Tavolini After Kitchen Nightmares – 2018 Update

Tavolini before Kitchen Nightmares

Tavolini opened its doors in Bridgeport, Connecticut, courtesy of married couple Keith and Lisa Restivo. Despite their inexperience in the restaurant business, the couple enjoyed massive earnings thanks to the influx of happy customers during Tavolini’s heyday. They were also joined by Lisa’s son Van (Keith’s stepson) and their daughter Joli in running the place.

Keith and Lisa

Unfortunately, those happy days didn’t last long as the establishment started to lose its momentum. As profits dipped to negative values, the restaurant began to have an air of negativity in it. Keith and Lisa ran out of motivation and, instead of properly managing the place, they just loitered aimlessly without any purpose. It came to the point where Keith decided that it was better for him to stay at home and watch the restaurant through CCTV cameras connected to his laptop. This further frustrated not only Van and Joli but also the entire staff of Tavolini.

The couple had to admit that they were at the end of their ropes with both the restaurant and their marriage. Failure was not an option as it would most certainly lead to not only bankruptcy but also to divorce. With no other choice left on the table, the Restivos called Gordon Ramsay and Kitchen Nightmares for help.

Tavolini on Kitchen Nightmares

Ramsay arrived at the restaurant on his vehicle but, before he could park, Van had the initiative to sit in the passenger seat to talk to the chef. Van revealed that Keith was in the restaurant now because the latter found out that Ramsay was paying a visit. When the chef finally arrived at Tavolini, both Keith and Lisa were quick to say that they were managing the place 24/7, but Van stepped in and told Ramsay the truth about the working schedules of his parents.

The old interior

While Ramsay waited for his orders, Keith left the premises without any warning. Lisa had to cover for her husband by saying that had to go pick up some things. As predicted by the staff, the meatball dish Ramsay ordered was described as gross and horrible. The stuffed clam not only tasted bad, but it also lacked the actual clam meat and was only composed of stuffing. Finally, the pan roasted salmon was undercooked and was accompanied with an insipid mush that was prepared yesterday.

Keith returned to the scene and butted horns with Van, while Lisa was caught in the crossfire. Ramsay approached the dysfunctional family to defuse the tension which fortunately worked. That night, he sat with Lisa one-on-one to get up to speed with Tavolini’s dismal financial situation. She also admitted that the thoughts of divorce lingered in her head and that she would push through with it if the restaurant bites the dust.

During the dinner service, the food was served to the customers at top speed which Ramsay found suspicious. He quickly uncovered that the ingredients were of horrible quality and were prepared a day ago, with one of the chefs justifying the kitchen’s quantity over quality approach. The revelation caused the orders to be served at a snail’s pace and, during this chaotic night, Lisa and Keith were nowhere to be found. Van found the two in their car, cozily eating dinner and escaping from the restaurant’s problems. After the dinner service, the couple was completely insensitive to the fact that Tavolini was struggling because of their lack of concern and enthusiasm.

The following day, Keith and Lisa were caught by surprise as the restaurant was boarded shut and labeled “OUT OF BUSINESS”. Ramsay approached the pair and revealed that it was his version of shock therapy in hopes of getting the two on the right path. The wakeup call proved to be a success, and the couple even said their apologies to the staff and to the children.

For the second dinner service, Ramsay instructed the couple to take active roles in the restaurant. Keith and Lisa showcased impressive performances in working with the staff, while the customers loved the new family-style dishes of Tavolini. However, those who didn’t order the new menu items were still waiting as food production slowed to a crawl. The chaos got the best of the couple which brought their momentum to a screeching halt. Luckily, one of the chefs named Michael took control of the situation which resulted in quick service times and customers going home with smiles on their faces.

The new interior

The renovation still proceeded even when Ramsay still had doubts over the capabilities of the owners. The interior now exuded an elegant atmosphere thanks to a warmer paint, textured art walls, and beautiful new plates. The kitchen was decluttered for more space so the staff could move properly. Moreover, the exterior was given a new identity that proudly promises a new family-style dining experience.

With Tavolini rejuvenated, and the family saved, Ramsay was optimistic that the Restivos were set up for success.

Tavolini Now in 2018 – The After Kitchen Nightmares Update

Weeks after the relaunch, it was revealed that Keith and Lisa failed to meet Ramsay’s expectations. The two also went their separate ways and ended their marriage. The restaurant also landed in hot water in early 2011 when the owners suddenly closed the place weeks after giving gift certificates to customers, and this sparked an investigation from the Attorney General.

Tavolini was closed in December 2011. An answering machine cited the closure was due to Keith’s “medical reasons” whenever anyone tried to call the restaurant’s hotline. It was also reported that the real reason for the establishment’s shutdown was because of the inability to pay the vendors, rent, and a mountain of debt. Their defunct Facebook page has a review that sheds more light on the lack of commitment of the owners.

As of today, a new restaurant occupies the place, named BRYAC Restaurant & Raw Bar.

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