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Best Tips For Earning Money in Animal Jam

In Animal Jam, there are two types of currency that you can earn in the game. The currencies that you will notice in Animal Jam are gems and diamonds. We are going to tell you some of the best ways that you can earn each one of these currencies in Animal Jam. We are also going to tell you just some of the things that you can use these gems and diamonds to purchase within the game itself.

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How To Earn Gems in Animal Jam

Play the Games- You can earn gems in Animal Jam easily by playing various games within Jamaa. The best game you can play is Sky High since it often gives you a lot of gems and also helps you by counting them out for you too. Sol Arcade is another area where you can earn a lot of gems, especially the game called “Overflow” which is found in the arcade area. You can use hard mode to get the most gems and then begin playing to start earning gems. If you do not think you are ready for hard mode, you can do the other easier modes however you do not earn as many gems.

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Best Dressed is one of the most popular games to earn gems and you will find many players in this game trying to earn gems. Basically, you have to dress the best you can for the given theme, and if you get first place you get 200 gems. You want to make sure the matches have 7 or more players because that gives you more gems. Splash-and-Dash also gives you quite a few gems, and if you play pro you get 150 gems. You can only get pro though by going through Regular mode, and if you come in first on Regular mode you get 100 gems.

Use Gem Codes- Gem Codes can be found all over the Internet and it is an easy way to earn gems for free. If you get National Geographic Kids Magazine, then you will also find an insert in it with gem codes as well. Simply search for Animal Jam gem codes and you will come up with many different websites that offer them for free.

Send Gifts to Friends- If you send friends gifts on Animal Jam you also might end up getting gems out of the deal. You want to send your friends good gifts to have a higher chance of getting gems out of it, and make sure you send at least one gift to each friend. You can send 4 friends a gift or 14 friends a gift, but make sure you are being nice and thoughful as it might come back to you in a good way.

Go Through Adventures- In Animal Jam, you also can earn gems by playing various adventures. It often times does not matter which animal you use, but you want to make sure that you complete the adventure if you can. You will get a prize if you finish the adventure and you can either sell it to get more gems or keep the item which often comes with a few gems each too. You want to make sure you get rid of all of the phantoms you see in the adventures as well, because you get 25 gems for each phantom you get rid of. Make sure too that when you are going through the adventures that you are collecting all of the chests, because getting all of the chests gives you a higher chance of getting more gems and better items.

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Tips for Earning Diamonds in Animal Jam

One of the more recent currencies that has been added to Animal Jam are the Diamonds. These Diamonds are given out to all members of Animal Jam on Tuesday, while non-members can still access Diamonds by participating in a few different activities. If you are not a member of Animal Jam, you can go over to the Daily Spin in order to have a shot at earning Diamonds, although it is not common for you to earn them every time you spin the wheel.

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Contests- Various contests in Animal Jam also give out Diamonds as a reward, such as the various Diamond Challenge events. If you enter one of these contests and win, then you can get up to 5 or 7 Diamonds each depending on the event. Sometimes though, you might only win one Diamond as a result of the contest or giveaway, it just depends on the event. This of course is just a contest so not every one who enters the contest will win Diamonds.

Gift Certificates- If you purchase an Animal Jam gift certificate or Membership Gift Card, you will also earn Diamonds just by making the purchase. Additionally, you can purchase special Diamond Gift Certificates online through the Animal Jam Outfitters shop. If you purchase a gift card or gift certificate you can earn anywhere from 10 to 25 Diamonds per purchase, so this is one of the best ways to get more Diamonds quickly.

The Diamonds are used to purchase various exclusive items, such as armor, pets, dens, accessories, and animals. You will find the Diamond Shop right in the heart of Jamaa Township, and it will show you all of the exclusive and rare items that can be purchased using the Diamonds. The best part about the Diamond Shop is that the inventory changes quite often, which means new and exclusive items are always being added.



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