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What Happened to Stanford Rapist Brock Turner – News & Updates

Back in 2016, Brock Turner filled national headlines with a high-profile rape case. Turner, a swimmer at Stanford University, engaged in sexual contact with a drunk and unconscious college-aged girl. He received a lot of attention for his behavior during the ensuing criminal trial, and for the sentencing that he received, which some believed to be overly lenient. His official trial began in March of 2016, and the case sparked a national conversation about rape culture, male privilege, and criminal proceedings in the United States. W

hat happened to Brock Turner following the trial? Is Brock Turner in jail? In this article, I’m going to be answering that question, among a few others. Without further delay, let’s see if we can’t learn some more about this guy.

Brock Turner’s Early Life and the Stanford Incident

brock-turner-high-school Brock Turner was born in 1995 in Dayton, Ohio. He graduated from high school in 2014, where he swam competitively. Brock didn’t just swim, either. He was a really, really good swimmer. When he graduated from Oakwood High School, he was a three-time All-American. Turner was able to get into Stanford University (one of the top universities in the country, if not the world) on a swimming scholarship. Prior to his arrest for rape, Brock had gotten into a couple of instances of legal trouble. During his time in Stanford and in high school, he was known to illegally abuse substances like alcohol and drugs. In 2014, he was arrested for possessing alcohol while being under the legal age. At the time, these may have just seemed like stupid mistakes made by a dumb teenager. However, Turner would eventually show a proclivity for an even more heinous type of crime.

On January 18th, 2015, two Swedish graduate students were cycling around Stanford’s campus late at night when they saw Brock Turner in a dark area behind a dumpster. Brock was on top of a woman who appeared to be unconscious. The men, knowing that something was awry, confronted Turner. When Turner attempted to flee, the men chased him down and detained him until campus police were able to arrive. When they came on the scene, the police determined that the woman in question was completely unconscious. She didn’t show signs of conscious response until past 4 am, which was three hours AFTER the cyclists confronted Brock. The woman’s hair was full of pine needles, and blood covered her hands and elbows. Brock was questioned and arrested, and it was found that he had a blood alcohol content of 0.171%. Experts estimated that the woman’s blood alcohol content would have sat at approximately 0.22%. Needless to say, things did not look good at all for Brock Turner.

brock-turner-mugshot When the woman finally came to the following morning, she testified that she had very little recollection of the night before. She didn’t remember being alone with anyone, and she didn’t remember consenting to any sexual activity. A medical examination showed that the woman had sustained signs of physical trauma (bruising and scrapes) as well as signs of sexual trauma, from being penetrated. The night before, both Brock Turner and the woman (who was known as Jane Doe during the proceedings) attended a party held by the Kappa Alpha fraternity on campus. Brock told police prior to his arrest that he had hit it off with the girl at the party, and that she enthusiastically accepted his advanced at the party and after they had left the party. He went on say that Jane Doe gave verbal consent prior to becoming unconscious. Jane Doe and her prosecutors would go on to discredit this series of events in the ensuing trial.

Brock Turner During the Stanford Trial

Shortly after the incident, in order to avoid disciplinary action, Brock withdrew his enrollment from Stanford. Just a couple of days after his initial arrest, Stanford made the decision to ban Brock from ever stepping foot on campus again. (This is one of the harshest penalties that the university is able to impose on someone.) On January 28th, he was officially indicted on five charges. These charges included rape of an intoxicated person, rape of an unconscious person, along with the intent to rape and inserting a foreign object into the woman. Turner pleaded not guilty to all five of the charges. A few months later, in October, the first two charges of rape were dropped. Although his actions can certainly be considered sexual assault, it wasn’t technically rape, since DNA evidence showed that there was no genital-to-genital contact.

brock-turner-trial His trial didn’t officially begin until March of 2016, and that’s when the media frenzy really began. The trial itself lasted two weeks, and on March 30th he was officially convicted of the three remaining felony charges of sexual assault. The recommended sentencing for these charges typically sits at about 14 years in prison, but probation officials suggested that Turner just face a moderate amount of time in county jail. Prosecutors were seeking closer to six years in prison, believing that the callous act of sexual assault deserved a very serious punishment. During sentencing deliberations, statements from the victim, Brock, and Brock’s family attracted a lot of media attention. Brock’s statement was 11 pages long, and it reiterated his allegation that the contact he had with Jane Doe was completely consensual. According to Turner, they danced, flirted, and kissed at the party before engaging in sex acts with her on the ground on the Stanford campus.

