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SwipenSnap After Shark Tank Update 2024 – Where Are They Now

SwipenSnap Before Shark Tank

SwipenSnap is a new and improved diaper cream applicator that can be used with just one hand so that parents can still hold onto the baby while applying diaper cream. This applicator is convenient for parents who struggle or are worried about their baby rolling around during changing time. Each applicator comes with a suction cup stand that holds the cream in place rather than the possibility of it being misplaced or dropped during diaper changes. In addition to the suction cup base, the applicators have a soft tip, and they are slightly angled for an easy, quick application. To use the SwipenSnap, parents just need to attach a normal tube of diaper cream to the applicator. Then, simply clean the area and apply the cream.

The SwipenSnap diaper cream applicator was founded by Alina Kravchenko. She officially launched the business in 2017, although the SwipenSnap itself was invented in 2011. Before creating the SwipenSnap, Alina had always had the urge and determination to start her own business; however, it wasn’t until she had her first baby that she finally had a creation in mind. As a first-time mother, Alina faced many problems between the work life and the life of a mother. She struggled to find the time to balance her job with caring for her child. Unfortunately, when the economy collapsed, she found it quite difficult to find another job within her field. Despite having graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree. Eventually, it came down to Alina working three jobs at once throughout her pregnancy just to get by financially.

Given that Alina had always wanted to start her own business, she kept a notebook of any product ideas she could come up with. She did end up coming up with a whole new idea, though. When Alina had her son, she learned first-hand how tricky it was to change a baby’s diaper while they’re kicking their feet and attempting to roll away. Knowing other parents must be experiencing the same complications, she knew she could come up with a solution to make changing times somewhat easier. She eventually came up with the idea to invent a cream applicator that could be essentially painted onto babies with one hand. Hence, the SwipenSnap, which Alina referred to as a “gift from a higher source”. SwipenSnap Diaper Cream Applicator 3

After launching SwipenSnap, Alina struggled with figuring out how to go about patenting the product. Nor could she go about hiring an attorney to help her get a patent due to it being too expensive. Considering this was her first business venture, she did the next best thing. She went and spoke to the patent office. They encouraged Alina to check out a book called “How to Patent It Yourself”. Taking the advice, she read the book and after five years, she was able to get a utility patent for the SwipenSnap. Following this much-earned accomplishment, Alina went on to quit her job so that she could focus entirely on her son and her new business.

Determined to market her product and make it a success, Alina moved back in with her mother and started working towards growing her business. Because SwipenSnap is under the same brand as Better Way Goods LLC, the founder was able to get a $10,000 loan to kickstart her business. This loan came from 95 other networks. This all kickstarted the market for SwipenSnap, which landed the product some sales on Amazon. In 2019, the founder started marketing her product more, and, a week later, she made an announcement that her SwipenSnap applicator was featured as an Amazon’s Choice product.

Later, in 2020, SwipenSnap was featured in the “Every Mom’s List as one of the Top 5 Products That Make Parenting Easier”. Following that, noticed the product and claimed it as The Best New Baby Gear of 2020. Already, the business has gotten off on a good foot. Nonetheless, she would like some help with manufacturing the product. Knowing a shark could help her greatly, she decided to enter the Shark Tank. SwipenSnap Diaper Cream Applicator 4

SwipenSnap on Shark Tank

Alina Kravchenko took the stage of Shark Tank with her invention, the SwipenSnap diaper cream applicator. When she enters the stage, she’s dressed up as a fairy godmother and she’s hoping for a deal of $120,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in her company. While the founder pitches her product to the sharks, she demonstrates how to use the product with a toy baby doll that she’s brought with her. She tells the sharks about her story and then goes on to explain that, within two years, she has only made $50,000 in sales. While this may have left a few of the sharks unimpressed, she reveals that her low sales are due to a lack of marketing. She wasn’t wanting to market the SwipenSnap until she knew she had gotten the patent taken care of first.

Now that Alina has gotten her patent, she can start marketing the product more and increasing her sales. With that, she mentions that her patent is a utility patent, specifically for the technology aspect of the SwipenSnap. This information interests the sharks, leaving three sharks to remain in on the deal. The first shark to place an offer was Daniel Lubetzky and Lori Greiner. The two decide to partner up and offer Alina $120,000 in exchange for a 33.3% equity; however, he also wants to receive 100% of anything else that may use the patent for the screw top. Kevin O’Leary then chimes in, saying he will partner with Lori as well. Together, Kevin and Lori will offer Alina $120,000 in exchange for a 50% equity in SwipenSnap. Kevin adds that they will guide the founder through getting screw-top technology licensing deals. Alina accepts Kevin and Lori’s offer. SwipenSnap Diaper Cream Applicator 2

SwipenSnap Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

After Alina sealed a deal with Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank, the deal has closed, and her business appears to be doing great. Alina is still the current owner, and it is her full-time career now. While recent sales numbers and her estimated net worth haven’t been revealed yet, there are still a few new updates. For starters, Alina has launched a new variety of the SwipenSnap applicator. This new one can be equipped with smaller and larger thread tubes of diaper cream. The website has also been updated, and it now has a section where the business can be contacted for a license to use the screw top technology. In addition to all the great work she has done thus far, Alina has just launched her second product. The product is called the Tonerbum and it can be used for shaping one’s glutes. This product, along with the SwipenSnap, can be found on the company’s website.

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