyfriend and now they are trying to bury that story

  16. Good lord, this Ken Kratz is a complete slimeball and I have never been so upset and angry over something on TV ever!! Just thinking about the whole trial and what lead up to it makes my blood boil. On top of that the sexting and prescription drug addictions? Yeah pal, you’re really successful. I don’t know what to say ugh, I need to calm down.. =(

  17. This man Kratz is a disgrace and should have been disbarred. If he was so sex addicted and drug addled, it can be argued that while he was in charge of the cases his personal impairments caused him to be negligent in overseeing the police and investigators he was in charge of. No wonder Manitowoc cops kept running roughshod through crime scenes that they had no business being near. that alone should be a basis for new trials. That whole jurisdiction is rotten throughout. That coerced confession of Dassey, a 16 yr old with severe impairments is something you would expect in Cuba or China, not the USA. It is as they say in police circles, especially in interrogation rooms in Manitowoc or Calumet …”There is no justice here…it is Just Us”

  18. Kratz is nothing but a lowlife, he should be prosecuted for abuse of power.He has sent two innocent men to prison.He and ALL his partner’s in crime should be given a life sentence. I don’t know how they sleep at night.I am Irish and proud. YOU AMERICANS should be standing up for one of your own

  19. How in the heck did he not lose his license to practice law if he was using his capacity as a lawyer to contact a sex abuse victim for the purpose of probably sexually abusing her again. Hmmmm????

  20. Hey Ken, I’m a hot young nymph looking for a prize. Any autopsies coming up soon I’m available honeybunch

  21. ken kratz is a rapist, perverted psychopath. why does the state INSIST on allowing him to speak on their behalf??? such corruption, such embarrassment to the law enforcement as a whole to see ken doing interview AFTER INTERVIEW of him spinning a web of lies, it is so blatently obvious that he has something on them (law enforcement) for them to not shut his mouth up

  22. So many ignorant and uneducated people on this site. Read the trial transcript not just the biased documentary!


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