One of the most controversial statements issued during this trial came from Brock Turner’s father, who believed that his son shouldn’t have twenty years of his life wasted due to a twenty-minute mistake. As one can imagine, this comment was seen as seriously insensitive and out of line. The most influential statement, probably, came from Jane Doe herself. Jane’s statement was just under 8,000 words long, and it eloquently discussed her experience following the assault. In a very graceful way, it also talked about the male privilege and the class privilege that she felt was clearly evident in the trial. She noted her disgust that Brock could potentially get a light sentence due to his family’s affluence, and due to his success as a competitive swimmer. In the end, Brock Turner was sentenced to six months of confinement in county jail, followed by three years of probation. Outside of that, Turner was expected to register as a sex offender and attend a rehabilitation program for sex offenders.

What’s Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Doing Now in 2024 – Recent Updates

Brock Turner was indicted on five charges: two for felony sexual assault, two for rape, and one for attempted rape. Despite that, he was only sentenced to six months in prison (prosecutors recommended six years), which many people believed was way too lenient. To make matters worse, he was released early, after only three months.

brock turner released
Brock Turner was released from the San Jose Jail after serving only half of his six-month sentence

In 2019, he completed his three-year probation, though he will remain on the Tier III sex offenders list for life (he will have to re-register his status every 90 days).

The former swimmer, who had previously attended college on a swimming scholarship, has also been banned from Stanford. Not only that, but he has also been barred from participating in any competitive swimming events. Given that, it’s probably fair to say that he won’t be representing the U.S. in the Olympics anytime soon.

In 2019, it was reported that he was working for Tark Inc., a local cooling technology company where he makes $12 an hour. He had previously worked in shipping and receiving and had recently been transferred to quality control. He currently drives a 2008 Chrysler and lives in his parents’ home in Bellbrook, Ohio.

According to an anonymous co-worker, Brock had been with the company for over two years at the time so he likely joined back in 2017, just a year after he was released from the San Jose jail. The same source also said that he’s a ‘reserved character’ who just ‘keeps his head down and does his job.’

Since then, Chanel Miller, whom he had sexually assaulted back in 2015, has written and published a memoir titled, Know My Name: A Memoir, in which she describes her story. In 2019, the book won the National Book Critics Circle Award for autobiographies. It was also named one of the top ten titles of the year by The Washington Post.

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  1. Brock Turner’s trial a year ago bears all the features of a witch hunt. Brock is the one who got screwed, being seduced by an older woman who then wouldn’t take responsibility for creating the seduction.

    • Seriously? She was unconscious! Behind a dumpster. You may have sex behind a dumpster in the dirt but women don’t. You are a scumbag just like Brock.

    • Yeah… Witch Hunt.

      The only good news is that his dreams are shattered. But he should have been in there at least 6 years.

      • Other good news is that concerned citizens hold protests in front of Mummee and Daddee’s house where the little worm is residing. Public shaming is apropos for this family, especially considering Daddee’s glib remarks about his son’s assault against an unconscious human being.

    • What’s scary about you is the fact that you’re a doctor, and you have a daughter. Please, I beg you, as she grows and her body develops, don’t do to her what you condone men do to women they find attractive. Obviously, it will happen to her, and she will reluctantly accept it as you’ve raised her to do; just don’t be the one to teach her what it’s like to be furiously used, abused and discarded.

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  2. So basically you don’t know “what he’s doing now”. I admit, you’re learning the ways in clickbait at least.

  3. Anyone who thinks Turner was innocent needs to fall off the earth. He needs to take responsibility for his actions. How does he know how to do that if he has had his parents shielding him from his responsibiities. I hope someone catches him off guard and does to him what he tried to do to this girl and see how his father feels about that 20 minutes of action!

    • Dear dad, should face the fact, that it was his misogynistic teachings, that dear son has followed up to prison time, which was unfortunately just a joke. The boy does deserve the additional prison time of public outrage, and a career of serving in McDonalds at best.

      • I can’ believe coming back to this sight to read your post that people want to blame the girl. She was drinking so automatically she is a wanna-be and came on to him! Why can’t a woman go out and have fun and not be bothered? Men for ages find that if they give women alcohol and she passes out well she deserves to ge raped because she drank. How many countless girls have not reported rape because of this! It is sad that a person can not trust the environment they are in, that there is always some would be rapist trolling to see what girl is drunk to where they can take advantage. For every man that has gotten away with rape I hope in your life that you get to face the wraith of having to live in this for the rest of your life, that you feel the pain of what you have inflicted on others. For the ones that make general comments you need to volunteer at a rape hotline or morgue to see what these actions of some over privileged guy gets away with.

        • Again: you have serious functional illiteracy problems, if you mistake anything in my comment for blaming the victim. Read carefully, word by word. If help needed, ask for it, otherwise stop this rage for nothing.

          • Agnes calm down. I was not in any way saying that you were victim blaming. I should have explained I guess a little better. I agree with your comment. I meant when I went to answer you and read the other comments stating that the victim deserved what she got made me angry.

