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Plop Star After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Plop Star Before Shark Tank

Everybody answers a call of nature but it’s not always a pleasant experience and it can get especially inconvenient when it’s done at a friend’s place and the place is left smelly. Many people want to avoid this and some remedies have already been found. The air freshener that is sprayed after answering a long call of nature is one refreshing way of freshening things up. However, Tyler Jay has found another way to do this that promises to be much better.

Tyler Jay had worked for several advertising firms and had started his own production company and it was during that time that he found a way to have toilets smelling fresh after anything. He called his invention the Plop Star.

The plop star was a small blue tablet that was dropped into the toilet bowl before someone answered a call of nature. The plop star would dissolve in the water and make it impossible for the smells to escape. This lets you leave the bathroom feeling much fresher never having to experience the uncomfortable smells.

Tyler Jay had invented his product but he had not sold it and he needed to find the market. All these problems led him to the Shark Tank where he hoped he could get someone he could really start his business with. Tyler was on the 4th episode of season 11.

Plop Star On Shark Tank

Plopstar 2 When Tyler Jay went onto Shark Tank with his company, Plop Star, he was hoping to get $150,000 for 10% of his business. He gave his presentation showing the sharks the benefits of using the Plop Star air freshener and why it was better than the other conventional air fresheners. He had a few of them and even dropped one into a bowl to show the sharks how the Plop Star worked.

Kevin then asked about how it worked. He asked if the smelly gases were normally trapped underneath a layer of oily substance and if that was how it worked. Tyler told Kevin that he was correct, that was how the Plop Star worked. Tyler then passed out some samples.  Tyler then gave each shark a jar of water and a Plop Star tablet to test it with.

Rohan asked if there were flavors to choose from but he was told that there was only one. As the Plop Star tablet dissolved in the water, the sharks reviewed it and all agreed that it smelt very refreshing. Mark Cuban then left not giving much reason for his exit.

Barbara saw that the box that she was given had 6 packets. She asked what that packet would sell for. Tyler said that he was selling two boxes. One box, called the weekender, had 6 packets and its sales price was $4.99. The second box had 30 packets and was sold for $12.99.

Lori then asked Tyler what his sales were. Tyler said that he had made $12,000 in sales so far. Rohan then suggested that the product was not very popular with consumers either because they did not like it or because they did not see the need. Tyler said that he was on the show because he wanted to build the back end of the business which included business sections such as manufacturing. It is only after that was finished that they would start promoting the product.

Plopstar 3 Kevin said that he thought Tyler should have started by building demand for the product. Kevin then said that he didn’t think that Tyler had the best approach. He thought that the best thing was to first build demand for the product. Tyler had worked for large advertising firms before he started his own production company 5 years before.

Tyler said that his business had been very successful and his work included broadcast sports for large companies. He also did public relations and sold his services directly to tech companies. He said that he had wanted to create a product that he could create content for that was super professional but still cheap and a few years back he had his aha moment.

Tyler said that his daughter liked making bath bombs and he thought it would be a perfect idea. He also knew that there was a major player in the market which was Pou-Pourri which was a brand valued at $3,000,000. In the previous year, they did $56,000,000 in sales. The category was growing.

Lori said that when she invested in Squatty Potty everybody had laughed but the company had gone on to realize $116,000,000 in sales and had sold 5,000,000 squatty potties. For this reason, she thought that Tyler’s product could fit in her portfolio.

Rohan said that he thought the product was great but he didn’t think that Tyler’s product should have been marketed to business-to-consumer customers. Rohan said that Tyler needed to consider business-to-business sales as his main source of revenue. He thought that places such as hotels and public restrooms would find the product very convenient because the workers could use them every time they used a restroom with the view that it was the person who came before or after who spoiled the place.

Plopstar 4 Lori held the view that it would be expensive for businesses and they always liked large-scale industrial things. Barbara didn’t think that the business-to-business model would work. She also thought that Tyler was very competent but he had forgotten to take his product to the market to see if there was even demand for it. She doubted that there was even demand for it. For those reasons, she left.

Kevin then left because he thought that the product sucked and he thought that it was a terrible idea. Lori then left because she didn’t think that the product was investable for her.  Tyler then said that he had two children, one was eight years old and the other was ten years old. He worked tirelessly for them and they liked his product.

Rohan liked the idea and thought that Tyler had created something interesting but he didn’t see any gameplan. He added that he didn’t want to give Tyler any money because the investment would just go down the toilet bowl because of the lack of a plan.

Tyler tried to show Rohan that he had a plan but Rohan disagreed and left. With no other offer on the table, Tyler left the Shark Tank. As he left, Tyler said that he thought that the sharks had made a mistake in not investing in Plop Star and he would prove them all wrong.

Plop Star Now in – 2024 The After Shark Tank Update

Plopstar 5 1 So, Plop Star did not get a deal when it was on Shark Tank but we can see that it is still doing business. It has launched its website and is selling the product on it now. Wholesalers can also make their large-scale orders on the website. Plop Star is also now available on Amazon.

Plop Star has increased its range of products and now also provides the Plop Star Spray which is sprayed before a performance and it prevents the bad odors from escaping. The business was fairly new when it was on Shark Tank but with time it looks to have grown.

When we checked the website, we saw that the Plop Star tablets were sold out, both the large tin and the small one were unavailable. Whether this is an indication of success or failure is hard to say but given where it was coming from, this is likely an indication of its success. On Facebook, Plop Star has over 560 followers and it has over 550 followers on Instagram.

Plop Star is located in Chicago Illinois and it looks like it has taken off although there is still a lot of room to grow.

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