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Mother of Two Pulled into a Meat Grinder and Killed In Front of Daughter

Lumiana-Anna Batsevani was cleaning a meat grinder in Western Greece when the tragic incident happened.

The 50-year-old mother-of-two, who was originally from Albania, was at work in a butcher’s shop with her 18-year-old daughter, who also worked at the shop as a cleaner, at the time of the incident.

On September 29, Batsevani was told to wipe down the meat grinder. But in a tragic turn of events, she was pulled into the machine by her hair, while her teen daughter looked on in horror.

50-year-old Lumiana-Anna Batsevani was working as a shop cleaner at a butcher store in Missolonghi, Greece, when she was pulled into a meat grinder and crushed to death

According to local media reports, her hair had got caught in the machine’s revolving mechanics, which caused her to be sucked into the meat grinder, where she was ultimately crushed to death.

Her daughter immediately ran into the street and called for help as her mom yelled from the butcher shop. The teen was eventually able to intercept a passerby, who went into the butcher store and discovered the horrific scene.

Emergency services were called including the fire department, ambulance, and police, however, there was no way to free the woman from the jaws of the machine. In the end, it took the team nearly nine hours to remove her from the grinder. By the time they were finished, it was well after midnight.

The victim – who had been residing in Greece with her 10-year-old son, 18-year-old daughter, and mother – had split from her husband two years prior and according to friends and family, “worked from morning to night” to provide for her children.

meat grinder freak accident
The mother of two died in front of her 18-year-old daughter, who also worked at the butcher’s shop

Her daughter, who witnessed the grisly ordeal, was also rushed to hospital after suffering from shock. She was later discharged. Since then, she and her younger brother have been staying at a friend’s house.

Batsevani’s funeral took place earlier today while the owner of the butcher shop has been arrested.

greece meat grinder

The freak accident comes after another gruesome incident where a Russian factory worker was pulled into a meat-grinding machine and killed in 2021. The woman, who hasn’t been named, was stacking animal carcasses from one conveyor belt to another when her hand got stuck in the machine.

In 2019, a woman also tragically lost her life after she fell into a meat grinder head-first while working in a factory in the United States.

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