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Bode Miller Net Worth 2018

Bode Miller is the most successful United States ski racer of all time. While he is currently retired, during his prosperous 20-year-old career, he became one of the most famous and wealthiest skiers ever. Today we’re taking a look at Bode Miller’s net worth, career, and life. Let’s get started!

Bode Miller Net Worth – $8 Million

Bode is worth a whopping $8 million, making him one of the richest skiers of all time. Here’s the story of Bode Miller’s $8 million net worth.

How Did Bode Miller Make His Money & Wealth

Early Life & Childhood – Miller’s Beginnings

Miller was born in 1977 in Easton, NH (Fun fact, nowadays Easton has a population of just 200 people). He was raised together with his siblings in Franconia, and they were homeschooled until their parents divorced when Miller was in the 3rd grade. Since his childhood, he has been playing tennis and soccer. He started skiing during his school days.

Early Career – Skiing Beginnings

Bode Miller Both his World Cup and Olympic debut happened in 1998 when he was still fairly unknown. During this time, he did not achieve any major results. He kept improving all the way until 2002 when he started gaining mainstream recognition.

That was the year he won his first Olympics medals, two silver ones, in both giant slalom and combined disciplines. In 2003, he was able to climb near the top of the World Cup, finishing second. Next year, however, he won the cup in two disciplines. Finally, in 2005 he won the overall World Cup for the first time. During this time he started making lots of money and increasing his net worth.

Skiing Career – Ups and Downs

2006 was not a good year for Miller. He was a mainstream celebrity at the time, and great things were expected of him at the upcoming Winter Olympics. However, he failed to achieve any significant results, and while he did finish at the 3rd place of the overall World Cup, 06 is considered a low point of his career.

bode miller In 2007, he left the US Ski Team. Finally, in 2008 he recovered, won dozens of individual races and had some great final placements. At the end of the season, he was the definite overall champion.

He reunited with the US Team for the 2010 Olympics, where he won 3 medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze), despite previously not training for several months.

Recent Years

Recently Bode has had several decent results, such as his 2014 Olympic silver. But due to the recent injuries and legal disputes, he finally retired in 2017, after making around $8 million.

Bode Miller Personal Life & FAQ’s:

Is Bode Miller married?

Bode Miller Wife Yes, Bode is married to a professional model and beach volleyball player, Morgan Beck. Together, the Millers have two children, a son (Edward Nash Skan) and a daughter (Emeline Grier). They have been married since October of 2012. The wedding ceremony happened in San Diego, CA.

Bode also has two other children with his ex-girlfriend, Sara McKenna. They have a daughter (Neesyn Dace) and a son (Samuel Bode Miller-McKenna).

Bode Miller Salary & Annual Earnings in 2018

Miller’s precise salary (and thus annual earnings) are currently unknown.

How much money does he make per tournament?

Here are some numbers that represent his earnings fairly accurately:

  • World Cup 2008 Prize Money – $332,000
  • World Cup 2009 Prize Money – $84,000
  • World Cup 2014 Prize Money – $94,000

However, lots of his net worth comes from endorsements, and we don’t have any numbers to show that off.

Bode Miller House 

bode miller house While we don’t have information regarding Miller’s current home, we do have something that represents his tastes very well. In 2016, Miller sold his Orange County, CA residence. And with that, lots of details regarding the house came up, and the only thing we can say is… WOW! Bode really enjoys luxury! Here’s what we mean by that:

The house spreads across 8,000 square feet and has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. It also has an office, a library, a wine room and a butler’s pantry! I didn’t even know that was a thing before I started researching this.¬†The spacious kitchen has several sinks, dishwashers, and ovens.

The yard around the house is also stunning, with a big fountain in front of the house, accompanied by a nearby fire pit. It also includes a sand court for volleyball and a garage that houses six cars.

The house was sold for $5 million in 2016.

Bode Miller Car

Unfortunately, there is no information about Miller’s car(s).

Charity and donations and philanthropy

  • He founded the Turtle Ridge Foundation, which supports youth sports programs. The foundation offers various means of funding to young athletes.
  • In 2006 & 2007, Miller played baseball for the Nashua Pride team, which in return caused ticket sales to spike. $5,000 of the sales profits was donated to charity.


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