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Stardoll Superstar Membership Benefits

Becoming a Stardoll Superstar is a great thing as there are many benefits of having a Superstar membership. We are going to tell you all about these benefits, but first we want to give you a little information on the game itself and what all you can do in this game.

Stardoll is a browser-based game and virtual community aimed at girls over the age of 7. In Stardoll, you can dress up dolls and then engage in various activities with the virtual dolls. Not only are there fun games in Stardoll where you can chat and also shop for cool outfits, but there are educational games as well on the website. Some games rely on quick thinking skills and problem solving skills, as well as games designed to make you into a star by teaching you how to coordinate outfits and styles.

Although this browser-based game is free for girls to join and play, there are several benefits of getting a VIP membership to the game. In Stardoll, the paid membership is called Superstar and you can get this membership in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month memberships. The 1 month membership is $6.95 a month, while the 3 month and 6 month memberships are $5.95 a month. The best value however is the 12 month membership which is $4.95 a month. If you want to know about the benefits of a Stardoll Superstar membership, then continue reading to learn all about it.

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Superstar Stardoll Membership Benefits:

A Superstar Badge- If you get the VIP Superstar membership for Stardoll, you will get a cool badge. This Superstar badge will be on your Stardoll and you will also see it on your main profile page, which lets everyone know you have a paid membership to the game.

Create Your Own Chats– As a Superstar you will be able to create your own chat rooms, which is not something that the non-paying members can do. This will allow you to make more friends in the game and it will let you enjoy your time with your friends in a more personal way.

Level Up & Earn More Starpoints- As a paying member of Stardoll, you will be able to level up quicker in the game. You also will earn more Starpoints in Stardoll as a paid member, and Starpoints are the main currency in the game that you need to use to get outfits and other cool items.

Access to Limited Collections- A huge part of Stardoll is shopping and buying various outfits for your Stardoll. As a VIP member in the game, also known as a Superstar, you will have access to limited collections. These outfits are very nice and special and are only available for the members who pay, so you will be able to look better than a lot of other players in the game.

Exclusive Shopping- You will be able to have access to exclusive shopping centers and places. Shopping is such a big part of this game that having access to exclusive shopping areas is very important and also will get you the items you want before anyone else.

More Rooms in the Suite- You will have a Suite in the game, which means as a Superstar you will have even more rooms in your suite available. Think of a suite as a big type of apartment or hotel and it is nice to have more rooms because you can buy more items and put more furniture in it.

Special Sales & Offers- You will really enjoy the special sales that you will get as a Superstar in the game. You will also get special offers such as discounts and limited-time only clothing and accessories that are considered rare. Since you can earn more points in the game you will be able to purchase more items during these special sales and other offers.

Early Access Invites- Since you are a paid member of Stardoll you will get invited to new parts of the game or new shopping centers. You will get a special VIP invitation that is for these early releases and this is only for paid members of the game, so you get to see and try things before anyone else.

Sell Designs in Starbazaar- As a Superstar you have the benefit of selling your own designs in the game in the Starbazaar. Think you got a good idea for a shirt or pair of pants? Put a design together and then sell it at the Starbazaar to earn some quick money and get recognition.



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