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15-Year-Old Mcdonald’s Worker Beaten By Male Customer in Parking Lot

A 15-year-old McDonald’s employee suffered extensive injuries after being slammed into the ground by a male customer while she was working.

The worker Aryiah Lynch, said she was working with another young cashier when several adults came into the fast food chain and began to hit and destroy property. They also instigated a brawl by spitting on several staff members.

According to witnesses, 25-year-old Johnny Ricks was trying to place an order at the front when he suddenly threw a tray at the electric kiosk, damaging it. Mcdonald’s staff then told him to exit the restaurant and were escorting the man outside when he started to attack the teen.

johnny ricks
25-year-old Johnny Ricks struck the teen in the head several times after being escorted from the fast food restaurant

A video clip of the attack, which has since been shared on social media, shows Ricks pulling the teen employee by her hair in the parking lot and stomping and slamming her head into the ground. As the teen attempted to get back up, he struck her again in the head.

Lynch, who is currently recovering from a fractured skull at the hospital, said she was not prepared to be ‘attacked by a grown man’. She added that she was only trying to protect herself and that she would like to press charges so he goes to jail.

Since the attack, Lynch’s mother has started a GoFundMe for her medical funds. She explained that Lynch was taken to a Saint Louis hospital with a fracture to her skull and that she suffered a concussion, a broken nose, and several lacerations. She also said she underwent surgery last week, which was successful.

mcdonalds attack
Surveillance footage shows the man stomping on the teen’s head in the restaurant’s parking lot

In the GoFundMe, her mother also described the teen as an ‘ambitious young lady’ who enjoys working at Mcdonald’s and spending time with her family and was working at the fast food chain to save up for her birthday.

According to official reports, officers arrested Ricks on April 17 and charged him with 2nd-degree property damage assault. He remains behind bars and will appear in court on April 25. He is currently being held on a $150,000 bond and is ordered to stay away from all McDonald’s, in addition to the victim.

aryiah gofundme
The GoFundMe campaign has already raised more than $36,000, which is over half of the $50,000 goal

The owner of the Mcdonald’s franchise where the attack happened, said he and his team are cooperating with the investigation. He also emphasized the importance of their employee’s and customers’ safety and noted they have a strict policy against workplace violence.

Lynch’s mother is asking individuals to keep the teen in their prayers as the assault was a ‘life-changing experience for her.’

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