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Average MLS Player Salary 2017 – How Much Do MLS Players Make

A true world series and sensation, Soccer has become the unofficial game of humankind. This has in recent years become more apparent in the United States, as the MLS has gained popularity. As a result of this popularity, many MLS players are seeing pay raises and many more people are looking to become MLS players themselves. And with more teams growing in the United States every day, one can expect that there will be plenty of chances for novice but promising players who can work the system to make plenty of cash. Here, we look at how much the average MLS player gets paid, and how to potentially become one.

Average Salary for MLS Players in 2017- $213,048

A surprise to many, MLS Players get paid significantly less than most other big name sports league players, for example the NFL or NBA. What makes this even more of a shock is that most of the world has average salaries of their players in the millions, for example the English Premier league with the average at around $3 Million at time of writing. That being said, it should be mentioned that many who qualify to play in the MLS also ship over to international leagues to play for significantly more cash, but this is a hard metric to account for, as the numbers get muddled quickly when determining averages for league hopping players. That being said, some players who have crossed between La Liga to MLS like Ronaldo and Messi do make over $20 Million a year, which certainly bucks the trend. One can expect that in future years, the MLS salaries may rise as newer generations take to the sport more than those previous and the sponsorships follow.

A big factor for earnings is, of course, titles. Now, unlike many other sports where only one championship title really matters (looking at you, Superbowl) Soccer players, especially MLS players can expect that achieving high in multiple venues can help their paychecks. Of particular interest is participation in the Olympic Games, grabbing any FIFA titles, or bringing a national team higher than it’s been before, or other league titles. For example, a player from the English League or La Liga with no United States experience but one or two gold medals will likely get several times more than even a well rounded American player.

How to Become a Soccer Player – Do You Need to Go to School?

At least for now and the next few seasons, there is a chance that getting into the MLS may be a try-out away. To go to one, simply check the team’s websites for any open try outs, and register early for them. This usually involves paying a fee to enter, but early bird specials exist for those who sign up early. Then, show up at the designated place and simply perform well, be of the minimum age (typically 18) and proper gender for the team. If you’re good enough, you get picked up.

Another pair of methods you can get into the MLS are through schools or academies. The most traditional route is that MLS players are usually picked up as a result of school performance. Usually an MLS player has had experience through elementary, middle and high school, and can expect at least some time in the college circuits as well. That being said, some players with exceptional skill can be selected as early as 14 for elite camps where they can be trained to a higher caliber and be the next Messi. For those that are skilled but don’t quite make it to this level academically or talent wise, there’s also MLS Academies which are extended training and recruitment camps which can end up in a sweet MLS contract for those players who prove themselves over time. These can be entered in if a player has had extensive field experience at multiple levels, or catches the eye of someone who’s already made it through the system.

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