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Top 10 Most Expensive Guns in the World

There are some guns out there that are ridiculously high in price, however, they won’t necessarily make you a better shooter, or improve your aim. They will, however, make the experience more fun and worthwhile. But most people are fine with the guns they have grown up with. They have guns that have been passed down from generation to generation. The gun you used to hit your first bulls eye in the backyard. The gun you used to get your first kill while hunting as a teenager. The first gun you ever bought with your own money as a hard working young man. These guns are probably your favorites, and have special meaning to you in your heart.

However, we should still occasionally look at the shiniest, most expensive guns and let our mouths drool. While most of us will never be able to afford any of these guns, it doesn’t hurt to look and see just what these bad boys are capable of. They are probably much better than your current gun, with many more features; they also have slicker looks and better noises. Holding one of these guns would be like holding bars of gold, except these can be semi-automatic. These guns aren’t just merely guns; they are masterpieces of this millennium. These guns could be in an art museum. This is why they come with such a mind boggling price tag; however some will say that they are well worth the price. Even if you love your current guns, who wouldn’t want to put old reliable up on display and use one of these shiny works of art. The following list consists of the top ten most expensive guns that money can buy, and tells what they do, and just how awesome they are. Fantasize all you want, because this is probably as close as you are ever going to get.

10. The Fabbri Over and Under

top-ten-most-expensive-guns-world This gun is the tenth most expensive gun in the world. Think about it. Although it is the cheapest item on this list, the fact that it is this expensive, compared to every single other gun in the whole entire world is astonishing. This gun is a great gun for many purposes. And while it is one of the most expensive guns in the whole world, it is also one of the most functional. The Fabbri factory which produces the gun has workers perfecting every last detail; they work in concentrated silence, almost as if this is their life’s greatest purpose (and maybe it is, these are pieces of art). This gun pays homage to old school designs, while also staying modern and implementing new features and designs. Every single detail put into the gun is well thought out and even considered unconventional in ways. It has a stainless steel demi lump barrel which doesn’t have the usual joining ribs, which is quite unusual for a gun. It also has a micron machined H section that is located in between the perfectly placed for the best point of impact tubes. By the time these parts are finalized and perfected, they are connected by a laser and fused together to create on piece of metal. After that, it gets coated in diamond-like carbon to help seal it in a boiling hot vacuum which makes the gun more wear resistant and it also darkens the color of the steel. This makes the gun’s barrels indestructible.

Only twenty models of this fantastic and rare gun are made each year, and the importer, Tony Kennedy, says that these guns are of highest quality and nothing can compare. He says that if one watches the process of creating the gun and the care that goes into each one, they would be able to appreciate it completely, but still maybe not, since these guns deserve more appreciation than nearly anything else. The price starts at $215,000 for the stainless steel model and over $250,000. You would have to wait four to five years, however, to receive the gun after your purchase. It seems well worth the money, however.

9. The Peter Hofer Sidelock

peter hofer sidelock gun

Peter Hofer is a fantastic gun maker and showman, and his company that shares his name creates some of the world’s most expensive, rare, and revolutionary guns. He says that most people assume that you can’t create a new gun, or recreate the gun itself. He thinks that is not true and that every third gun that he creates is considered a new gun to him. They are all original mechanically, and he even works on some guns for years each. That’s right; these guns are each individually worked on for years at a time. Just imagine the detail and care that goes into each gun. How incredible. Hofer created a gun that has features a side by side 12 bore and has a tube that is barely visible in between the greatly detailed smoothbore barrels. His other model, the more common side by side design, takes over fifteen hundred hours to make and is made with whatever feature or change the buyer would like and is willing to pay for. The price of this gun ranges between $200,000 and $500,000. The amount of time taken to have the gun delivered to you is based on what you are able to pay. However, the price may be worth it if this type of craftsmanship is want you want.

8. The Purdey Over and Under

top-ten-guns Purdey, the company that makes this gun, was established in 1814, and they earned the right to make their Woodward gun, an over-and-under model, and they got their idea from James Woodward a little bit afterWWII. The gun has a more complicated and technical design, but the gun works flawlessly and delivers a very smooth performance. The gun is great for game hunting, and it is well worth its $200,000 price tag and 18 to 24 month delivery date.

7. The Holland & Holland Royal Over and Under

holland holland royal over under gun

Another over and under gun, this one by Holland & Holland is a true classic. They made their first over and under gun all the way back in 1914, and they produced other guns all the way back to 1835. The company obviously has a lot of experience and knows what they are doing, as they have been in the business longer than nearly anyone else, so they are able to charge a decent amount of money for what that is worth. In 1992 they updated the over and under model. The gun received a lot of help from the CNC machining revolution occurring in London at the time. They were able to incorporate new designs with the back action Sidelock and the deep, long, and sleek body. And unlike the over and under guns made by other companies in this price range like Bass, Purdy, or Woodward, there are absolutely zero bites in the center. It uses a better square bolt for locking. The gun can come with double triggers or a single trigger that is operated with inertia. This gun is so well made that it takes over 900 hours to build and takes 30 months to be finished and given to its new owner. However, it is well worth the price of $200,000 if you want a high end over and under gun.

