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One Dead and Over 70 Injured After Singapore Airlines Flight Hit By Severe Turbulance

A Singapore Airlines flight carrying more than 140 passengers and crew members were hit by severe turbulence while traveling from London to Singapore on Tuesday. One man died while more than 70 were injured.

According to the airline, the Boeing 777 was 10 hours into its journey and midway through food service when the turbulence hit. The force threw several travelers and crew members around the cabin and forced the aircraft to make an emergency landing in Thailand.

One of the passengers onboard, Andrew Davies, said everything was normal until suddenly, ‘all hell broke loose’. Davies, who was heading to New Zealand for work, described the feeling as if ‘the plane just dropped’.

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He remembers vividly seeing iPhones, iPads, shoes, cutlery, and blankets, being tossed into the air and hitting the ceiling. The passenger sitting next to him was also drinking a cup of coffee at the time, which spilled all over him and up the ceiling.

Davies said it wasn’t until he turned around in his seat that he realized the ‘gravity’ of the situation. He said many travelers had visible wounds on their heads, including one woman who had ‘blood dripping down her face’.

Video footage from inside the plane showed the moment the aircraft was hit by the turbulence. Emergency oxygen air masks could be seen dangling down from the ceiling and many overhead compartments were also damaged and open. Plastic bottlers, containers, hot beverage pots, and trays, could also be seen littered across the floor.

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Another passenger, 28-year-old Dzafran Azmir, said there was ‘a very dramatic drop’, which caused those not wearing a seat belt to be launched into the ceiling. He noted that many people had ‘massive gashes’ on the head after being slammed into the overhead panels.

Jerry, 68, who was heading to Australia for his son’s wedding, said there was no sign of any trouble before the aircraft suddenly plunged. He recalled hitting his head on the ceiling, as did his wife. He also heard that one man had been slammed into the ceiling while using the toilet.

Geoff Kitchen, a 73-year-old man, died in the incident from a suspected heart attack. According to reports, he was traveling to Singapore with his wife for a six-week vacation when the aircraft was struck by turbulence, which led to a fatal heart attack.

Following the mid-air incident, the pilot of the plan made the decision to divert the aircraft to Bangkok, where it made an emergency landing at approximately 3:45 p.m. local time.

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In total, 104 people were taken to the hospital, where they received treatment. Out of them, 58 remain hospitalized while 20 are staying in the intensive care unit.

The airline has since provided details on the nationalities of everyone on the flight, which included 47 from the United Kingdom and 56 from Australia.

Allison Barker, whose son was on board the flight, said she received a horrifying text message from her son, who said that ‘[he] was on a crazy flight.’ He told her the aircraft was making an emergency landing and ended the message by saying ‘I love you all’.

After receiving the text message, she waited for two petrifying hours before hearing from him again.

Goh Choon Phong, the CEO of Singapore Airlines, issued an apology for everyone involved in the ‘traumatic experience’. He said the company is ‘fully cooperating with authorities on the investigation’.

Lawrence Wong, the Prime Minister of Singapore, also offered his ‘deepest condolences’ to the loved ones of the deceased.

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