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Sunday Night Slow Jams Update — See What Happened After Shark Tank

Sunday Night Slow Jams – Shark Tank Season 5, Episode 4


sunday-night-slow-jams-before-shark-tank R DUB created Sunday Night Slow Jams when he was only sixteen years old. He is born in Chicago, but grew up both in Los Angeles, California and Orlando, Florida. He states that his passion was to listen to music, especially Slow Jams, ever since he was thirteen. Because of this passion, he decided that he wanted to own and host his own Slow Jam show on radio.

R DUB says that around the age of fifteen, he and his family moved to Tucson, Arizona. This is also the place where he got his first job to experience what it feels like to be a radio show host. He volunteered for the local radio station, and states that even though there were probably not that many listeners, he still enjoyed playing Slow Jams. At the end of his high school years in 1994, R DUB was already a full-time radio host, and no matter how many times he had to change from radio station, he always brought his Slow Jams with him, making sure that it would survive and people would come to love it.

R DUB states that after these events, he wanted a change. He says that he always wanted to live and work in Brazil, and bring Sunday Night Slow Jams with him of course. Just before he packed up his stuff and left, he received an offer from a radio station in Los Angeles, which was basically his dream job, and he accepted it. R DUB states that Sunday Night Slow Jams still plays every Sunday night, next to several weeknights. He believes that an investment from the Sharks will help him bring Friday Night Slow Jams to a lot more homes around the whole world, instead of just American homes.


“R DUB walks straight up and confidently into the studio and stands in front of the Sharks”

R DUB starts by greeting the Sharks and introducing himself. He says that he is the creator and host of Sunday Night Slow Jams. He is seeking seventy five thousand dollars in exchange for a ten percent stake in his company. He starts by telling that Sunday Night Slow Jams is a love songs and dedication show, which you can listen to all across America and around the world in over sixty radio stations. Sunday Night Slow Jams features the ultimate mix of love songs from today and the classics from back in the day. R DUB states that the most important thing about Sunday Night Slow Jams is that there are special, coast-to-coast, listener dedications that they call Oral Expressions.sunday-night-slow-jams-on-shark-tank

“All of the Sharks seem surprised by R DUB’s presentation”

R DUB tells the Sharks that he will show them how Oral Expressions works. He goes behind his radio booth, which is set up in front of the Sharks, and pretends that it is Sunday night. He starts talking about how hundreds of thousands of Slow Jam dedicators are listening live right now, and are passionately glued to their radio, including Mark who is slow jamming in Dallas. Now Mark sends a long-distance Oral Expression across the miles to Lori, who is slow jamming in Chicago. Mark dedicates this next song to you Lori.

“Lori Greiner blows a kiss towards Mark Cuban”

“Brian McKnight shows up with his guitar and sings a very short song in front of the Sharks”

Brian McKnight states that there is no greater feeling than love, and every Sunday night, people all over the world fall in love all over again, because of the Sunday Night Slow Jams.

“Brian McKnight continues playing his guitar and signing a short song in front of the Sharks”

R DUB continues his presentation and states that Sunday Night Slow Jams has amazing ratings in every city, but he needs help from the Sharks, to be able to grow the show. R DUB states that he wants to get his show in every market across America. He states that more radio stations means more money, and he asks the Sharks who is ready to slow jam.

“Brian McKnight continues playing his guitar and signing a short song and asks the Sharks to sing along, which they comply to”

“The Sharks give Brian McKnight an applause and thank him for joining”

Mark Cuban asks Brian McKnight what his connection is with all of this. Brian answers his question by stating that he is friends with R DUB, and that R DUB is one of the leading DJs who plays his songs on the radio.

Mark Cuban continues by saying that syndicated radio is a horrible business. He asks R DUB what makes his show stand out, better than the rest, profitable. R DUB answers the question by saying that Sunday Night Slow Jams is already making money. He says that the show earns three hundred fifty thousand dollars in ad-revenue.

Lori Greiner asks R DUB how exactly radio syndication works as a business, she asks for an explanation because she is not familiar with it. Before R DUB can answer, Mark Cuban cuts in and says that he can answer the question, because he has experience with it. Mark Cuban states that R DUB creates a show called Sunday Night Slow Jams, and he goes to radio stations and says that he will give his content to them for free. What he gets in return are radio commercials, and they split the difference with the radio station owner.

