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The Top Ten Richest Country Singers – 2018 List

10. Carrie Underwood Net Worth – $45 Million


Born to a rural saw mill worker and elementary school teacher, Carrie Underwood rose to fame as a result of her appearances on American Idol in 2005. After winning in the 4th season (whose prizes included $1 Million and a recording deal), Underwood continued to garner success with her debut album which was certified as double platinum. Aside from her wildly successful singing career, Carrie has also won over endorsement contracts from such brands as Hershey’s, Nintendo and was also the first celebrity to endorse Olay’s skin care line. She has also performed cameos in Sesame Street, How I Met Your Mother, and even starred in the film Soul Surfer. In terms of public good, it seems Underwood is made of gold; She has taken the task of building her home town a organization that focuses on improving the community and education system, regularly supports cancer research, and even took a progressive stand on gay marriage despite most of the industry turning a blind eye to the issue.

9. Tim McGraw Net Worth – $65 Million

country9The son of a famous baseball player, McGraw got his demo tape out in a way he’d likely sing about later: By having his father hand it to a worker at a record label while on a fishing trip. With 25 of his 65 singles making it to the number one spot on the country top 100, McGraw is one of the most successful artists of the 1990’s and 2000’s. In 1997 Tim McGraw also happened to delve into acting, playing a guest role in the Jeff Foxworthy Show. From there, McGraw onto multiple movies including Flicka, The Kingdom and Friday Night Lights, which made his average yearly salary close to $38Million through most of the 2000’s. In terms of humanitarian service, McGraw cofounded the Neightbors Keeper Foundation alongside his wife, Faith Hill.

8. Faith Hill Net Worth – $80 Million

country8Being one of the most successful country stars in the world with over 40 Million CD sales in her career, it’s no surprise Faith Hill would appear on this list. Having been adopted and raised in a suburb of Jackson, Mississippi, she had stated one of her biggest influences had been Elvis Presley, whom she was allowed to see at a concert at age 9. Before landing a gig as one of the biggest names in country music, it may be surprising to find that Hill had previously worked selling T-shirts, and at a McDonalds franchise. Her big break came as a backup singer for Gary Burr, a Nashville songwriter, when a Warner Bros. studio executive noted her talents and had her cut her debut album. Outside of music Faith has also been able to guest star in Touched By An Angel, and make her film debut in the Stepford Wives. A fragrance also shares her name and contributes to her net worth substantially. Most recently in 2015 Faith has found added fame in the crime drama Dixieland,

7. Garth Brooks Net Worth – $150 Million

country7It may be surprising to hear that outside of The Beatles, Garth Brooks is the best selling solo artist in United States History. With half a dozen certified diamond hits, Brooks also carries with him 22 Country Music Awards, and a pair of Grammy awards. Alongside making award winning music, he has his own label, Pearl Records and has aided in the launch of multiple other musicians, and a music selling platform, GhostTunes. Aside from making millions upon millions in music, Brooks has also made a decent salary appearing in shows ranging from Sesame Street to The Muppets Show to Saturday Night Live. Interestingly enough Garth has also had three forays into Major League Baseball, spring training with the New York Mets, San Diego Padres and the Kansas City Royals. Among his assets are a pair of country mansions in Tennessee and Oklahoma both worth around $3.5 Million.

6. Taylor Swift Net Worth – $220 Million

country6Perhaps the most popular star of recent years on this list, Taylor Swift has been soaring high in both charts and earnings. Starting off at the young age of 14, Swift had moved to Nashville after performing a multitude of small gigs in her previous home states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With a career less than a decade old and nearly 100 awards to her name, she has been an incredibly profitable and well recognized artist. As a result of her musical fame, she has been able to get endorsements from Air Asia to Diet Coke and Target, as well as having four unique fragrances for sale that have seen moderate success. Alongside these ventures, Swift has also starred or contributed to a large number of tv shows, starting with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and most recently a role in the film adaption of The Giver. Swift is also well renowned for her philanthropic endeavors, donating millions to humanitarian causes, education, and equality movements worldwide.

5. Kenny Rogers Net Worth – $250 Million

Country5With songs like “Coward of the County” and “The Gambler” (both of which turned into tv movies), Kenny Rogers has long been a voice of the old school of country music. With a career spanning over 6 decades and over 120 hits, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Rogers made it to the halfway point on this list. Rogers is unique on this list for not only having signed onto over 15 record labels through his career, but also teaming up with the Kentury Fried Chicken CEO John Brown to create the restaurant chain known as Kenny Rogers Roasters. As of 2016, Rogers has retired, and most recently put his mansion up for auction where it is expected to net between $30 and $40 million.

4. George Strait Net Worth – $300 Million

Country4Known as King George to his fans, George Strait certainly has enough in terms of net worth to buy his own country. Having started off in music after running away to Mexico to marry his wife Norma, and then joining the U.S. Army, his life very much resembles a classic country story. With over 60 number 1 single hits, Strait has afforded himself not only the classic ranch, but also a residence in San Antonio’s most affluent neighborhood, The Dominion. He has also acquired a Bombadier Challenger 300 jet, and has been known to have a passion for flight. Though he has been retired since 2013, Strait is still celebrated by his home state as Governor Rick Perry had announced that May 18 would be considered as George Strait day. He now spends quite a bit of his time and money from previous Wrangler Jean endorsements in various causes helping injured veterans and their families.

3. Shania Twain Net Worth – $350 Million

Country3Coming from humble beginnings, Shania (whose real name is Eileen; Shania is rumored to be a First Nation phrase for “on her way”) started her singing career at the age of 8, trying to help cover bills for her family in Ontario. Within a decade, she had been making regular appearances on the local concert circuits either alone or with a band, and within yet another, she would be selling out concerts worldwide. As of 2016, there are rumors that have been all but confirmed of a new album coming out this year titled Friends, which will undoubtedly add to her already 85 Million records sold. Among her many assets are residences in Switzerland and New Zealand.

2. Dolly Parton Net Worth – $450 Million

Country2Before her self titled theme park “Dollywood” ever came into existence, Parton was a queen of the Opry and country music. With quite a few decades of performances to back her, and 25 gold to multi-platinum selling records, Dolly has remained a facet in country music as far back as anyone can remember. Perhaps lesser known are her ventures into film and screen, where not only has she had a small number of acting roles, but also a major stake in Sandollar Productions. This company has produced such hits as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Father of the Bride series of films. As of 2016, Dolly has managed to acquire a new live venue, The Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show which may increase her net worth slightly. Her home in Brentwood, Tennessee worth $1.4 Million is her current residence, where she has been with her husband of 50 years. The two have reportedly renewed their vows to honor the mile stone in May of 2016.

1. Toby Keith Net Worth – $500 Million

Country1With every one of his albums hitting gold or higher in ratings since 1993, it’s clear why Toby Keith is this year’s king of country in terms of wealth. With a strong personality, and plenty of songs playing into American Patriotism, he has struck a chord with a significant portion of the American populace, especially those in working class or rural conditions. Aside from performing music, Keith also holds his own recording company, Show Dog-Universal and a significant stake in Big Machine Records which he helped in founding. Outside of music, he has also opened up a chain of restaurants named after one of his more popular songs, I Love This Bar and Grill. When not touring or managing his restaurant enterprise, he also finds time to aid in developing musical education programs for disadvantaged schools.

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