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Andres Iniesta Net Worth 2018 – Latest Wealth & Income

Iniesta is considered by many to be one of the finest soccer players in the world. The Spanish midfielder has been at Barcelona FC since 2001, making the main team in 2002. Since then he has built a rep as one of the best play makers in the game. How soccer players make their money is widely known. A combination of salary and endorsements for the most part. Iniesta’s pay packet is in the upper echelons of the sport, so his take home at the end of the week is substantial. His popularity in Spain is immense, and good performances by the club internationally have won him fans all over the globe.

So how much is he worth? Let’s take a look through his financials, see where he came from and how he makes his money.

Andres Iniesta Net Worth 2018 – $83 Million

How Did Andres Iniesta Make His Money & Wealth?

Iniesta is a professional football player at the top of his game. How he makes money is no secret. He has been playing for Barcelona his entire career, and in that time he has led the team to many victories, and more than their fair share of domestic and international trophies. The core of his wealth comes from his weekly wage. I love the fact that football players still have their earnings listed as a weekly wage, as though they are still working class or something. He pulls in $190,000 with Barcelona every week. Not a bad base to start from, but there are also bonuses to consider. The exact amount he gets for goals and assists are not known, but on average you can see $10,000 added to the pay packet for each one. Not much of a surprise considering his skill and popularity.

The second pillar of a soccer players wealth is in endorsements. He has a multi million dollar deal with US sports wear manufacturer Nike, and appears in their advertisements regularly. He is also featured on the cover of the Fifa video game, something I know for certain is more than a bit lucrative.

the final pillar is social media. Iniesta is one of the most followed people on the planet, with 24 million Facebook followers. Add in the Instagram and twitter followers and we are looking at a sizable and leveragable direct audience. I don’t have specific figure for the ad revenue generated here, but I know for a fact that it is a lot. People with far fewer fans earn upwards of $8,000 per day.

Andres Iniesta Personal Life & FAQ

Is Andres Iniesta Married?

He is, yes. Iniesta is married to Anna Ortiz, the American actor, famous for her appearance on Ugly Better and Devious Minds.

Where is Andres Iniesta from?

Iniesta was born in Fuentealbilla, Spain, a small province in Castile. At 12 he was considered by scouts from all over Spain. His parents knew the coach at Barcelona, and convinced him to take on Iniesta.

Where does Andres Iniesta live? Pictures of Andres Iniesta’s house.

Iniesta is building a home in his Fuentealbilla. The house is as yet unfinished, but looks great. Large and only a couple of hundred miles to the sea.

What kind of car does Andres Iniesta drive?

Iniesta has a wide variety of vehicles, you tend to notice that with soccer players, and sports stars in general. Known vehicles include an Audi A7, an Audi Q7, a Nissan Pulsar he got in an endorsement deal, and a Bugatti Veyron worth $14 million at current market prices. I choose to show for the Bugatti Veyron seen as it’s the prettiest.

What awards has Andres Iniesta won?

The short answer is all of them. The longer answer is, as a member of a club, La Liga, the Copa Del Rey, the Supercopa De Espana, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA World Club Cup. With Spain he has won the FIFA World Cup, 2010, the UEFA European Championship, and both the under 17 and under 19 UEFA European Championships.

On his own he has won no less than 30 awards, including the Ballon d’Or, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Man of the Match in the final, the Marca Legend Award, the Onze De Bronze, the Prince of Asturias Award and the Queen Sofia Award.

How much does Andres Iniesta make in a week?

Iniesta makes around $180,000 per week, not including bonuses and endorsements.

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