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Top 10 Textbook Rental Websites – 2018 Comparisons & Coupon Codes

We all know how it feels to have to go back to class after having relaxed and watched Netflix all day long during summer break, but the real frustration? Having to spend hundreds of dollars for a stack of textbooks which, you may or may not use in the end, depending on your professor. Textbooks costs are nothing to scoff at, did you know that the average college student spends close to $1200 every year just on these texts? And that’s on top of that already sky-high tuition fees! Why are these books so expensive anyways? Why must students pay and arm and a leg every semester for mound of textbooks?

While there’s always the option of buying the books second half for a fraction of the original price, you may not always be lucky enough to find a used copy every single time. I mean, we’re all probably familiar with how textbook companies seem to release a new edition of a book, every yearーhas the content really changed all that much from the old edition? Chances are, probably not; perhaps a few new images here or there but nothing drastic. But your professor says that he will be teaching according to the newest edition, so what do you do? You walk away from the older edition that is available on the shelf for one fourth the price, to purchase the new edition for $200, of course!

Sometimes we’re fortunate enough that a kind soul has uploaded a pdf file of the needed text for free online, but what do you do if you can’t find a used copy and don’t want to shell out the contents of your entire wallet for the textbooks? You rent them. That’s rightーnowadays, a lot of book stores allow you to rent a copy of a textbook for your class. You only have to pay a small fee, but you get to use the book for a whole semester (just don’t doodle all over it!). All you have to do after your classes are over, is to return the book to them so that other students will be able to rent them after you’re done with it. Easy!

If you’re wondering where you can rent a textbook like that, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best textbook rental companies onlineーso you don’t have to search for them yourself. Without further adieu, here is our top ten list of best textbook rental websites on the internet!

#10- Half.com

A subsidiary of the online auction website, eBay, Half.com offers a huge variety of textbooks to choose from and to top of off, they also offer free shipping for all textbooks! In support of an eco-friendly way of learning, students can rent the necessary books simply by searching for it on the websiteーif multiple copies of the textbook is available from different sellers, you can then compare prices to make sure you get the best deal! Students can choose to rent a book anywhere from 30 to 125 days, allowing them ample time with the text. When it’s time to return it, all you have to do is print the return label on their website and drop it off at your local post office. It’s that easy!

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#9- Textbooks.com

First established in 2006, Textbook.com only has one aimーand that is to bring students the best selection and savings on textbooks. With over ten million books in their warehouse, the company probably has all the textbooks that you’ll ever need during your time at college. With a hassle free 30 day return and occasional offers of free two day shipping on rentals and purchases, it is the site to visit if you’re looking to pay a small amount to rent a textbook or three for some of your classes.While you’re not able to select your own rental period on the site unlike some of the other book rental websites on the web, it remains a good option for cost conscious students given their vast range of book titles.

To see all the books available at Textbooks.com click here

#8- Knetbooks.com

Established in 2009 as a textbook rental website, Knetbooks has since grown to become one of the main primary sources for affordable book rental today. With a 100,000 square foot facility and a cutting edging packaging and sorting system, Knetbooks offers a great selection of textbooks for money-conscious students. While not all of the textbooks in their catalog may be available for rental, those that are can be easily rented with a small fee and will usually ship within 48 hours. Students are also capable of deciding on their own rental periodsーchoices include semesterly, quarterly or short term. Return shipping is also on them, so just print the free UPS return label and drop it off at your nearest UPS office!

To visit Knetbooks.com you can click here

#7- BookRenter.com

textbooks6 Did you know that BookRenter was originally created as a means of earning extra beer money on the side? Since then, it has become one of the largest suppliers of used textbooks and rental services in the country. Having served thousands of happy students nationwide since 2006, BookRenter offers all the textbooks imaginableーsimply type in the ISBN or book title and click “Find!” With its services, you are only responsible for the expenses of the rental itself, you don’t have to pay a cent for any of the shipping. The company even has a generous referral program which gives you $200 towards textbook renting, for every friend that you get to sign up!

