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Top 10 Beard Styles in 2018 – Updated Beard Trends

While manliness itself is a term used to describe an amalgam of exalted character traits and habits that makes a man a gentleman, there is no doubt that it is the physical traits that truly exude its meaning. We always judge a book by it’s a cover. And beard forms the epoch of manliness. Facial hair has been donned by the conquistadors, Spartans, Viking warriors, special-forces soldiers, leaders and game changers. Lincoln had one, so did King Leonidas and even Steve Jobs. No wonder beard carries with it a certain aura of mystery, regality and sexiness.

Beard comes in all shapes and sizes. There is no simple one-size fits all solution when it comes to beard. As there may be hundreds of different styles out there, I present a list of my top ten, curated from the top style forums on the internet.

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Alright enough with our recommendations, on to the top 10 beard styles for 2018.

1.   The Victorian Full beard

top-beard-style-trends-2016 These beards require the least amount of effort in terms of grooming yet the most time to grow.

They surfaced during Crimean war of 1854-56 when the ban on beards in the British Army was lifted for the first time as the scarcity of shaving soap and cruel Crimean Winters made it impossible to shave. When the war ended, and heroes returned with a full set of facial hair, people began associating full beard with courage, integrity, honor and soldiery. They became a mark of a hero. The full beard craze spread like wildfire.

Even today, a full-beard is greeted with respect and awe. I simply call it ‘the perfection’.

2.   The Tight beard

tight beard style

A tight keeps the facial hair neat and tidy and within the bounds of facial symmetry. Set your trimmer to a setting of 2-3 millimeter and let it loose on your face.

3.   The Shadow or stubble

shadow stubble beard

This look has been sported by Hollywood celebs, if mere motivation is not enough to boast this ‘five o’clock’ shadow look. Gosling had it once. As does Hugh Jackman. It works well if you can grow facial hair quickly and have a good, strong chin. The science behind it is fairly simple. Dial your trimmer to 0.5 millimeter to 1 millimeter and there you have it.

4.   The Tony Stark

tony stark beard goatee

Named after the Marvel’s Iron Man himself, this look may not work everyone. It works well for someone who’s in his late thirties or early forties, has a strong chin and accentuated jaw line with little face fat (or body fat for that matter).

5.   The Spartan (Variant of Full-Beard)

spartan beard pic

This is actually a full beard at play with a little trim on cheeks and an emphasis on jaw and chin.

6.   The Badass Biker

biker beard style breaking bad

This look consists of a walrus moustache connected to a heavy goatee. Think of it as the look donned by Walter White in breaking bad but with a heavier pair of moustaches. The only other thing you’ll need is a Harley or a Thunderbird.

7.   Van Dyke

van dyke beard

The Van Dyke style is a strange type of goatee. The moustache and chin hair do not connect, and often have different styles. For example, the goatee may be more oval, while the moustache is spun outwards into the popular “Handlebar” style. It may be referred to as a “French Beard,” due to its popularity in France over the past hundred centuries.

You are certainly treading on a thin line here! Not everyone can support this look. Hugh Jackman was spotted with this one recently, and it was not a friendly sight to behold! For those who dare, I say good luck.

8.  The Wolverine

wolverine beard style

We’ve got another Marvel Beard in the list. DC should take notice! If you have the muscles, the jaw line and an innate ability to don’t give a f**k, this is your true calling.

9.  Chin Strap

chin strap beard

A look that consists of a beard that grows on the ‘under-edge’ of jawline and extends to join the side burns. Again, this is not for everyone. No idea why people even think of having this. Honestly, it’s distasteful and oozes douchebaggery, if that’s a word. Yet still, it is popular for some strange reason and hence has found its way in this list.

10. Classic goatee

classic goatee style beard

It consist of a simple thick beard worn on the chin. It is not connected to a moustache. As the name suggests, it was invented by goats.

Andy Debolt
Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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