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Pool Billiards Pro Cheats & Strategy Guide – 2018 Update

Pool Billiards Pro, developed by TerranDroid, is a free-to-play virtual pool game for pool lovers, where you can challenge other players around the world or challenge yourself in Time mode and Arcade mode.

8 Ball Mode

pool-billiards-pro-cheats-tips-tricks-1 The objective in this mode is to pocket all your balls (be it striped or solid balls), and then pocket the eight ball. The player who does this first is declared the winner. The first ball pocketed in the break will determine which player has stripes or solids. For example, When the player pockets a stripe ball first, then that player will pocket all of the remaining striped balls and vice versa.

As long as that player keeps pocketing balls, his/her turn continues. But if a player misses his/her shot, didn’t pocket the corresponding ball, or the cue ball (white ball) sinks in the pocket, the other player’s turn starts. Remember that solid balls are numbers 1-7 and striped balls are 9-15. The eight ball must be pocketed last, and pocketing the eight ball before then counts as an automatic loss.

9 Ball Mode

In this mode, whoever pockets the 9 ball is the winner. A player must hit the ball with the lowest number first that is on the table before hitting any other balls. Pocketing the cue ball, not hitting the the ball with the lowest number in a break, hitting a different ball, or not hitting a ball at all is considered a foul and the other player’s turn begins. That  player can choose to put the cue ball wherever they want in the table. An exception to this rule would be playing combinations and hitting the ball with the lowest number to the other ball.

Single Player: VS & Time Mode in Pool Billiards Pro

There are two types of modes in this selection: Vs Mode and Time Mode.

In Vs Mode, there are two categories:

  • Vs. Computer – Pretty self explanatory. You battle against a computer A.I. in 8 ball or 9 ball format.
  • Two Players – You share the same mobile device with your friend to play against each other in 8 ball or 9 ball format.

In Time Mode, there are also two categories:

  • Practice – A free-for-all mode where there is no time limit, and you can pocket any ball you want without penalty. Perfect for honing your virtual pool skills.
  • Challenge – This is a timed mode where a player must pocket all balls (in no particular order) before time runs out. A player will be given two minutes to pocket all the balls. Each ball pocketed gives a player extra 50 seconds of time in eight ball format and 30 seconds in 9 ball format.

Play Online in Pool Billiards Pro

pool-billiards-pro-cheats-tips-tricks-2 In this mode, a player can challenge another player around the world. There is an entry fee in each stage:

  • Normal – Entry fee is 100 pool cash. The winning player gets a prize of 180 pool cash.
  • Advanced – Entry fee is 1,000 pool cash. The winning player gets a prize of 1,800 pool cash.
  • Master – Entry fee is 5,000 pool cash. The winning players gets a prize of 9,000 pool cash.

You can earn pool cash by winning, free bonus every two hours, or via in-app purchase:

  • 2,000 pool cash is equivalent to $1.99
  • 5,200 pool cash is equivalent to $4.99
  • 12,000 pool cash is equivalent to $9.99
  • 26,000 pool cash is equivalent to $19.99
  • 68,000 pool cash is equivalent to $49.99
  • 140,000 pool cash is equivalent to $99.99

You also gain XP bonus by beating your online opponent. If you gain enough XP, you level up and unlock different cue sticks to use. Here are the list of cue sticks that you will unlock and buy as you level up:

  • Black Cue – Unlocks at level 2 and 200 pool cash to buy
  • White Cue – Unlocks at level 3 and 300 pool cash to buy
  • Blue Cue – Unlocks at level 5 and 500 pool cash to buy
  • Standard Cue – Unlocks at level 7 and 700 pool cash to buy
  • Camouflage Cue – Unlocks at level 9 and 1,000 pool cash to buy
  • Candy Cue – Unlocks at level 11 and 1,500 pool cash to buy
  • High-tech Cue – Unlocks at level 13 and 3,000 pool cash to buy
  • Carbon Fiber Cue – Unlocks at level 17 and 6,000 pool cash to buy
  • Blade Cue – Unlocks at level 19 and 10,000 pool cash to buy
  • Candy Cane Cue – Unlocks at level 21 and 12,000 pool cash to buy
  • Machine Gun Cue – Unlocks at level 23 and 15,000 pool cash to buy
  • Alloy Cue – Unlocks at level 25 and 18,000 pool cash to buy
  • Pinky Cue – Unlocks at level 27 and 20,000 pool cash to buy
  • Zebra Cue – Unlocks at level 29 and 22,000 pool cash to buy
  • Sky Blue Cue – Unlocks at level 31 and 25,000 pool cash to buy
  • Cow Cue – Unlocks at level 33 and 28,000 pool cash to buy
  • Gray Cue – Unlocks at level 35 and 30,000 pool cash to buy
  • Green Cue – Unlocks at level 37 and 32,000 pool cash to buy
  • Light Cue – Unlocks at level 39 and 35,000 pool cash to buy
  • Wand Cue – Unlocks at level 41 and 38,000 pool cash to buy
  • Golden Cue – Unlocks at level 43 and 40,000 pool cash to buy
  • Fashion Cue – Unlocks at level 45 and 42,000 pool cash to buy
  • Marshmallow Cue – Unlocks at level 47 and 45,000 pool cash to buy
  • Posh Cue – Unlocks at level 49 and 48,000 pool cash to buy
  • Scepter Cue – Unlocks at level 51 and 50,000 pool cash to buy
  • Royal Cue – Unlocks at level 53 and 55,000 pool cash to buy
  • Sword Cue – Unlocks at level 55 and 60,000 pool cash to buy
  • Marble Cue – Unlocks at level 57 and 65,000 pool cash to buy
  • Laser Cue – Unlocks at level 59 and 70,000 pool cash to buy
  • Master Cue – Unlocks at level 61 and 75,000 pool cash to buy
  • Magic Cue – Unlocks at level 63 and 80,000 pool cash to buy
  • Devil Cue – Unlocks at level 65 and 90,000 pool cash to buy
  • Exorcist Cue – Unlocks at level 67 and 100,000 pool cash to buy


pool-billiards-pro-cheats-tips-tricks-3 There are 30 levels in this mode. The object here is to pocket the balls in six hits or less to finish the level. You gain stars and score points as you finish a level. If you hit the ball and did not pocket it, you lose one cue point, and if you did not hit the ball at all or the cue ball is pocketed, you lose two cue points. There are three continue chances if you fail to sink the ball in six hits or less, but keep in mind that you only have three continue chances to play again.

If you ran out of continue chances, you can purchase it via in-app store. Here are the in-app prices and the number of continue chances you will get:

  • 5 times – $1.99
  • 14 times (ad free) – $4.99
  • 30 times (ad free) – $9.99
  • 65 times (ad free) – $19.99
  • 170 times (ad free) – $49.99
  • 350 times (ad free) – $99.99

Pool Billiards Pro Tips

  • pool-billiards-pro-cheats-tips-tricks-4 You can change the pool table in settings from green, blue, red, or gray.
  • You can also change your cue sticks in settings, and there are five cue sticks to choose from.
  • You can change the computer’s A.I. level from easy, normal, and hard in settings.
  • Do not use more power that is suitable for a given shot.
  • Deal with the problem ball or balls and break out clusters as early as possible.
  • To perform a stop shot, tap the “cue ball aim” located at the lower middle of your screen and tap the center portion of the cue ball. The farther the cue ball from the object ball, the lower you need to tap the cue ball. If you tap the cue ball too low, it will perform a draw shot. And if you tap the cue ball too high, it will perform a follow shot.
  • You cannot choose your opponent in Online Play mode. Player selection is random. Also, you cannot choose which format to play (8 balls or 9 balls).
  • You can turn on “Aim Guideline” in settings to help you see where your object ball will go once you hit it.
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