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Ice Age Adventures Cheats & Hacks in 2018 – Updated Tips & Tricks

Unable to find your Ice Age Friends in Ice Age Adventures?  Or are you making extremely slow progress in the game that you just want to quit?  Well stop! Use the cheats, hacks, and tips below to dominate Ice Age Adventures in 2017!

Upgrade your bowls as quick as possible

ice-age-adventures-cheats-tips-tricks-2 In order to cross from one island to another, you have to have enough berries in order to maintain this ability to cross from island to island.  Make sure that you are increasing the number of bowls or your bowl size so that you can play Ice Age Adventures for a long time without having to stop.  This will also allow you to gain some easier access whenever you are looking to purchase additional necessities during the game.  So overall, you want to look to increase your bowl size so that you will be able to stay mobile and be able to cross from island to island as well as be able to play for longer periods of time without having to stop to wait for the energy to refill.

Try to connect to Facebook

If you are unable to find any friends to play with you and you are really trying to look for those additional bonuses that you get from connecting to friends on Facebook.  You can go ahead and go through the app store and post your code which other people will use so that you will do the same with them.  You can use their code so that they get some benefits and then you can also post your code on the app review site so that players can use your code so that you can also get rewards from the social aspect of the game.  There are also several Facebook fan sites that are available for you to join so that you can find friends to play Ice Age Adventures as well as find more people to exchange gifts with.  These gifts will help both you and your friends get farther in the game without having to spend a dime on the game.

Three strikes and you’re done!

For rescuing the animals in Ice Age Adventures, you will have to go through a couple of different mini games which are all basically the same when it comes down to concept of the game.  You are pretty much just trying to get a three in a row so that you can break that line of three so that you are able to get further in the game and get a higher score so that you can save those animals.  If you manage to get three meteorites in a row, which is pretty rare, then you will pretty much be able to finish the entire round because every other tile in the game will turn to a heart, which is basically giving you a free win for the game.  Other than that, try and treat every single game of rescuing the animals like a game of Candy Crush.  You are just trying to connect groups of three every single time so that you can get additional points so that you can be able to save and rescue those animals.  Basically, if you are able to play Candy Crush well, you will probably be able to play this mini game well enough to be able to complete it every single time.  

After you’re done with an island, go back!

Even though you finish an island, you are not necessarily done with the island because you can go back toice-age-adventures-cheats-tricks-tips-3 the island and be able to continue doing the games that are basically based off of luck so that you can gain additional shells, berries, and acorns for free.  This is really important because although it may not seem like much and a waste of time, it is free and it does add up over time which means that they will stack up and you will get a large amount of your berries and acorns completely free without too much trouble that you have to go through in order to earn those free items.  If you make sure that you are doing this for every single island after you completely finish all of the islands, you will be making a ton of passive items that you would otherwise have to work a while for.  So just make sure that you are spending a little bit of time and energy every single day in order to get those free resources without having to spend a dime.  

Always finish your daily quests

Your daily quests will give you a good compensation using acorns for you.  Along with this, it will also give you a ton of extra benefits in terms of getting farther in the game.  The daily quests will help you get further into the game while also giving you a couple of acorns for doing the daily quests and pretty much earning back whatever you spent on doing the daily quests, which also makes sure that you are continuing your progress throughout the game while also being able to get rewarded through the game.  These quests come up everyday so you can do these every single day which will help you make some progress in Ice Age Adventures as well as get you free acorns along the way.  This is a great way so that you can keep track of what you need to do for the day with the amount of energy that you have.  Daily Quests also basically give you a way to budge out however much energy you have with whatever you want to do during the day.

Stuck? Tap the Golden Star

ice-age-adventures-cheats-tips-tricks-1 If you don’t know what to do in an island and you are simply stuck in the game without anything to do and you don’t really know what to do next?  Look to press the gold star so that you can get some good information on what is happening in the game and what you need to finish in order to finish the island.  This will help you by showing you which animals that you don’t need in order to continue through the game, although they may be useful, and also the items that you don’t need in order to continue through the game, which also may be kind of useful during the game.  If you have enough time and you notice enough, just collect everything because everything is pretty useful in the game.  So ultimately, if you are lost in Ice Age Adventures,you will be able to find your way more easily using the Golden Star to your advantage

Have tokens?  Play Scrat-Alanche

If you do have some tokens which usually cost money in the game, you should be playing the Scrat-Alanche because you will most likely be able to get the biggest reward out of those tokens than any other game that you can play.  If you do play Scrat-Alanche, the most important aspect of the game is going the distance instead of grabbing the berries, so if you see some berries, just make sure you are safe.

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