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Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth 2018

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most recognizable and beloved faces in cinema today. He has achieved his fame and fairly astounding net worth through years of consistently good acting performances. DiCaprio is rarely in a movie that flops. This has given him a reputation as being a reliable box office draw, which has resulted in him consistently getting paid between ten and twenty million dollars for a roll these days. His highest paying gig is also probably the one for which is is the most famous: the lead actor for James Cameron’s blockbuster Titanic in 1997. However, with his recent academy award win and acclaimed performance in last year’s The Revenant, he could be looking at even bigger paycheques in the years to come. Leo is a former child actor, and lately is very involved in charity work and activism, especially involving the environment. He has been considered to be one of the best looking men in Hollywood since his early acting days, and his love life has always been a subject of much publicity. Let’s take a look at how Leonardo DiCaprio became one of the highest paid and richest actors in the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth 2018 – $245 Million


How Did Leonardo DiCaprio Make His Money And Wealth?

dicaprio-2 Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born on November 11th, 1974 in Hollywood, California. He is an only child, and is currently forty one years old. Aside from English, DiCaprio speaks a little bit of Italian, and some German. His parents divorced when he was young, and he lived with his mother and moved around Los Angeles. He dropped out of school before graduating to focus on his acting career, but would get his diploma later. He got his first acting gig when he was only five years old. He acted in the childrens’ series Romper Room, but was famously removed from the set for being too wild. After that, he started doing work in commercials, making an appearance in a commercial for matchbox cars in his early teenage years. His profile rose as he grabbed some acting roles in mildly popular sitcoms, as well as a few romantic comedies. He got his first big movie roll starring alongside Robert DeNiro in 1992’s This Boy’s Life. His first acclaimed acting performance came the next year, in 1993. He starred alongside Johnny Depp in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, playing the mentally handicapped brother of Depp’s titular character. DiCaprio’s performance was noted for its intensity, and he was nominated for many awards for his performance, including his first Oscar nomination.

dicaprio-young It was the mid-90s in which DiCaprio made his true ascent into the elite actors of Hollywood and cemented his roll of a teen icon. After a few art films and mildly successful small budget films, he starred in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, which was a successful movie, making almost $150 million worldwide. The next year, he starred in Titanic in 1997, possibly still his most famous role to date. The film was the highest grossing film in the world from 1997 until it was passed in 2010 by Avatar. It has made almost two billion dollars, and was a pop culture phenomena when it was released. DiCaprio’s face was everywhere, he was nominated for more awards, and he made over fifty million dollars for the role. After the success of Titanic, Leo deliberately scaled it back, wanting to lower his profile and accepting smaller roles, some of which were unpopular with critics.

In 2002, DiCaprio made his return to big budget films by starring in Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can. The film was praised, and he was nominated for another Golden Globe. The same year, he starred in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York. In that film, DiCaprio starred alongside Daniel Day Lewis, both of whom turned in lauded performances. That film would begin a partnership between Scorsese and DiCaprio, who would collaborate on The Aviator two years later. For this performance, he was nominated for other Oscar, and won his first Golden Globe. After this, he turned in a string of great performances in acclaimed movies, including Blood Diamond and The Departed. Since then, he collaborated with Luhrmann again on The Great Gatsby. He also worked with Scorsese repeatedly, including on The Wolf Of Wall Street in 2013. Last year he starred in one of the best reviewed movies in the world, The Revenant, which won him his first Oscar for best actor, as well as another Golden Globe. Right now, DiCaprio is said to be at work on a sixth movie with Martin Scorsese, called The Devil in the White City. He is also said to be working on a film about the Volkswagen emissions scandal.


Leonardo DiCaprio Personal Life And FAQ


Is Leonardo DiCaprio Married?

Leonardo DiCaprio has had one of the most publicized romantic lives of any Hollywood actor, and for good reason. He has never been married, but has been involved with a number of beautiful models, actresses, and other public figures. In the late ’90s, he was said to have dated the American actress Bijou Phillips. In the early 2000s, he dated a number of models, including Gisele Bundchen, who he broke up with in 2005. After that, he moved on to the world’s most famous Israeli model, Bar Refaeli, who he broke up with in 2011. He dated the actress Blake Lively in 2011, and then a number of models after that. It isn’t really known who Leo is dating in 2016, but based on his record it is probably a Victoria’s Secret model, as he has dated a very large number of them in the past. Back in 2005, Leo had a bottle smashed on his head by a model, injuring him pretty seriously. The model had to go to jail for two years for the assault.

Where Did Leonardo DiCaprio Go To School?

Leonardo DiCaprio is frequently included on lists of successful people who dropped out of school. He didn’t attend college. This was because he achieved acting success at a young age, and had to devote large amounts of time to working on his acting. He went to Seeds Elementary School as a child, which has since been transitioned into a lab at UCLA. After that, he went to John Marshall High School. He dropped out of high school after three years there, but he would go on to earn a general equivalency diploma later.

Where Does Leonardo DiCaprio Live? Picture Of Leo’s House

leonardo-dicaprio-home Leonardo DiCaprio has a number of expensive properties. He owns a mansion in Los Angeles. He evidently spends little time at this house, because it made the news recently that he would rent out the house to whoever was willing to pay. A website was set up so that people could book a vacation and stay in the famous actor’s home for as long as they wanted. Aside from that, he has an apartment in Manhattan, and Dinah Shore’s old house in Palm Springs. He also bought a small island near Belize. It is said that he is planning on building his own eco tourism resort on the island which people will be able to visit and enjoy the location in an environmentally responsible way.


Where Does His Name Come From?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s father is half-Italian and half-German. That explains why his last name is Italian sounding, and his middle name, Wilhelm, is German. Apparently, his first name comes from the fact that his mother was looking at a painting by Leonardo DiVinci in a gallery when she felt him kick for the first time.

How Much Did Leonardo DiCaprio Earn Last Year?

dicaprio-3 Aside from his pay from the movies he stars in, Leonardo DiCaprio makes his money by starring in commercials and from investments. Once, he is said to have pocketed $5 million for a single commercial for a Japanese whisky company. Last year, he is said to have made around $29 million. That includes payment of twenty million for his role in The Revenant, one of the most lucrative gigs of his career. Before that, in the year 2014, he was said to have made around $29 million. Usually, when an actor wins Best Actor at the Oscars, it means that their pay will increase for future roles. It is hard to imagine him making much more money than he is already, but it seems likely that we’ll see him command even more than $20 million per movie in the coming years.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Charity Work And Activism

Leonardo DiCaprio’s work with the environment has been heavily publicized, both positively and negatively. He started an organization named after himself back in 1998, which is a non-profit to make environmental issues more public. The company is focused on global warming, and has events all over the world. He has called global warming the biggest challenge to the environment in the world. He is a spokesperson for a number of environmental organizations, and is a representative for the United Nations. He has donated millions of dollars to environmental causes, but is sometimes criticized for his heavy use of private jets.

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