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How to Naturally Keep Fleas Out – The Best Flea Repellants

Having a flea infestation can make life hell for both you and your family. You don’t even need to have pets yourself to get infected. A friend bringing around a dog can cause your whole household to start itching uncontrollably.

Flea treatments found in supermarkets are expensive, and full of harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to both your family and any pets that you may have.

There are, however, natural ways to help get the fleas out of your home and out of your hair.


naturally-repel-fleas-herb First thing to remember is that you will have to perform any flea treatment twice. Many people miss this stage, will have a week or so of a flea free life, and then find a new infestation. This is because you need to get rid of both the currently alive fleas and the new ones that will come hatching out of any flea eggs still around.

If you have done any vacuuming since the flea infestation started, you will also have to throw out your vacuum bag, or the very next time you vacuum your house the infestation will start all over again.


One way to get rid of fleas over night is to simply use some water. Get some bowls, and fill them up from the sink. Next, add a bit of normal dish soap to each water bowl. Leave these bowls around the house, with a lamp or other strong source of light shining straight into the water.

Just like moths, fleas will be attracted to the light and go for a little swim. Because of the dish soap you have put in, they will, however, not actually be able to swim. This means that by the time the morning comes, you will have caught all of the alive fleas in your home. Just repeat each evening. Once you have water without any fleas in it, make sure to repeat this process the following night just to catch any from any freshly hatched eggs.

Lemon Water

The slight acid in lemon is very safe for human and pets, but absolutely lethal to fleas. You can use this to your advantage to naturally get rid of these pests. Just add some fresh lemon juice to water, and wash all of your hard floors with it. Next, add some lemon water to a spray bottle and use this to wipe down any curtains, pillows, sheets or other upholstery that you have.

The smell of lemon is also incredibly off putting for fleas, meaning that those that you don’t manage to capture with your natural lemon based cleaning will probably run away from your house anyway. You can clean your house once a week with lemon, and create a kind of force field that repels fleas completely.

Wash your clothes with Rosemary

Although you may have taken care of the house, it is possible that there are still some fleas living on your clothes. One way to naturally get rid of them is to create a herbal wash with Rosemary. Add about two cups worth of rosemary leaves to water, and boil. Then, after picking out all of the leaves, add your clothes and hand wash. The Rosemary leaves act as a natural poison to the fleas, while not being toxic to humans at all (and in fact, might even be beneficial!)

Add Pennyroyal to the house

This great plant, as well as looking great, does an amazing job of repelling fleas from your home. Place some by your door, by the windows, and in the corner of every room. The oil in the plant really makes fleas squirm, causing them to leave your house.

Do note, however, that the leaves of this plant are toxic to both people and animals, so if you have grazing pets or young children around, either make sure these plants are out of reach or use any of the other methods here.

Use a salt solution

Natural Sea Salt is a powerful ally in the fight against fleas. Salt dries up the Fleas’ body, pretty much removing the infestation.naturally-repel-fleas-salt

If your sea salt is not in a powder, you will have to grind it up. Then, fill up a small shaker with the grains, and sprinkle the salt into every piece of fabric in your home; carpets, curtains, bedding, etc. Leave for the whole day, and vacuum in the evening.

This is certainty one of the cheapest ways to get rid of fleas, but do be aware that if you don’t manage to vacuum up all of the salt you could be left with irritated skin the next time you use any of your soft furnishings.

Improve your pets’ diet

If your flea infection comes from your dogs, you can add apple cider vinegar to their water to help kill the fleas. This method works because, just like naturally-repel-fleas-cat-dog lemon, the vinegar is slightly acidic, killing the fleas once they start taking blood from the pets. Another great benefit of adding vinegar to your animal’s water is that the vinegar will help improve your dogs skin and coat, helping to repair the damage already done to them from the small pests.

Create flea bombs

With some small bags, you can add little bombs around your house of lovely smelling herbs that are actually natural repellents to fleas.

All you need to do is get some cheap cloth, such as Muslin (typically found in most fabric stores and used for testing out sewing patterns). Create small sacks with draw strings, and add the herbs lavender and thyme, plus some orange and lemon peels. Then, put these bags in breathable places in every room in your house.

Create traps in your back yard

It could also be that there are still fleas in your back or front yard. With a little bit of planting, you can add some beautiful decor that also doubles as a natural flea repellent.

Simply plant some cedar near your doors, and around your garden. The cedar plant is very toxic to fleas, and they will not go near it. One thing to note though is that this plant is also toxic to your animals, so do not let your pets eat it.

Andy Debolt
Andy Debolt
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