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Kate Middleton Undergoes Chemotherapy After Cancer Diagnosis

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, revealed on Friday that she is undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer.

The mother-of-three underwent major abdominal surgery at a private London Clinic in January and was hospitalized for nearly two weeks. This led her to withdraw from the public eye, which caused widespread speculation and conspiracy theories to emerge on social media.

While doctors originally believed her condition was benign and that the operation was a success, subsequent testing revealed that cancerous tissue had been present.

kate video message

The 42-year-old said in a video message that she is now receiving a course of chemotherapy, as advised by her team of doctors. She did not specify the type and stage of cancer nor did she say why she underwent the abdominal surgery.

In a statement released by Kensington Palace, she said she is in the ‘early stages of treatment’ and thanked everyone for their support. She also asked for space, time, and privacy while she receives the chemotherapy treatment.

She said the cancer diagnosis came ‘as a huge shock’ and that they have been doing everything they can to process the situation. She also said she wasn’t able to start chemotherapy right away as she had to first recover from the abdominal surgery.

kate with william

However, she assured everyone that ‘[she] is well and that [she] is getting stronger every day.’ She and William have also been explaining things to their young children, George, Louis, and Charlotte, reassuring them that she will be okay.

For the abdominal surgery, William had delayed several engagements he had to be with his wife while caring for their young children.

William’s father, King Charles III, was also diagnosed with cancer last month and has been receiving medical treatment. However, Buckingham Palace has not disclosed the stage or type of cancer.

In fact, the Princess of Wales was in the hospital at the same time as the king in January. According to a palace spokesperson, King Charles III has remained in the ‘closest contact’ with Kate, his ‘beloved daughter-in-law’.

According to the palace, Princess Kate will resume her official duties once her medical team clears her.

Weeks After a Photo Editing Controversy

The announcement comes just two weeks after she was the center of a photo editing controversy. On March 10, which is Mother’s Day in the U.K., she shared a photo of herself with her three kids on X (formerly Twitter). It was the first official picture of the princess that the public had seen since December.

kate middleton with kids
The photo of Kate and her three children that sparked the photo editing controversy

While the picture was initially picked up by several news agencies, including Getty Images, and The Associate’s Press, they later retracted the photo, saying that it was likely edited before being released by the royals.

The following day, Kate apologized for having edited the photo and for any confusion that it may have caused.

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