Click here to visit BookRenter.com 

#6- Campusbookrentals.com

Created by Alan Martin (who was a college student who was tired of the sky-high textbook prices at the time), Campus Book Rentals helps to lower the costs of textbooks through its rental programーwhich has been running since 2007. With hundreds of thousands of customers every year, the company has saved millions of students all over the country, tens of thousands of dollars through its operations. Equipped with a state of the art warehouse in Mississippi, there is almost always a constant stream of textbooks entering and exiting the facilities! Campus Book Rentals also offers free returns within 21 days, no questions asked! If you ever do have any questions about the service, you can chat up their awesome support team on their websiteーremember, their aim is to make sure you have the best experience.

You can visit CampusBookRentals.com by clicking here

#5- Biggerbooks.com

textbooks2 First launched in 2001, BiggerBooks is one of the oldest premier seller of textbooks online. In attempts to offer students with some of the lowest prices available, the company offers a daily deal everydayーwhich allows customers to get a certain percentage off their order. Striving to keep costs low for students, BiggerBooks later adopted textbook rentals in order to give students their necessary books, with the most minimal costs. Not only do they have a large array of new textbooks to choose from, but for those who prefer reading on their kindle, they also have ebooks! Renting a textbook is easyーall you have to do is find it, decide how long you’d like it for, and rent! Free shipping is also offered for all purchases over $79, which is a plus.

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#4- ValoreBooks.com

textbooks3 Recognizing that textbooks can be pricey purchases for students, Valore Books offers a rental service for thousands of booksーwhich helps to save you money. All you have to do is type the name of the textbook in the search bar, and you’ll be presented with a page of results; while you may have to sift through some of the listed books if there are similar titles, chances are you’ll find the one that you’re looking for, for a fraction of the retail price! After your order is placed, Valore Books  quickly sends out your book so you’ll have it on time for class. When you’re done, just slap the provided prepaid shipping label on the text and ship it off!

To take advantage of the best prices currently available at ValoreBooks.com Click Here

#3- eCampus.com

texetbooks5 Launched in 1999, eCampus has a long history of textbook dealings, and has grown to become the virtual bookstore for over 150 educational institutions across the country. While students can save money on textbooks with their rental system, they can also save additional cash through their swards programーin which, a customer is given three points for every dollar spent on textbook rentals. Free and easy to use, the accumulated points system can help you save up to a total of $20 in savings! Shipping and return shipping will always be free as well so you won’t have to worry about extra costs. Just select the textbooks, pay the small rental fee and return the book by a due date chosen by none other than you, yourself!

To check out everything eCampus has to offer click here

#2- Amazon.com

Did you know that Amazonーone of the world’s biggest, and most convenient online shopping destinations, also offers textbook rentals? That’s right, not only is Amazon a perfect shopping portal, but it’s also an amazing site for students who’d like to save on those costly textbooks! On top of being able to rent physical and digital copies of books online, you can also do so conveniently with the Amazon App! Given that it’s a part of Amazon, Prime members will of course, be able to benefit from the perks that is free two-day shipping as well! When your textbook arrives, you will also have the option of purchasing or extending the rental period of your book at any time, you get complete control if your rental experience.

To get started with Amazon for textbook rentals click here

#1- Chegg.com

textbooks4 Founded in 2005, Chegg is a Santa Clara based company which specializes in textbook rentals over the internet. Not only do they offer physical formats, but they also offer digital ebook formats for usually, a lesser fee. Unlike some of the other online textbook companies, Chegg offers a free seven-day period of eTextbook access while the physical copy of the book is making its way to your doorstepーthat way, you’ll have access to the content, whenever you need it! While they encourage students not to write in the rental books, highlighting is deemed okay, which is a plus for those who like to read their text in neon yellow or pink. You also have the power to extend your rental period or purchase the book anytime, should you choose to change your mind!

The thing that really sets Chegg apart is that they seem to have some of the best prices online for a ton of text books we compared pricing on. So it’s probably one of the best options for someone trying to get the best bang for their buck.

To check the rental prices for your books and get the best prices available at Chegg click here

Honorary Mention For Canadians – Bookmob.ca

While there aren’t as many textbook rental websites in Canada than there is in the United States, there is Bookmobーa Toronto based company which offers textbook renting for college students up in the Great White North. As one of the country’s largest textbook destinations, Bookmob offers a massive collection of book titles in their inventory; just search, select and rent! Similar to the companies in the U.S., you will never be responsible for paying the return shippingーit will always be free and on the house! If at any time you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the book to get your money back with their 30 days non-hassle guarantee!
Click here to check out Bookmob.ca

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