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Twins Stolen and Sold at Birth Reunited by TikTok Video

Identical twins Amy and Ano were stolen from their mother shortly after birth and sold to two different families. Several years later, they discovered each other by chance thanks to a TikTok video and a talent show on television.

After doing some investigation, they realized they were among thousands of Georgian babies who were stolen from hospitals and sold.

The story of how they discovered each other began a few years ago when they were 12 years old.

Amy Khvita was watching her favorite TV show, Georgia’s Got Talent on TV at her godmother’s house when she saw a girl dancing on the screen who looked just like her.

amy and ano young

They looked so similar that her mother began receiving phone calls from people asking why Amy was dancing on television under a different name. However, her mother told her ‘Everybody has a doppelganger’ and quickly brushed it off.

Fast forward to November 2021 and Amy posted a TikTok video of herself getting her eyebrow pierced.

Over 200 miles away, Ano Sartania, another 19-year-old, discovered the video after being sent it by a friend. She thought it was cool that the two looked similar.

Ano tried her best to find the teen in the TikTok video online but wasn’t able to, despite her best efforts. She eventually shared the video to a university Whatsapp Group to see if anybody knew the girl.

One of Amy’s friends saw the message and helped the two connect on social media. Amy immediately knew that Ano was the danger she had seen several years back on Georgia’s Got Talent.

They talked with each other over the next several days and quickly found out that they shared many interests, but that not everything about them made sense.

While they were both born in the same hospital, which no longer exists, their birthdays were two weeks apart, according to their birth certificates – meaning, they couldn’t be twins or even sisters.

However, the teens had too much in common. Not only did they enjoy the same music but they also had the same hairstyle and loved dancing. They also had the same genetic bone disease called dysplasia.

amy and ano

After talking online for several weeks, they arranged to meet in person at a Tbilisi metro station.

As soon as Amy saw Ano, she knew they were twins – they had the ‘same face and same voice’. She described it as if she was looking in a mirror.

The two eventually confronted their families and were told the truth – that they were both adopted in 2002, a few weeks apart.

Amy immediately felt like her entire life had been a lie.

Ano was upset and angry with her family but wanted to move on after having the difficult conversations.

defunct hospital
The maternity hospital where they were born no longer exists

Amy’s mother later revealed that one of her friends had told her there was an unwanted newborn at a local hospital after being unable to have children of her own. She was told that she would be able to adopt her and take her home as long as she paid the doctors.

Ano’s mother shared the same story.

Neither of their parents, however, knew the girls were twins, despite having paid a hefty adoption fee, which was illegal.

Amy and Ano couldn’t help but wonder if their biological parents had decided to sell them for profit.

While Amy wanted to search for their birth mother, Ano was hesitant. They eventually posted in a Facebook group after reuniting stolen children from Georgia and were put into contact with a young German woman, who said her mother had given birth to twins in 2002 but were told that they had died.

Several DNA tests later, it was determined that the girl from the Facebook group was their sister and that the German woman was their mother.

Since then, the pair have traveled to Leipzig, Germany, to meet their biological mother, Aza, who quickly lunged forward to hug them.

Aza said that since she met her twin daughters, her life has been given a new meaning. While they’re not close, they remain in touch.

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