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The Best Cell Phone Service Providers in the country

There has been amazing growth within the last decade in the development of new digital services. All thanks to the affordable smartphone times that we live in today. That is why Budget boost is here to give all of the details regarding the best option that you can go for. Here we have for you the best cell phone service provider in the country today.

  • Verzion- Is the best overall

This is not just the best 4G LTE coverage provider in all of the fifty states but also fast consistently. So it’s kind of a surety that you will not be having any troubles regarding network at any place. We are not saying here that there will be absolutely no dead spots but there is less probability of encountering problems like these.

It is also certainly an expensive option than other big carriers. But if you are looking out for a coverage that is the best spending that little extra money for an important call is not going to hurt you at all. It has an activation fee of $30 and is worth the price. It is a perfect choice for business travelers or if you have concerns about coverage in rural areas.

  • AT&T Wireless for a decent coverage

When we talk about coverage specifically AT&T might be behind Verzion for sure but speed is great. AT&T offers coverage most of the time and is less expensive than Verzion. And if you are a TV user it certainly gives some additional benefits as you will get to save a lot of money on numerous services that you had been paying for otherwise. Although most of the places are covered by the company, you can have a look at the company’s map for more information.

  • T-Mobile for the best speed

T-mobile offers a good coverage with really fast speed at affordable prices. Although some of the rural areas might face the problem of coverage. It does not alter the internet speed until after you have used 50 GB data. Another amazing feature I sit also offers Netflix with unlimited plans on mobile hotspot data and in-flight Wi-Fi. It is a good option for people living in cities.

  • Sprint for people on a budget

When it comes to mobile phone plans Sprint is certainly the best choice. It offers unlimited plans that you can choose from and save up to $20 every month. When it comes to coverage it is certainly average and if you are looking for saving more but alright with such coverage you can choose sprint.


So these were the best cell phone providers from Budget Boost in the country and you can choose any of them according to your specifications and needs. Also, try to go through customer review at least once before you go forward with any one of them Try considering monthly plans to come to the right choice and you will surely go for the right one for you.

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Vince Wickmann
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