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Natural Cures and Remedies for Hair Loss – How To Stop Balding

Male Pattern Baldness, Hair Loss, or Alopecia; whatever you want to call it, it sucks. Not having a full head of hair can make you lose confidence, impact your relationships, and damage your social life.

There is help though. And it doesn’t need to be expensive. It is possible to cure your hair loss in a natural way that will give you a full head of hair again. Get back your self-esteem and your life with these natural cures.

baldness-cures-remedies-herbal-medicinal-natural Stop using unnatural shampoo

Many shampoos on the market contain an ingredient named Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). This ingredient has been shown to actually cause hair loss, especially in people already genetically pre-disposed to it. One way to prevent your hair from falling out might be to just simply switch to using an all natural shampoo for your daily shower.

Stop using water in the shower

Another method which many people say works is to simply not use the shower to wash your hair at all. Instead of having the harsh pressure of the water jets blast your skull and disturb the hair follicles, what you do instead is dab your hands into some water (preferably in the sink to avoid accidentally blasting your headnatural-cures-remedies-hair-loss-water-shower with the shower head). Then, with your wet fingers, lightly massage your head, making sure to reach down into the scalp and also work it.

Rosemary Oil

One natural and herbal way to help to cure your baldness is to rub some Rosemary oil into your scalp. Rosemary oil has a great natural property of stimulating blood flow. By increasing the amount of blood flowing to your hair follicles, you are promoting natural growth to help cure your hair loss.

Drinking Green Tea

A cup or two of green tea a day has been shown to help to both prevent hair loss and to help create more growth.

The reason that this works is due to one of the other benefits of drinking green tea; that of reducing heart problems. Scientists have discovered that the same body chemical that causes heart problems, TNF-alpha, is also a key component in causing hair loss. Drinking green tea is a natural way to prevent the growth of this chemical in the body.

Green tea can also have a large effect on Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a naturally occurring chemical that can damage the hair follicles. Green tea helps to block out this chemical, helping to recover and prevent your hair loss.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This powerful natural substance works in a similar way to green tea, in that it helps to block DHT. It does this by binding to the chemical in your bloodstream, and preventing it from attaching to the roots of your hair.

There are many ways to take Saw Palmetto. It is possible to get a herbal tea made with it. A cup of this tea in the morning should help out with hair loss. Another method is to buy some of this oil and to add it to your own normal drink. If you do get some Palmetto extract, you can also rub some of it on your scalp, to help the effects take over.

Changing your diet

One other way to help combat hair loss is to look at what kinds of foods are entering your body. One key thing to look out for is how much protein you are getting with your diet. Adding some natural seeds and nuts will help increase the protein that you are getting into your body. This in turn will help with giving your hair the nutrients it needs to grow, this preventing hair loss.

Another important thing to get into your diet is Omega-3. This important “fatty acid” helps to keep your scalp healthy, giving your hair a solid base from which to grow from.

And the last thing to make sure you are getting in your diet from natural sources is Iron. Not getting enough Iron may cause you to get Anemia, which is one of the leading sources of hair loss in healthy males.


“Pulling your own hair out” is not just a common phase. It has been shown that stress really does make your hair fall out. If you are feeling underneath a lot of pressure, it is advised to start relaxing more. One natural way to do this is with a simple bit of mediation. As well as giving you a natural way to get in peace with your mind, it is a great way to start feeling calmer, and with that, help convince your hair to stay on your head.


Just like a plant, light helps to stimulate growth in your hair. With bursts of sunlight, it is possible for hair cells to start regenerating through a handy science effect called “cellular mitosis.” Adding light to heads has also helped to cure hair loss in females.

One of the best things about this method is that as well as helping to treat your baldness, it will allow you to get a great tan for when you are ready to face the world again.

Spreading hair around

Sometimes, when you are missing only a few patches of hair here and there, it is possible to cover up with the help of natural hair gels. With a bit of clever application, you can use the hair that you do have to cover up all of the unsightly spots.

There are plenty of hair gels and hair spray cosmetics on the market that are made with all natural materials, as opposed to the complex chemicals found in most commercially available treatments.

Coconut Oil

natural-cures-remedies-stop-male-pattern-baldness The scent of coconut is back in a very big way. Many hair gels now use this ingredient, and it’s not just for the pleasing scent. Adding coconut oil to your hair and scalp has been shown to stimulate hair roots, causing hair to grow in a very natural way.

You don’t have to buy hair gel with coconut scents though. Instead, the best way of using this method is to buy some coconut oil, and lightly massage it into your hair and scalp. Then, leave it on for one hour, before washing it off (using your fingers instead of a shower, as described above)

If you don’t want to purchase the pure oil, you can also use the milk of a coconut. Just add a little milk and some water together in a bowl and apply it to your head at night. Put a fresh towel on your bed, and sleep with the mixture still on your scalp, and gently wash your hair in the morning.

Own it

If all else fails, one possible solution is to just take off all of your hair. Take a look at the posters of any big blockbuster. Being bald is back in. Become your inner action hero just by grabbing a hair-trimmer. And the great thing is that you can also save money on shampoo and your water bill.

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Andy Debolt
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