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Minuscal 2024 Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Minuscal Before Shark Tank

Everybody is trying to stay fit and healthy but it’s not always possible. 70% of Americans are obese and there is an urgent need for more lettuce and less fat-filled foods in people’s daily diets. Minuscal was developed to remedy people’s problems with staying healthy.

Minuscal is a tablet that was developed by Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael to block fat. The meals that people eat have fat and it is absorbed with the food. However, if you take a dose of Minuscal, the fat will be blocked and none will be absorbed during digestion.

The active ingredient in Minuscal is choleve which is found in green tea. Minuscal extracts the molecule from the plant and then makes it around 20 times more potent.  Choleve is got from fermented tea and it is a proprietary chemical.

Crom was such a strong believer in the choleve chemical that he had used it for 12 years before he started his business with Barrett. Their business was very new and they wanted help making it grow and that is why they applied to be on Shark Tank. Their application was successful and they gave their pitch on the 1st episode of the 11th season.

Minuscal on Shark Tank

Minuscal 2 When Barrett Jacques and & Crom Carmichael went onto Shark Tank they sought $500,000 for 50% of their company giving it a valuation of $2,500,000. They showed the sharks that many people were trying to diet but were unsuccessful. They then showed the sharks how Minuscal was a solution to it. Minuscal also tasted great so it was not just a healthy meal but also a tasty one.

The sharks were given samples to taste and they did not show much interest in its taste and Robert even said so. Crom said that he had been taking choleve for about 12 years.  The sharks hadn’t got everything in the presentation so Crom explained a second time that choleve was an ingredient that was got from fresh green tea.

The company would extract the choleve chemical from the fresh green tea and increase its potency by up to 20 times. Mark then asked what the result was. Crom said that they had done clinical trials and the results had shown that it would help lower cholesterol by 10-20%.

Crom and Barrett had also done research at the University of Kansas and they had data that showed that as the choleve left the lower intestines it was taking with it about 100 calories.   Daniel Lubetzky asked if the product was safe for everybody and he was told that it was.

Mark Cuban was skeptical and said that they should not be making the claims that they were making. Crom said that they claimed that their product would block a certain percentage of fat, Mark Cuban then said that it was marketed as if it was going to deduct calories from their body.

Daniel Lubetzky asked them how long they had been in business and Barrett told him that they had just launched.  Robert then suggested that given the short time they had been operating, their sales were not that high. Barrett agreed with the statement.

Minuscal 3 Lori and Robert said that they did not understand what they were investing in and Mark told them that the business was basically air. Crom told Mark that the business was legitimate but Mark Cuban did not want to listen. Crom then told him that he had the data to back it up and Mark was wrong.

Mark told them that their words such as green tea extract were misleading. Crom tried to show him that they had just taken a molecule from a plant and increased its potency by 20%. Mark then showed him that he was claiming that the choleve molecule could deduct calories from the body.

Daniel Lubetzky then left. He said that he was a strong believer in natural ingredients and eating food that could be found naturally. Kevin said that he thought that their valuation was too high and he would never pay $500,000 for 20% of a business with no revenue. He then followed suit and also left.

Lori then left. She said that she didn’t understand the product and it was a reason to leave. She also said that she was cautious of companies that made miraculous claims but she did not think that Minuscal was such a company.

Robert then said that he did not understand the business but he also told Mark that his outburst was not appropriate and he was being arrogant. Robert then left but he said that he wished that Mark had given them a chance. Crom then said that neither one of them had made the claim that the business would help them lose weight.

Mark told them that the Minuscal name was misleading. Crom said that he was wrong and not understanding the business. Robert then got in and said that he agreed with Mark and even showed them that the name Minuscal suggested so.

Crom and Barrett then got left the stage. Barett said that their product was not a scam. If a personal trainer said that they could help you lose weight and you did not lose weight it did not mean that they had scammed you.

Minuscal Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Minuscal 4 Minuscal did not get a deal from the sharks and all signs seem to indicate that it is no longer in business. It is no longer available in major retailers. Its social media has not been updated since 2019 and its last Amazon review was in 2020.

There are several reasons why Minuscal is no longer in business. The most obvious reason for this is that it was not receiving positive reviews. When it was pitched on Shark Tank it received a lot of negative reviews from the sharks. The sharks did not just lack faith in the product some suggested that it was even a scam with misleading advertising.

The sharks also complained about the taste of the product which would also have been a major cause of customer dissatisfaction.  Being slim is not the only motivator for someone to buy a product. In fact, taste matters a great deal. Without great taste, Minuscal would have found itself not as competitive as the other products.

The final nail in the coffin would have been that if the sharks did not believe in the product, then other people would not believe in the product. The bad presentation on Shark Tank could have gone a long way in killing customer credibility. Hopefully, the founders went with invaluable lessons on how to run a business.

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