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Dog Named Hero Lives Up to His Name After Leading Rescuers to Owner

A 61-year-old man was trapped in a muddy ditch near Taber, Alberta, for two days before being rescued, thanks to his dog named Hero.

Authorities believe he got stuck while walking in the vicinity as it’s an area he often frequents with his dogs. The ditch which he had fallen into was out of sight from the road and he was unable to move.

Hero the Akita stayed by his owner for two days and protected him from coyotes

On Thursday morning, police received a call about a large dog roaming just north of Taber around a sugar refinery.

When officers arrived at the scene, however, they couldn’t find the dog.

Dog Attack Turns to a Rescue

Several hours later, they received another call from the same area. A man named Curtis had allegedly been attacked by a large dog while he was walking with his dog.

In a Facebook police, Taber police said that the dog that ‘attacked’ was Hero.

When they arrived on the scene again, they saw the large Akita breed dog lying down on a narrow ledge and tried to get his attention. That’s when they heard a man’s cry for help.

The officer looked to his left where the other dog owner was sitting in his car, but it was obvious the cry wasn’t from him as his window wasn’t open. So the officer whistled a second time and he heard the cry again.

alberta ditch
Hero’s owner had been injured and was unable to move from a ditch for two days

The officer walked over toward the voice and that’s when he saw a man lying on his back in a ditch and called for a rescue team.

According to Hero’s owner, the dog had stayed by his side for two days and had kept him warm during the cold nights. He might have also protected his owner from nearby coyotes.

After being rescued, his owner was taken to a Lethbridge hospital. While he recovered, Taber’s Lost Paws Society cared for his two dogs, Hero and Tora. Staff at the animal rescue center said Hero was initially ‘confused and anxious’ but eventually became ‘quite calm’.

They also said the two dogs are looking forward to being reunited with their owner.

Their guess is that he had attacked the other dog owner to protect his own human.

Dog Attack Victim Recovering From Injuries

curtis dahl
Curtis Dahl, the other dog owner, was injured by Hero but was understanding after learning the full story

The dog owner who was attacked in the incident went to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. His dog Jack also received treatment at the vet.

Since he found out about the situation, however, he’s more understanding of what had happened, knowing that Hero probably thought his dog was a threat to his owner.

The Lost Paws Society, which is currently caring for Hero and Tora, has since launched a fundraising campaign for all the dogs involved in the incident.

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