        • She had 4 drinks at home, after supper went to the frat house, uninvited, decided to drop in, had 4 more drinks. She’s a tramp, period. Nice girls don’t do that–getting loaded and then going out. The fact that she wrote a 6 to 8 thousand word story indicates to me that she has a screw loose. I have seen this in law enforcement, my job. She’s a modern day scarlet o’hara — as god as my witness, I’ll never go hungry again. Well this woman, so kindly protected is a dummy, tramp and no good. Eventually we will read a story about her really falling down.

          • Wow! and you work in law enforcement? Blaming the victim is what is wrong with the judicial system. So its okay for you to go out and have drinks but if a woman has drinks she is automatically a dummy??? You have serious issues and I hope you take advantage of any mental health assistance you can get. Brock Turner assaulted her and took advantage point blank period. I pray you are not out in the field as a police officer because no one is safe with you, well unless you are white and have money.

          • well this rooster is white, has money and is on the bench. I listened to both sides of similar stories. I’ll repeat it again and again and as I get closer to retirement will be more brazen in my postings on this matter. Nice girls don’t go out and get loaded, act ‘sexy’ and then wonder what and why things happened. We did so much to protect ‘jane doe” but crucified Brock Turner. He was only doing what comes naturally. Isn’t that why women dress up or down and want to look sexy? For what? The Ellen Show? Praise be to Allah, the Moslems have it right, cover them up and keep them out of trouble. Read up on that religion. Its not too far fetched. Again, keep up with ‘jane doe’. Sooner or later she will run into difficulties of her own doing. Anybody who writes a 7-8000 word treatise to be read in court has a screw loose and is inherently neurotic. The defense should have demanded a virginity examination and test. Res Ipso Loquitur.

          • You sir is what is wrong with the judicial system. I think you need to retire now. I don’t care how a person dresses, acts, if they are in no condition to say no then NO ONE should assume it is okay to treat that person in any way they want. I hope you don’t have daughters and have not put them under this scrutiny. No one has the right to take advantage of another person. Consent is the law. So you are saying if you as a man go out and drink that you deserved to be violated and raped? I hope you are joking because this is an unhealthy way to view rights. I hope Brock Turner loses everything and his parents should be ashamed of his actions. If you are on the bench I would definitely have you taken off any case such as this, you should never be allowed in a courtroom.

          • He’s probably one of the frustrated virgins in real life that likes to march around places in Charlottesville, VA. in a white hood or waving a swastika adorned flag. Losers like him are best ignored.

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    • The tramp in this matter contributed to the event. Equally negligent, equally guilt if indeed there was a crime committed.

  4. I will assume this was some project for Middle School. The article is awful. Very poorly written. There is no new information, and it contains nothing about what Brock is doing in 2017.

  5. This is journalism. This guy should be fired. Then again, his passion is fech and film–so why is he writing about serious matters?

    • The same reason someone would flip burgers I would imagine, So, dumb jerks can stop him all the time and ask why he’s doing it.

  6. Where’s the update? I hope you’re not serious about journalism as your writing is very immature
    and replete with fundamental errors on many levels.

  7. This crummy little insect will have to register as a sex offender for life. I am glad he lost his education and career as a swimmer.

  8. This article is a disgrace! “A prison sentence that some believed to be lenient…” like what?! You’re a rape apologist and have no business writing about this subject. Referring to Turner as a swimmer and the victim as a “drunk, unconscious girl” clearly outlines your opinion on this matter.

  9. The biggest problem I have about these libtards is that they ignored the ridiculous amount of Women that have accused Bill Clinton of rape. This case got so much media attention while all the Women that were raped by Bill Clinton got next to no coverage. Even FoxNews didn’t even cover it much.

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      • U’re right! There is a lot of antipathy on the part of homosexual men towards women. Let’s not forget THAT category of bigotry!!!!

  10. I cannot fathom how anyone could hire this..ahem…”writer”. He sounds like a 6th grader experimenting with”creative writing”….

  11. This young lady is about to make mega $$$$ for the book she has written. While the rapist is working at some penny annie company making $12.00 an hour. This is what I read on an update on the update of him in 2019. There will come a day when this rapist gets this justice he so richly deserves. As far as going out looking sexy and the loser who previouly stated isnt that what women want?? You are so blatantly ignorant that it amazes me. It is easy to hide behind a computer and talk crap as long as you do not have to attach your name to it. You are a coward. What if this had been your mother? Your mother was wearing knee length shorts and she was raped, she was wearing shorts, was she asking for it??? Maybe thats why you are so bitter, you were conceived thru rape. It would not shock me in the least, if you were the rapist sperm donor, Dan Brock.I am a firm believer in karma and he will get his in due time. The best thing he can do is keep his mouth shut and his head hung,because I saw a picture of the rapist in his swimming trunks and with what he is has between his legs, it is a wonder he can have sex at all, not to mention, he looks like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on it.


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