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What Happened To Roberto Carlos – What’s He Doing Now In 2018

There are plenty of good left-backs in football today, but a few years ago, the sport had a player who would usually impress fans with his free kicks and crossing ability. The retired football legend we’re talking about is Roberto Carlos, who is still part of many football videos today because some of his goals looked almost impossible.

Roberto Carlos His football career began in Brazil, where he played for three clubs. One of those clubs was Atletico Mineiro, which he joined on loan. The team visited Europe for a tour, where he played in three of the five games. In 1995, Roberto Carlos joined Inter Milan, where he quickly impressed fans by scoring on a free-kick in his first game. The season did not go well and they finished seventh.

The following year, Roberto Carlos joined Real Madrid, where he went on to be the starting left-back for ten years. The football legend played 11 seasons with Real Madrid, scoring 71 goals in 584 matches. He also won many trophies with the club, including four La Liga titles and three Champions League. He was also part of Zinedine Zidane’s goal in 2002, assisting the goal that is still remembered today by football fans around the world. Roberto Carlos also scored a number of impressive goals throughout his career with Real Madrid. Fans still remember the goal he scored near the sideline, which is still considered one of the best goals of all time. Many have actually described it as an impossible goal, which makes sense because we don’t see goals like this very often, especially from that area.

Roberto Carlos helped Real Madrid win a league title in 2003, scoring on a free-kick in the last few seconds of the first half. Later that year, he helped Real Madrid win against Barcelona, scoring the first goal.

In 2007, he announced that he would leave the club when his contract expired. Later that season, he scored his final goal for the club, which helped them win the league title. Later that year, he signed a two-year contract with Fenerbahce, where he played two seasons. In his first season, the club qualified for the Champions League but did not win the league title. In 2009, he announced that he would leave the club when his contract expired and there were many rumors on where he would play next.

Retirement and Manager Career

Roberto Carlos returned to Brazil in 2010, joining Corinthians, a club that had also signed one of his national team and Real Madrid teammate, Ronaldo. He had 35 appearances for the club, scoring one goal.

The following year, he moved to the Russian Premier League, where he scored five goals in 28 appearances.

In 2012, his retirement was confirmed but the football legend was still part of the sport. During his career with Anzhi Makhachkala, he spent some time as interim manager. A year later, he became the manager of Sivasspor and two other clubs in 2015 and 2016.

Roberto Carlos also had a great international career, he played for Brazil in three World Cups and four Copa America tournaments. He won the World Cup in 2002 and announced his retirement from the national team in 2006.

What’s He Doing In 2017?

In 2012, he announced his retirement, but during this season, he appeared with the Delhi Dynamos as a player and manager.

Roberto Carlos is also remembered for appearing in Nike commercials with other football players. The retired left-back was also part of Pepsi commercials and was selected for the FIFA 2003 cover. Since his retirement, football games have featured him as a legend.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Roberto Carlos was in talks to join the Real Madrid staff. Zinedine Zidane, who was his teammate at Real Madrid, is currently the manager. He also spoke about bringing Neymar to Real Madrid but he later said he was joking.

The retired left-back must be very happy as Real Madrid won the Champions League today. It wasn’t easy though, the club scored early but Atletico Madrid took the game to extra time by scoring late in the match. The game was decided in penalty kicks. Real Madrid has now won the Champions league eleven times, two in the last three seasons.

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