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Lil Advents 2024 Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Lil Advents Before Shark Tank

Potty training can be a difficult task to tackle with children. For some, it may be quite easy to get children to latch onto the habit of using the bathroom, while other children have a harder time grasping it. Potty training can become just as overwhelming for children as it is for parents. Nonetheless, there are innovative ways to help a child get into the habit of using the bathroom. For instance, one great way of doing this is to praise the child or award them for successfully using the bathroom. In fact, this has been so helpful that one couple has created a system that makes potty training easier for children and parents. That creation is known as Lil Advents.

Lil Advents is a method of potty training in which personalized advent calendars are used to track a child’s milestones. The calendars are equipped with sections numbered from one to thirty. These thirty numbers are split into fourteen punch-out sections. Each time a child is appropriately using the bathroom, parents can then mark off one milestone. Each punch-out requires the child to complete either two- or three-bathroom milestones before they can find out what’s inside. Depending on the theme of the advent calendar, the sections will contain a sticker and a small toy that goes along with the theme. Not only do these advent calendars award children for their successes during potty training, but they also make it easier for parents to keep track of their child’s progress. With Lil Advents, children can become potty trained in just 60 to 90 days.

Mindy and Brandon Wright are the founders of Lil Advents. The couple resides in Renton, Washington, with their two children. As parents, Mindy and Brandon experienced the troubles of potty training their children, as most parents do. With their daughter Ruby, however, she was more interested in attempting to potty train herself. After realizing this, Brandon started brainstorming possible systems that could keep Ruby intrigued throughout her potty-training journey. He remembered how much he loved using advent calendars as a child and figured that children today would love them as well. This led him to come up with the idea of creating advent calendars made specially for potty training. After creating a prototype calendar, the couple tested it with Ruby; she loved it, and it left her more excited about learning to use the bathroom. Lil Advents Potty Training Calendar 3

Seeing how successful the advent calendar was with Ruby, Mindy and Brandon decided to make a business out of it. In 2009, Lil Advents started being sold on Amazon as well as on the company’s website. The couple began launching new advent calendars with themes for boys and girls such as cars, farm animals, dinosaurs, and even unicorns. In 2015, Lil Advents made more than $1 million in sales. This was shortly before they were featured on Amazon Basics, once more boosting their sales; however, their sales declined shortly after. In hopes of increasing their sales again, Mindy and Brandon introduced ba-ba bucks. Ba-ba bucks is a made-up currency that children can be rewarded with and eventually use to buy a prize. This did help the business reach $200,000 in sales between 2019 and 2020. Nonetheless, Mindy and Brandon need a sharks help towards boosting their sales.

Lil Advents on Shark Tank

Mindy and Brandon Wright make their appearance on Shark Tank, asking for $300,000 in exchange for 15% of their business, Lil Advents. The begin their pitch with an introduction of the struggles that come along with potty training children. They explain that they tried many methods of training with their children, and that Lil Advents was the only successful method. This leads the couple to tell the sharks about the product and how they are to be used during potty training. The sharks receive samples of the calendars, and they analyze them while the Wrights bring their pitch to an end. Though, offers are not discussed until after the couple talks about their sales.

Brandon starts out by explaining to the sharks that he spent his childhood in a low-income home. He then tells them that, after starting their business, Lil Advents made more than $8 million in sales. Following this, however, their sales declined drastically. In 2020, the company only made $205,000 in sales, with another $320,000 the following year. In 2021, they’re on track to reach $90,000 in sales with a 15% increase in profits; however, they predict their profits will increase to 20% in 2022. Although their decline in sales is a problem, the sharks are happy with the company’s margins. Before concluding this discussion, Mindy and Brandon reveal that they just landed a licensing deal with a well-known company right before appearing on Shark Tank. The deal is with Hasbro and will include a new Lil Advent launch with a Hasbro characters theme.

Lil Advents Potty Training Calendar 2

The first shark to speak about the business was Mark Cuban. He tells the couple that he was dropping out because he no longer needs a system for potty training. Daymond John follows Mark out after stating that he doesn’t understand the product. He also explains that business may become tricky considering the couple will have to continuously target new customers. Kevin O’Leary expresses that he isn’t interested in investing in Lil Advents due to their method of getting the calendars onto the market. He goes out. Speaking of the market for these advent calendars, Lori goes out because of that, too. She feels that calendars aren’t reaching the market as they should be. Lastly, Robert Herjavec speaks up; however, he drops out because he can’t find a reason to invest in the company. With that, Lil Advents leaves Shark Tank without an offer.

Lil Advents Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

While Mindy and Brandon may not have received a deal on Shark Tank, they have been able to keep their business running successfully. Following their visit to the tank, Lil Advents had a pending deal with Hasbro to allow them to launch a Lil Advent calendar with Peppa Pig on them. It appears that the founders have launched a new My Little Pony-themed calendar, though it’s unknown if they will be releasing additional new ones anytime soon. The calendars continue to be sold through Amazon and the company’s official website. Each advent calendar is priced at $34.99. Additionally, their new ba-ba bucks and temporary tattoos are priced at $5.99 and $6.99 each.

As of 2024, the net worth and newfound sales have not yet been announced, but the business has landed some impressive successes and awards thus far. For instance, Lil Advents has won awards such as the 2019 National Parenting Product Award, as well as the 2020 Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice Award. Also in 2020, Lil Advents attended the 2020 Creative Child Awards and was named Product of the Year. Their final award was from the Tillywig Awards, where the company was recognized for being a Parent’s Favorite Product. Fox News and The National Parenting Center have featured Lil Advents as well. Considering this, it may be safe to assume that Mindy and Brandon have boosted their business greatly. Lil Advents Potty Training Calendar 4

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