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How To Save WhatsApp Profile Pictures – Quick Guide

WhatsApp is a popular messaging application for Android phones, iPhones, Windows phones, and other devices. It allows its users to send messages to their contacts via the internet. This allows you to avoid SMS charges and send messages in areas with poor cellular reception. It is most popular in markets outside the United States, where texting is much more expensive due to per-day and per-message fees. With a user base of up to one billion, it’s the most popular messaging app in the world.

Saving WhatsApp Profile Pictures

WhatsappMost of those who use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family have experienced the following situation: you see someone’s profile picture and decide that you would like to save it in your phone. Or, maybe you want to share someone’s profile picture with another friend who doesn’t have WhatsApp. Another possibility is that you would like to save someone’s WhatsApp profile picture so that you can use it as their contact photo in other contact lists. There is no obvious, built-in solution to this problem but with a little effort, you can easily save WhatsApp profile pictures to your phone. Below is a guide to saving WhatsApp profile pictures on Android devices and Windows phones.

It’s true that WhatsApp does not seem to allow users to download or share the profile pictures of their contacts. However, every time you view a profile picture on an Android or Windows phone it is automatically saved to a directory in your smartphone that you can access. Don’t be fooled by the fact that these pictures are not shown in your photo gallery automatically.

Step By Step Guide

To access the photos in this directory, do the following:

  1. open WhatsApp
  2. go to the chat screen of the person whose photo you want to save
  3. tap on their namewhatsapp-photo-save
  4. a contact information page will appearwhatsapp-photo-save-2
  5. click on the picture
  6. the picture will now open in full size and will be automatically stored on the SD card of your phone
  7. if you don’t have a SD card in your phone, then the picture will simply be stored on your phone’s memory
  8. close WhatsApp
  9. open My Files, go to WhatsApp directory, and then to Profile Pictures. There you can see the profile pictures you have viewed.whatsapp-profile-picture

(Remember the name of the picture will be the contact number of that particular person.)

Now you can share, edit or enlarge the pictures as you want.

On Windows phones, the process is nearly identical. The difference is that when you open the photo in full screen, you will have the option of downloading the photo to your gallery by clicking the save button below the image. You’ll find the photo saved in the “WhatsApp” folder in your photo gallery.

Of course, both of these processes can be avoided if you simply ask your friend to send you their profile picture, but if you’re unwilling to do that, the above steps will provide an easy solution to your dilemma.



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Tyler Carlson
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  1. Its not working anymore for me im using a samsung galaxy s7 and the profile pictures used to show up in my files but recently i have been unable to get them on my files. Is it due to a new t&c by whatsapp or some new update?? Please help and reply asap thanks in advance


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