Kevin O’Leary asks R DUB which markets he does not have yet. R DUB responds by saying that there are a total of two hundred and seventy four rated markets, and that he is in sixty two of those markets. He states that they are barely tapping the potential. Kevin O’Leary asks R DUB who he doesn’t have those markets yet, and R DUB responds quickly by saying that he is finally ready to hire his own in-house affiliate sales director. This persons entire job is to not only travel, but also make a lot of phone calls and spread the word of Sunday Night Slow Jams, making them known across the globe.

Daymond John asks R DUB if that is what he is going to do with the money, to which R DUB responds by saying absolutely. R DUB states that the opportunities and possibilities are endless, but the solution is to hire one guy. Daymond John continues by asking if young people listen to Slow Jams, to which R DUB responds by stating that there are a lot of popular artists such as Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Usher who are releasing slow jams.

R DUB asks Daymond John if he has ever been in love and if he remembers the first time he has ever fell in love, and remembers the butterfly feelings he had in his stomach. He states that, that feeling is exactly what Sunday Night Slow Jams captures

“Kevin O’Leary looks up and says that the last time he had that feeling, is when his stocks hit a hundred dollars a share”

“The Sharks asks R DUB how they will get their seventy five thousand dollars back”

R DUB states that they are about to explode and grow faster than they have ever grown before. Even if they would simply maintain the seventy five thousand dollars, the Sharks would still get a twenty percent return on their money.

Lori Greiner states that she likes romantic music, but that when she sits there and listens to how Sunday Night Slow Jams will expand, she doesn’t think that they would just need one sales manager. Lori sates that she thinks that R DUB needs a hook, something really clever and unique that draws people in. She thinks that there needs to be more, and for that reason she states that she is out.

“R DUB thanks Lori Greiner for listening and for her time”

Kevin O’Leary says that the radio industry as an investment sucks. He says that he can tell R DUB this as an institutional investor. He states that the radio industry is a radioactive wasteland, and is terrible. Kevin O’Leary thanks R DUB, but states that he is out as well.

Robert Herjavec says that R DUB has been doing his radio show for over twenty years and he has been making a good living with it. He states that R DUB is in forty percent of the potential market, but he doesn’t think that one sales guy can make the difference. Robert tells R DUB that if that is his key, he should find that guy and give him a percentage of his business. Robert Herjavec is out as well.

Mark Cuban continues by saying that the radio industry is very difficult and that R DUB’s market is geared towards a younger audience, who already have access to online radio, iPods etc. He states that he does not think that an investment can help Sunday Night Slow Jams to reach a younger audience, and says that he is out. Daymond John says that he does not listen to the type of radio that R DUB is producing, which makes it very difficult for him to invest in his business. Daymond states that he has to be passionate about the business that he invests in, and for that reason, he is out as well.

“R DUB thanks all the Sharks for their time”

At the interview in the end, R DUB states that even the biggest financial tycoons can’t stop music and can’t stop love.


sunday-night-slow-jams-after-shark-tank R DUB did not manage to get an investment from the Sharks, but this did not stop him from pursuing his bigger dream. His business was already making a profit, so he was not in any financial troubles before he joined Shark Tank. R DUB managed to get Sunday Night Slow Jams across the whole country and even around the world, with over a hundred cities where the show is available in. There is no mention about how profitable his show became, but expanding always means that it is going well with his business. There is no mention of R DUB’s radio show being the best or worst on Shark Tank. None of the Sharks were interested because of the fact that they did not believe R DUB needed an investment for a sales guy.

You can listen to Sunday Night Slow Jams by going to the website called On there, you can tune in and listen to R DUB’s show for free. There are so many positive reviews on social media such as Facebook, which praise R DUB for his work and for Sunday Night Slow Jams. Most people are very positive about the radio show and some even go as far as stating that they would never want the show to end.

If you would like to play R DUB’s radio show on your own radio station, you can easily contact him and set up a meet. His website states that it does not require a license fee, if you are from the USA. His shows are available weekly, and are four hours long.


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