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The Best Weight Lifting or Training Shoes

Weight lifting and training is a very big deal and is a regular part of most people’s lives. Not only is following a routine important, but having the right shoes super important. Shoes are the foundation for a solid weight training experience because they will have to not only last, but be light weight and easy for you to lift in. Finding the perfect combination of material and comfort is very difficult for most, so here is my best shot at bringing some of my personal favorite weight lifting shoes.  One thing to note is that if you are looking for a weight lifting shoe, you want something that has a flat and grippy bottom, with raised rigid soles. These are the best qualities that a weight lifting shoe can provide for you.

5 – Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift

adidas powerlift

These shoes are made out of a very lightweight, synthetic material that makes weightlifting much easier. The lightweight fabric means you will have a breeze warming up your cardio, and the hard rubber soles allow for maximum grip and very little slippage. The shoes are also very open as they feature a mesh lining, which means they will breathe a lot easier which will reduce the amount of sweat in your shoes. They fit very true to size and are one of the most comfortable shoes for weight lifting. Wearing these had actually allowed me to activate my hamstrings much easier than my previous shoes. For those that are interested, these particular shoes are worn by Olympic weight lifters who dead lift and lift much more than most average people will, so you know they are strong. If you are doing more serious exercises like squats, cleans, jerks, or benching, these shoes are perfect for you because you will feel so stable in them compared to regular athletic shoes. These shoes retail for right around $100 however you can sometime’s get them for less than that on

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4 – Rebook Men’s Lifter Pr Cross Trainer Shoe

Usually retailing around $80 these are a slightly cheaper option for those who might have not have the same budget as the previous shoes. The main selling point about these shoes is that there is a heat activated foot wrap inside of the shoe that will mold to your foot allowing you the freedom of not having to break in these shoes with regular use before feeling like they are ready to tackle heavy weights. You will definitely notice improved stability with these shoes as they have a wide base and a much thicker sole than average tennis shoes. These are advertised as Cross Trainer shoes, but I definitely think they are better off being labeled as weight lifting shoes as they are not very flexible and running in them would hurt your feet. Note that these shoes tend to run a bit large, so I definitely recommend trying them on in person if that is possible before buying. These are definitely a great pair of shoes for someone who is just starting out and wants their first pair of lifting shoes because they are priced relatively on the cheaper side and will do wonders for your lifts.

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3 – Reebok Men’s R Cross Fit Lifter 2.0

Retailing at roughly $130, this particular shoe is less of a weight lifting shoe, and more of a training shoe. These shoes are much better for running and cross fit training than they are for pure weight lifting. This is because these shoes do not have a flat sole that offers a lot of grip. The heel height is also very minimal which is bad because you will be dealing with a lot of compression in the heel. One thing that these shoes are perfect for is if you are doing a lot of leg lifts or quick workouts. They have a lot of grip, but not so much that you would want while you are standing up and lifting a lot of heavy weight.

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2 – Adidas Men’s Leistung 16 Weightlifting Shoes

adidas leistung

Approaching some of the higher end weight lifting shoes is the Leistung from Adidas. These retail for a little over $200 and are definitely worth the price for someone who is an avid and seasoned weightlifter. These feature a one inch heel raise which will relieve some of the pressure from heavier weights. This will improve your ankles and straighten out your form. This particular shoe also features a different lacing system that will allow you to quickly adjust them to the perfect tightness that will make your shoe feel like it isn’t constricting to your foot. Without a doubt, these are the best shoes on the list for stability and if you notice yourself leaning forward, these will definitely help out with your form. Personally, these are also my favorite in the way that they look.

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1 – Adidas Performane Men’s Drehkraft Training Shoe

These shoes are made out of synthetic materials that are very lightweight. These run a little bit big and feature the BOA lacing system that weightlifters of all calibers like and use. These feature a .75 inch raised heel which will improve your mobility and flexibility problems. I definitely suggest trying these on in person because for me, they ran a bit tight and a bit big, so trying them out in person before buying online is definitely the best option. These will definitely help with your squats because you will be able to grip the floor much better and improve your flexibility with the raised heel. They also come in some different colors which are all very stylish and can be worn outside of working out. I definitely recommend these if you have a bit higher budget and want your first pair of solid weightlifting shoes. You will most definitely notice a difference in your form and improve all across the boards as soon as you start wearing them. They don’t require much time to break in and will feel great right out of the box.

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No matter whether you are a seasoned veteran, or just starting out, a solid pair of shoes will definitely improve your weightlifting game. You will want to try out different pairs because different shoes offer different advantages. No matter what, you cannot go wrong with any of the shoes on this list and you will definitely notice an immediate difference in your form and flexibility as soon as you put them on.

Alyssa Ralston
Alyssa Ralston
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