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Top Reasons to Have a Disney Infinity Account

Disney Infinity allows players the chance to use real-world interactive objects to play a video game. With Disney Infinity players can use power discs, characters and even landmark pieces which are placed on the Disney Infinity Base in order to build and activate stories and worlds. There are many different types of Disney Infinity sets out there that you can use on the Base to create adventure worlds, such as Star Wars and Avengers. You can even create your own sandbox world in Disney Infinity. If you are thinking about playing Disney Infinity then you might want to create a Disney account as this is very beneficial for gameplay. We are going to tell you some of the best reasons why you should create a Disney account so that you can enjoy Disney Infinity more and in a brand new way.

Benefits of a Disney Infinity Account

Save to the Cloud- One great thing about having a Disney account for Disney Infinity is that you can login to the game from any device. You can login to Disney Infinity from your iPad, iPhone, Android device or PC and be able to save and play from the cloud. Since Disney Infinity can be played on PC, mobile, PlayStation or Xbox, you can login from any of these devices and have your progress saved for you so that you can play anywhere and everywhere.

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Access and Share Toy Boxes- By signing up for a Disney account you will be able to access your Toy Boxes no matter which device you are logging into. You also will be able to play through the various Community Toy Boxes. Another great feature is that you can upload your Toy Box which gives you the chance to be part of the Community Toy Box. These are all ways that you can access and share your Toy Boxes with other Disney Infinity players.

Downloading Extras- If you have a Disney account you can download extra content from Disney Infinity. Some of this content includes Toy Boxes that were community-created. You will notice that once a week new Toy Boxes are uploaded which are teh best of the community and it will help you become inspired.

Online Content and Features- Making a Disney account for Disney Infinity also gives you access to features on the website. Some of these features include access to your Toy Boxes which is found on your profile page. You will also be able to see your stats and access many community features that are only available if you have an account.

Digital Copies- You can get Disney Infinity Play Sets, Starter Packs, and Figures at the store, which often times come with a web code. This web code gives you access to the digital versions that can be downloaded onto your iPad, iPhone or PC. You must have a Disney account in order to access the digital downloads. It is important to note though that buying a Disney Infinity Character through the Internet prohibits you from using that on other devices or consoles. This means that the character purchased digitally through PC will only work on the PC and not on a console or mobile device.

These are just some of the best reasons why it really does pay to have a Disney account if you plan on playing Disney Infinity. A Disney account unlocks a ton of content and features that you cannot get if you just decide to play Disney Infinity as a guest or without an account. Some features might require parental consent however before accessing if you are under a certain age.




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