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Kookn’ Kap Update – See How it’s Doing after Shark Tank

Kookn’ Kap on Shark Tank

As someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen myself, it can be a little disgraceful when the time comes to leave my comfort zone and enter into the real world. The Kookn’ Kap serves to alleviate any smells that might cling to a woman’s hair (or man’s hair, if you have really long hair) by protecting it, while still serving as a breathable hat. How does it do all of this, you might ask? Read below to find out more…

Kookn’ Kap on Shark Tank


Juli Deveau and Ozma Khan are the founders of the Kookn’ Kap, which is a supposedly revolutionary cooking device that will forever change the way that dinners are mad. What product doesn’t do that? For $50,000, they are seeking a 20% equity stake in their company.

To illustrate the need for the Kookn’ Kap, Juli begins with a story; one night, the two were hosting a dinner party for their girlfriends where the main dish was fish. After dinner, the girls all hit the town and headed to a swanky Los Angeles lounge. Juli then says that somebody approached her and told her that her hair smelled like fish, to which Juli was mortified. To confirm, Juli asked the bartender for a second opinion, which confirmed that her luscious locks did indeed smell like her main dinner course. To come up with a proper remedy, Juli and Ozma created the Kookn’ Kap.

The Kookn’ Kap looks like an old-timey, housewife type cooking cap. By twirling your hair up and placing it into the cap, the cap protects your hair from any potential smells or hazards that could get into any loose hair. The Kookn’ Kap is also a one-size fits all. Juli continues on to say that the Kookn’ Kap is the modern version of the traditional chef’s hat, and not only keeps the smell of food out of your hair, but also keeps your hair out of the food. The finishing line for the Kookn’ Kap cracked a smile out of me and a laugh out of all the sharks; “Tired of smelling like crap? Get a cap!”

Barbara immediately asks for one to be placed on Kevin, who then asks for a pink one. While samples are distributed to the Sharks, Lori asks if they have sold any units, to which Juli replies that they have sold 1,729 Kookn’ Kaps in just under a year’s time. Even Mark comments that the hat reminds him of Little Bo Peep. As Kevin dons the hat (see the picture), Robert begs for Juli to get Kevin to remove the hat before sales go down. Mark asks what the price of each hat was, which was anywhere from $9.99 per Kookn’ Kap all the way up to $12.99. Robert asks what the exact name of the company is, and this draws attention to the logo as the Sharks try to figure out the cursive of the logo, which does look like “Kookin’ Karp.” Returning to more relevant matters, Robert asks what the backgrounds of the girls are. Juli says that the both of them work for one of the largest financial services companies in the world. Robert presses for more information, to which Ozma reveals that she works at Ernst & Young as a manager in the advisory  department, and Juli is a campus recruiter for Los Angeles.

Barb brings up the label, asking if she should be worried about the first thing she read in the label, which says “Caution: Flammable.” Ozma seems surprised by this, and insists that the product is non-flammable. Mark agrees and says that the tag of his Kookn’ Kap says flammable. The Sharks point out the similarity in errors, pointing out the fact that the cursive logo looks like “Kookin’ Karp” and the hat has a tag that says “Flammable” on it. Kevin asks how Juli and Ozma are selling the Kookn’ Kaps, to which Ozma says they are selling directly to the consumer; they are selling using online channels. Each hat costs $3.70 to make, and most of their profits come from retail or through selling through TV. Robert interrupts and says that he wishes there was a shark present that worked on TV all the time. For the non-experienced viewer, Lori is considered “The Queen of QVC,” which is a vendor channel in the United States where viewers can plase orders and purchase items through a phone system. This draws an amused reaction from Lori and the other sharks, and Mark admits that the Kookn’ Kap is the perfect QVC product, but since he is not Lori and does not handle QVC, he is out of the deal quickly.

Juli Deveau and Ozma Khan
Juli Deveau and Ozma Khan

Lori says that she has one problem with the Kookn’ Kap; why would someone not just take a shower cap and put it on their head, saving a lot of time and money? Ozma states that most shower caps are flammable, and despite the mislabeling, their product is not actually flammable (or is intended to not be, at least). Shower caps are also nowhere near as breathable as the Kookn’ Kap, which is a secret to how the Kookn’ Kap allows its wearer’s hair to not become ruffled or disheveled or cause the wearer to become sweaty. Lori says that she likes the idea, but she does not find there is a need for it; when she invests in a product, she likes to find that the product actually solves a problem. The problem of smelly hair is not a problem, but Ozma goes on to say that the Kookn’ Kap actually solves two problems. Not only does it keep the smell of food out of your hair, it also keeps your hair out of the food!

Barbara says that if she was making fish at home, she would not be going out dancing right after. Even Robert asks why somebody just couldn’t take a shower, and Barbara says that she simply cannot picture wearing something like that while she cooks, and is not interested.

Robert opens up by saying that he thinks the two ladies are beautiful women, but when they put the cap on, they look like 80 year old grandmas and he is not sure if he would want to buy something for his wife that makes her look unappealing. Robert says that he is out.

Lori says that she loves 80 year old grandmas, but she does not find a real need in funding the Kookn’ Kap, and is out.

Kevin is the only Shark left at this point, which Robert points out the irony of the only shark remaining having no hair investing in a product to protect your hair. Kevin says simply that he does not find the Kookn’ Kap as a business, but as a hobby, and is absolutely not interested in the deal.

Juli and Ozma from Kookn’ Kap ultimately leave without finding the investment they came searching for.

101317308-shark-tank-mezz_0.1910x1000 Kookn’ Kap after Shark Tank – 2018 Update

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any information about a Kookn’ Kap in 2018 – the most recent post is from their Twitter and is dated from 3 Feb 2014. I do think that Kookn’ Kap is either dead or is on life support, which is a shame – Kevin looked really cute in that hat.



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