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Two-year-old Boy Died of Hunger Next to Dead Father

A two-year-old boy died of starvation in his home after his father suffered a fatal heart attack. The toddler was found curled up next to his father’s body.

According to his family, Bronson Battersy was found deceased on January 9, next to his 60-year-old father, Kenneth, two weeks after they were last seen.

Officials from the Lincolnshire County Council have since launched a review into the two-year-old’s death, who was considered ‘vulnerable’ and had required monthly checks by children’s services.

After trying to contact the father on December 27, a social worker visited their home on January 2, however, they received no reply. She subsequently asked neighbors about the child’s possible whereabouts, and when there were no leads, notified police.

bronson battersby
Two-year-old Bronson Battersy was found dead next to his father in their home in Skegness, Lincolnshire

She returned to the house two days later unannounced. However, she still received no response, which led her to contact the police again.

It wasn’t until several days later after the social worker obtained a key from the house’s landlord, that the bodies of the son and father were discovered.

The toddler’s 43-year-old mother, Sarah Piesse, told officials she last saw her son before Christmas. Her ex, who had suffered heart problems in the past, is thought to have passed away no earlier than December 29 from a fatal heart attack.

According to the coroner’s office, the two-year-old died from starvation and dehydration because his father had died. He is also believed to have died no earlier than December 29.

Piesse expressed that she was unable to hold Bronson when she went to identify him since ‘his body was too fragile’.

bronson battersby 2
Bronson was last seen by his 37-year-old adult sister during a family holiday to Butlin’s

Bronson’s sister, Melanie Battersby, wrote a tribute to him on Facebook, describing him as a ‘beautiful little boy’ who deserved much better than this life.’

According to media reports, the toddler was last seen alive on Boxing Day, when he waved at a neighbor who had come to see him and his father.

At the time, his father was unemployed and had been severely jaundiced due to his medical conditions.

bronson battersby 3
The social worker made repeat visits to their home before the landlord went into the property and discovered the pair

A family friend described Bronson as ‘a loving, adorable little boy’ and revealed their distress at learning that he was found curled up at his father’s legs. She added that he loved watching cartoons on YouTube and enjoyed playing with his drum kits as well as nursery rhymes.

The social worker involved with the incident has since taken voluntary time off.

The executive director of Lincolnshire Children’s Services, Heather Sandy, described the case as ‘a tragic incident’ and stated that they are working to support the family at this time.

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