6. The Greener Sidelock

really-expensive-guns-firearms David Dryhurst, employee of WW Greener who works alongside Graham Greener and their other legendarygun maker, Richard Tandy, says that the company focuses on retaining the core values and care that Greener has always been known for during its storied history. Their guns are marvels of today and yesterday, and the care and detail that goes into each one is outstanding. Either of their two models of guns you can purchase is equipped with an extra pair of their famous Damascus barrels. One model has the Greener top that is so famous as an extension and has one of the best box locks that uses a curved bar for the central coking system. Some newer guns have side locks too, which were not there originally. In 1914, Harry Greener created his unusual but effective three teardrop bridle lock. The gun also includes fences made by Greener, and a for end made by Greener. These guns are legends in the world of gun enthusiasts, which is why the price tag is a hefty $200,000. It also will take around 30 months to receive the gun after purchase, but it would be well worth the price and wait.

5. The Purdey Side by Side

purdey side by side guns

The Purdy Side by Side is a self opening gun that is considered to be one of the most recognizable and classic shotguns ever. It’s design is based on gun maker Frederick Beesley’s design which he patented back in 1880. British guns were never the same again, and this gun became a sporting legend. It has a very attractive form and its mechanics are very original and work flawlessly well. They used a V-spring leg to give the hammers inside the gun power to use the self opening design. This made shooting much faster and easier. The main steel gun that Purdy produces can be bought in many different numbers of bores, and usually in .410s. The traditional steel version of the classic is $150,000, while more expansive versions can go up to $200,000. The gun is a classic of Great Britain. It is basically the Jaguar of guns. Everyone wants one of these, and you can have one yourself if you are willing to wait between 18 and 24 months and you can afford the very large price tag. If you did get this gun, however, you would be the envy of all of your friends and enemies alike, and people will always respect your passion for game and sport, as well as your passion for the guns themselves. If I could have any gun on this list myself, I would probably take the Purdy Side by Side, or I would take the most expensive gun, sell it, and then buy the Purdey Side by Side and have some extra money, but you know what I’m saying.

4. The William & Son Sidelock

william and son sidelock guin

The company William & Son, created in 1999 by a man named William Asprey, has a legendary gun making team that is one of the very best at what it does. William created the company shortly after he had been working at his Gun Room at Asprey’s, which was located in Bond Street at the time. Now the company has gun guru Paul West, who used to work for rival company Holland & Holland, and he is the main face behind the company along with William Asprey. You could tell a gun was made by William & Son just by looking at it, as it has a distinct engraving style. The guns are also great value, if you can even say that at this price range, as they are one of the best guns money can buy, but at a much lower (but still incredibly high) price of $100,000. These guns are full of all kinds of great features, and they have a more modern design than most of the other guns due to how new the company is. The guns only take 12 months to get to you, however compared to other guns of this quality that is a very short time to wait for such an impressive marvel. The company only makes 12 guns each year, however, so be sure to order yours fast if you ever make enough money to buy them.

3. The Holland & Holland Royal Side by Side Opener

holland and holland royal side by side opener

Wait, there is another Holland & Holland Royal gun on this list? That’s right. These guns are so well built and have such a great design and features that they are very expensive. Their first ever royal gun was made in 1883. It looks a little different than the modern Royal guns, but the core features remain exactly the same as they always have been. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Holland & Holland live by that rule, and it shows in their always great designs and efficiency. But they aren’t afraid to change a few things and innovate as well. Think of it as the Ford Mustang of guns. Whenever Ford releases a new mustang (with the exception of their early 2000s model), it retains a lot of the same things that made the older models so great, but it also improves certain features and tries new things. Holland & Holland has done that with this gun, but actually to a lesser degree. In 1922 a new opening mechanism was added, and in the past few decades very little changes have been made, with only the wood and the size of the wall changing. It takes 800 hours, or somewhere close to that, to create one of these classic guns, and it takes two years to receive yours. At a price of $150,000, you will receive one of the most classic, recognizable, and best guns of the past two centuries. Call me crazy, but I want to go buy one right now!

2. The Westley Richards 4 Bore Drop lock Side by Side Double

westley richards 4 bore drop lock side by side double gun

The creator of this gun, Westley Richards, has been working on this model for a long time. Around 1897 he perfected the model by adding a few features and made it into one of the most identifiable and efficient designs of any other British gun. It takes about 30 months to receive this work of art, and the price ranges from $75,000 to $200,000. It’s a small price to pay compared to most of the guns on this list (especially the next one) and it is one of the very best guns one could possibly own. All of these guns feature the patented Westley top lever, as well as an extension for the doll’s head called the Model C. The gun is very well known, especially for its one trigger, which is made out of over 25 parts and is powered by inertia. This gun is a legend, and you can own one yourself if you can somehow save up enough money to buy one.

1. The Boss Over and Under

the boss over and under

This gun is the most expensive gun in the world. Think about that for a second. The company, Boss, was created in 1812, and it got patents filed on the over and under mechanics the gun uses. The modern model of this famous gun is currently the most expensive gun money can buy, with prices going up to over $750,000. The gun features breech loading over and unders which were produced in Germany and imported, but Boss has refined them over time by lowering them and making them more sleek. Now the feature is replaced with a more functional rotating trunnion and knuckle mate that has teardrop wedges built into the barrel lumps. It features two different locking systems, including a draw projections and more. It reduces knuckle strain and helps keep the shooter fresh and ready to hit the trigger at any time, and it keeps the barrels where they need to be. The draws really help the trunnion tension which helps considerably with using the gun. The gun is an amazing work of art and if you have the money, it is definitely worth the purchase. It takes 30 months for the gun to be delivered to your home after you order it, but it is well worth the price and wait time if you are a gun enthusiast.

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