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Club Penguin Guide: Tips for Puffle Care

A highly addictive and popular game for children is Club Penguin, which is set in a winter-themed virtual world. In this game you have penguin-avatars that serve as your pet and you can collect prizes and virtual currency by running around Club Penguin with your very own penguin avatar. In Club Penguin you also can collect puffles, which is basically like a small pet that you can carry with you and they can help you throughout the game.

club penguin puffles

If you are a member you can collect many different puffles at the same time, but if you are not a member then you can only adopt either two red puffles or two blue puffles. We are going to tell you a little bit about how to care for your puffle and what it means to have a puffle in Club Penguin.

Tips on Caring for Your Puffle in Club Penguin

Take it Seriously– It is important to know that you need to be very serious if you decide to adopt a puffle. These puffles are a huge responsibility to take on, and each one requires care and attention. If you do not take care of your puffle the way that you should then you need to realize that the puffle will end up being taken away from you and going back into the wild. As a member it is important to keep this in mind because just because you can collect 20 or 70 puffles does not mean you should. In this case, the more puffles you have the more responsibility you will have. Think of it like owning a real pet in terms of taking care of the puffle and the needs that each one has.

You Can Choose Colors- Puffles come in a variety of colors including red and blue. If you are not a member of Club Penguin you can only choose red or blue puffles. The cool thing though is that puffles come in pink, yellow, green and many other colors, but this is only for members. If you decide to become a member you can choose any types of colors that you want for your puffles. Since you can have a lot of puffles you can get multiple puffles of every color if you want.

Notice In-Game Actions- While your puffle can help you in the games get more coins and do a ton of things, your puffle also will tell you what it needs at this time too. You want to notice the actions that your puffle is doing within the game because it can tell you that it is hungry, messy, tired, sad or even happy. It is important that when you are in the game you notice your puffle if it is hungry and you feed it as soon as you can because if you neglect it then it will be going back to the wild. If your puffle is messy then you will have to clean it off, and if it is sad then you need to make it happy again.

Feeding Your Puffle– If you would like to feed your puffle simply look at the food icon which is on the top of the page. You want to click on your puffle and click the food icon, and then drag down any food that you would like your puffle to eat.

Playing with Your Puffle- If your puffle is sad and wants to play then you need to know how to play with it. All you have to do is click on the puffle that you want to play with and then click on the toy that goes along with your puffle. If you click on the toy you will easily be playing games like ball with your puffle, and that will make it happy again.

Grooming Your Puffle- In Club Penguin you also want to make sure you are grooming your puffle, which is basically combing or brushing the hair. You can do this by clicking on your puffle and then clicking the comb icon. Take the comb and drag the item you want to use over to your puffle. You should do this at least a few times a week to ensure your puffle is looking good and well groomed.

Dressing Your Puffle- You might also want to dress up your puffle, especially for certain events. This is easy to do because you simply click on the puffle you want to dress and then click on the hanger which is at the top of the page. Find the right clothing item you want your puffle to be wearing and then just drag that item over to your puffle, and there you go.

Putting Your Puffle to Sleep- When you think your puffle is tired you will have to put your puffle down for a nap. This is easy enough to do because you will see the “ZZZ” at the top of the page, and all you do is drag that icon to your puffle. Once that happens your puffle will quickly go to sleep and will be happier as well if they had a long day.

These are just some of the basic tips on caring for your puffle and making sure that it has everything it will need to thrive and survive. Remember that you have to feed, play with, groom and put to sleep every puffle you own. This means that if this seems like a lot of work, then maybe only have a couple of puffles at once until you get the hang of the routine. In Club Penguin you want to avoid having your puffles go back into the wild because you did not care for them properly.



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