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Natural Alternatives to Gabapentin

Gabapentin is commonly prescribed for the treatment of pain. This synthetic chemical started out life as an anti-seizure drug, but has now been found to treat almost all nerve pain.

However, just as with most prescribed drugs there are a variety of side effects that may come with it. For example, users who take the drug can experience intense drowsiness as well as dizziness. This can be problematic if you have the kind of life style that requires you to drive a lot.

Furthermore, there are also major problems for many people taking it with a large touch of dizziness, as well as problems walking. There are also many users who actually report the drug having the opposite effect in easing pain, and actually causing a higher amount of pain in all limbs, especially around the hands.

All of this means that, if you can, you should really think about taking a natural alternative to Gabapentin. Sometimes, a little bit of a life style change, or some easy to obtain supplements can make a big difference. Obviously everyone’s case is different and you really need to talk to your doctor and see what they feel is adequate for your case. Hopefully some of these natural Gabapentin alternatives can help you can lead a healthy and pain free lifestyle.

Do not substitute this for actual advice from an expert as many cases require treatment that CAN NOT be remedied with natural options.  These natural options may only be helpful in addition to treatments, again consult with a medical professional before self treating or self diagnosing. 



If you are taking Gabapentin to help with the symptoms of pain, then you might be able to help cure it without any supplements or dietary changes at all. Just take up some Yoga.

Yoga is a natural alternative to Gabapentin as by attending a weekly Yoga class, you are helping your body produce some natural hormones that are essential in allowing your body to relieve the symptoms of pain.

Furthermore, by gently stretching the muscles and areas of the body that are causing you pain, you are helping to encourage them to repair themselves and make themselves stronger.

Get more Vitamin B

One of the most common reasons that people experience a lot of pain is because they do not have enough Vitamin B in their body. This is, however, very easy to fix.

There are many tasty foods that are rich in Vitamin B, meaning that changing your diet to reduce the need for Gabapentin doesn’t mean that you need to suffer.

One really easy source to get Vitamin B from is from whole chicken eggs. Simply adding some scrambled eggs to your morning breakfast routine is a fast way to get your body back onto track in being able to manage it’s own pain naturally.

Another great animal product that can help provide you with more natural Vitamin B is Beef. This food item has really high levels of Vitamin B12, which is really potent at pain relief; much more so than Gabapentin.

Not all hope is lost if you are not eating any animal products though. There are plenty of Soy Products, such as Tofu, on the market that have been fortified with extra B vitamins, allowing you to help your health while still saving the planet.

Grab more Zinc


If introducing more Vitamin B into your diet doesn’t help solve your issues without the need for Gabapentin, then your body might instead be missing out on natural zinc.

Although there are plenty of tablets you can get to help reintroduce Zinc back into your body, it is also possible to get this essential mineral into your body by adding it into your diet.

One very easy to obtain source of zinc is mushrooms. Adding some white mushrooms to your stews can really help to start getting your body onto the right track.

Another important food to consider adding to your diet are beans. Just buy some tinned beans, and add to any rices or salads you make. As well as being a great source of zinc, beans have also been shown to help ease any stomach problems, meaning that if your pain is focused in that area, beans are an amazing choice.

Aloe Vera


This natural alternative is great for removing any pain you feel on particular parts of your body.

Coming in a gel format, the trick is to rub some Aloe Vera into the painful areas both at the beginning and at the end of each day.

As well as providing instant pain relief, Aloe Vera can also help to stimulate the nerve endings on your skin to naturally repair themselves. In fact, some users even use Aloe Vera on cuts, and find that Aloe Vera gets instantly to work in repairing the broken skin.

You can buy some Aloe Vera gel from almost all local health stores. And it is no where near as expensive as a prescription of Gabapentin. This makes Aloe Vera a cheap, and all natural, alternative to Gabapentin.

Green Tea

Another great item that is perfect as a herbal remedy for Gabapentin is some simple green tea.

Green tea has been drank in societies around the world for it’s natural curing properties. By consuming some green tea, you can work on the causes of your pain in two ways.

Firstly, there are natural anti-toxicants and amino acids in each cup of Green Tea that can encourage your body to fight off any causes of pain directly.

Secondly, simply the act of making a cup of green tea can help to cure your pain. Sometimes, what is needed is a simple break from the stresses of day to day life to allow you to get a clear head. Stress can actually increase the feeling of physical pain in your body, and spending a few moments of the morning with some green tea can really help you without the need to take Gabapentin.



One of the problems with Gabapentin, especially when you are trying to come off of it for the first time, is an inability to sleep.

This is where lavender can help. As well as being shown to have a naturally soothing property, promoting long and healthy sleep, the lavender plant has also been shown to help to increase the production of GABA in the brain. GABA is one of the essential components that allows your body to regulate its own pain sensors.

This means that as well as helping to get rid of all of the symptoms that you need to take Gabapentin for, it can also help relieve all of the painful effects of coming off the drugs, making it a truly perfect natural remedy if you are looking for a natural substitute to Gabapentin and you have already been taking it.

With all of this natural and herbal advice, there is practically no need for you to take Gabapentin on your own accord.

However, if you are trying to come off of the drug, it is important to try and taper off of it gradually. That is, to not stop taking Gabapentin all at once, but instead take smaller and smaller amounts. This is because stopping all at once can be fatal.

And of course, if you are taking Gabapentin on the advice of your doctor, please do inform him or her before following any natural remedies for coming off of it. They will be able to tell you what to expect from the withdrawal symptoms.

But, as long as you aren’t on strict medical advice to carry on a course of Gabapentin, the above natural tips will really help you live a nerve pain free life without pushing harmful chemicals into your system.

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