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Natural Alternatives to NSAIDs

It can be very tempting to take a Nsaids whenever you have any aliment. These “miracle cure” drugs are marketed to be able to solve everything, from pain and fever to swelling.

But, just like any chemically produced drugs, they all come with plenty of side effects. Taking them can cause serious problems with your heart, preventing your body from being as good as it can be in providing blood to all the needed areas of your body. In fact, it is recommended that you don’t take them if you have ever had a heart attack before, as Nsaids can increase the risk of another one returning.

For some people, they can also cause the effects of allergies to happen, which doesn’t help at all if you are taking them to reduce the headaches and fevers from these.

There are, however, a range of natural alternatives you can take instead of these synthetic Nsaids. These herbal and natural substitutes allow you to lead a life free from the influence of manufactured Nsaids. You can feel healthier for cheap and without all of these dangerous side effects just by taking our natural alternatives to Nsaids.

Do not substitute this for actual advice from an expert as many cases require treatment that CAN NOT be remedied with natural options.  These natural options may only be helpful in addition to treatments, again consult with a medical professional before self treating or self diagnosing. 



With natural inflammation properties, turmeric is a great supplement to take instead of Nsaids. It can also help fight the damaging effects of having already taken Nsaids throughout your life as it promotes the healthy circulation of blood around the body.

It can also help to solve any stomach upsets you might have had from taking Nsaids, as the drug has been used in Chinese culture for a long time for this purpose.

There are two main ways in which you can take turmeric extract. Many natural shops will have this herb in pill form, allowing you to replace your Nsaids with natural Turmeric on the same schedule

It is also possible to get Turmeric in a powder or gel form, allowing you to apply it straight to the inflamed area on your body. This will very quickly work on the problem area, allowing you to get on living your life as quickly as possible.



Another great natural alternative to Nsaids is ginger. As well as smelling nice, this natural herbal remedy can make very quick work of your problems that cause you to take Nsaids.

Just like with Turmeric, it is possible to get Ginger in a pill format from many good natural shops. However, you can also try adding some more ginger to your diet to also reap the natural, healing properties of this herb.

One of the best dishes that you can make with ginger is a great sweet potato soup. Just add some butter, ginger, onion, and a dash of garlic to a heated pot, and let it all mix together before adding sweet potatoes and some chicken broth.

Add this, and other ginger based recipes to your daily routine, and you will be able to say goodbye to putting unnatural Nsaids into your body.


Found in chili peppers, capsaicin is another great pain reliever that can also help with any inflammation in your body.

The best way to take capsaicin is not through cooking or through supplements, but instead with an ointment. Again, you should be able to find capsaicin based ointments on the shelves of your local supermarket.

You can apply the capsaicin ointment to your affected areas in much the same way you would apply IcyHot or Tiger Balm. Although the effected area might sting for just a little bit, this is completely by design and is just a sign that it is working.



This herbal remedy can typically be found in capsules, and is a great all natural alternative to Nsaids. This supplement comes from the bark of a tree that grows in India, and has been used by societies from there for hundreds of years.

As well as being anti-inflammatory, it can also help with easing the pain from arthritis, making this natural remedy a perfect pick for you if the reason you are taking Nsaids is to help ease the pain of this condition.

Taking one capsule of Boswellia a day will really help you on your way to getting rid of Nsaids as soon as possible.


This seaweed based supplement is perfect for managing pain you might otherwise want to cure with unnatural Nsaids.

Part of the way in which this great supplement works is because of how rich it is in Calcium and Magnesium. Both of these essential minerals help not only to relieve the symptoms of what you are taking Nsaids for, but actually cure them.

That’s not to say, though, that taking this supplement doesn’t offer instant relief. In fact, many people who take it to reduce their pain and inflammation find that it gives them relief straight away.

Fish Oil


If you aren’t vegetarian or vegan, another great way to solve the need for Nsaids in a natural way is to start taking more fish oil.

As well as being able to do this by simply eating more fish rich in Omega 3, such as salmon, there are also many tablets available, even in conventional supermarkets. If you do decide to take the tablet route, make sure to check the label of the bottle. You will want the fish oil supplements that are rich in Omega-3 for your herbal alternative to Nsaids.

The Omega 3 in fish oil has been shown to help target the areas of your body that are causing you pain and bring instant, natural relief to them.

Introducing more fish oil into your diet has been shown to be super effective against back pain, making this supplement or life style change a great choice if your reason for taking Nsaids is to try and reduce the amount of tension you feel on your back.


If you don’t want to take supplements, or introduce more fish into your diet, another choice for you might be to visit a local acupuncture center.

This ancient technique works by focusing on the points in your body where the pain may come in. Simply explain to your acupuncturist all of the areas that are causing you problems and they will map out a perfect treatment plan for you.

Some people are scared of doing acupuncture because of the pain involved, but in reality, it is only a very brief moment of pain (not unlike a hair being pulled) when the needle first goes in. One way to avoid as much pain as possible is to make sure that you visit a professional who has been practicing for many years. The more experienced the acupuncturist, the less pain they cause when inserting in needles.

It may only take an hour on the acupuncture chair for you to become cured of all of your ailments that are causing you to Nsaids, and all without having to take the harsh unnatural chemical ever again.

With all of these methods, there is almost no need to be taking Nsaids unless underneath strict orders from your doctor to take it as a course of medication.

Even if your doctor has prescribed Nsaids to you, you may want to approach them with all of these natural techniques to relieving your symptoms (and in some cases, curing them). This way, you can be sure that, if you are taking manufactured Nsaids, there is a proper medical reason for it. After all, what is the point of experiencing all of the harsh side effects if you can take the natural option and have a healthier, drug free life.

As long as your doctor isn’t insistent on you taking the drug, you are just as well off, both in wallet and health, in taking these natural alternatives to Nsaids.

Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers
Bridget Rogers is an independent freelance writer based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Bridget's work can be found on a variety of sources in both online and print media.


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